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Discover our advantageous prices, valid until 31/07/2024. Wellness Kliniek strives to make cosmetic plastic surgery price-accessible for everyone, which is why we proudly present our all-inclusive prices and special price offers of the month. The all-inclusive rates below give you a detailed breakdown of the cost of your treatment.

Prices / rates are fully inclusive: admission fees, surgery costs, doctors' fees, anaesthetic and all our aftercare following the procedure. Prices are VAT included unless otherwise indicated. All prices are valid till 31/07/2024.

Plastic surgery at Wellness Kliniek

Included in the price: At Wellness Kliniek, it is clear what exactly is included in the cost of plastic surgery. Consider the 21% VAT, pre-operative examinations, surgery, implants, anaesthesia, aftercare, follow-up treatments and the guarantee. Prices are all-inclusive.

Prices of the month

In the sections on this page, you can discover our prices of the month. We offer the best prices for the most requested treatments every month. Each month, our team selects our patients' favourite procedures and creates incredible prices that you can take advantage of.

Fix your rate for 2 months and make your appointment today!

Did you know that if you book your treatment this month, the procedure can be performed in the next 2 months at the current rate? Make your appointment today! We try to keep our waiting lists as short as possible, so you can still go for a consultation or treatment this month. But if you prefer to postpone it yourself for a while, that is also part of our options

What does plastic surgery cost?

Wellness Kliniek gives you a transparent overview of the costs. This saves you a lot of time, because you don't have to make an appointment first to find out how much plastic surgery costs. You get a good idea of what to expect, both in terms of plastic surgery prices and treatment.

Experienced plastic surgeons per procedure

When you have something done to your body, you want to be sure you are in good hands. At Wellness Kliniek, we rely on the most experienced surgeons per type of procedure. Of course, you can also receive the right precaution and aftercare from us. Transparent information about the procedure, post-operative instructions, et cetera. We offer quality assurance.

Frequently asked questions about plastic surgery prices

Read the most frequently asked questions about costs and price offers of the month. Is your question not among them. Contact us! We will be happy to inform you about plastic surgery costs, cosmetic treatment rates or aesthetic dentistry. Also read the tips on plastic surgery cost comparison.

Compare plastic surgery prices? Tips!

When considering plastic surgery, it is important to ask for the clinic's quality guarantees, verify your surgeon's experience and compare prices. What to look out for? At Wellness Kliniek, prices are all-inclusive, which means that all costs such as the 21% VAT, precaution, surgery, cardiac monitoring, admission, cost of materials such as implants, warranty and aftercare are included.

What does an all-inclusive plastic surgery price include?

We name 9 important points to look out for when comparing plastic surgery prices, and tell why people choose Wellness Kliniek. What is included in our price?

  1. Surgeon and anaesthetist: Wellness Kliniek selects the most experienced and highly trained aesthetic surgeons and specialists with proven expertise in cosmetic surgery. Your surgeon's and anaesthetist's fees are included.
  2. The clinic and facilities: Admission and operating room fees. Your treatment will take place in a safe, modern and well-equipped clinic with a high-tech operating theatre quarter. Admission and operating room fees are included in the price.
  3. Implants: Are you opting for breast augmentation? At Wellness Kliniek, breast implants are included in the cost. Wellness Kliniek only offers high-quality, safe prostheses, such as Monobloc and Motiva.
  4. The guarantee: Make sure the warranty terms are clearly defined, giving you peace of mind after your surgery. Read Wellness Kliniek's warranty terms, such as warranty on breast implants. They are transparent and clear.
  5. Specific materials: Some procedures require specific materials in the operating theatre, which incur extra costs. At Wellness Kliniek, all materials are included in the price.
  6. The precaution: Every surgery has risks. Therefore, pre-surgery tests are important. Some procedures may require specific medical tests prior to surgery, such as heart monitoring and ECG. At Wellness Kliniek, certain pre-examinations, such as the electrocardiogram, are included.
  7. Medications: Medications needed during and immediately after your surgery may determine the price. Wellness Kliniek's price list is complete and transparent. The type of anaesthetic (narcosis, sedation or local anaesthetic) is clearly indicated.
  8. Aftercare: Aftercare costs, including postoperative check-ups and any necessary follow-up appointments are included at Wellness Kliniek. Every consultation, one year, after your surgery is free of charge. Doctors remain available after surgery - 24/7, 365 days a year, until full recovery.
  9. VAT (21%): Aesthetic plastic surgery has 21% VAT rate. Please note! At Wellness Kliniek, plastic surgery prices include VAT, so there are no surprises.
How to choose the best plastic surgeon? Tips!

If you want to compare clinics and plastic surgeons research prices and quality guarantees. The best plastic surgeon always works in a clinic or hospital with a demonstrable quality certificate. An official quality label is the best guarantee of safe care and good results. Wellness Kliniek has the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality certificate, which demonstrates transparent pricing, commitment to safety, quality and patient satisfaction and excellent results after surgery.

Who is the best plastic surgeon?

Doctors and plastic surgeons are selected at Wellness Kliniek, carefully, internationally. The best plastic surgeon has a proven track record of aesthetic, cosmetic surgery and works in a clinic with an internationally recognised quality label, such as at Wellness Kliniek.

Why compare plastic surgery prices?

Full information can help in making your decision. Comparing plastic surgery prices is a must before opting for treatment. Cost is an important facet when making your choice. Of course, you also want to know which is the best clinic or plastic surgeon and why people choose a reputable clinic, such as Wellness Kliniek Belgium or Wellness Kliniek Barcelona.

Who is the best aesthetic plastic surgery specialist?

Aesthetics is a specialisation in which general plastic (and reconstructive) surgeons can train after graduating in plastic surgery. Wellness Kliniek offers training to young plastic surgeons and is known for experienced doctors and surgeons who strive for optimal aesthetic results. This according to the highest standards in aesthetic plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dentistry.

Which are the Top Clinics for Plastic Surgery in Europe?

Europe is a major travel destination for plastic surgery with Top Clinics. Wellness Kliniek in Belgium is one of them. This Clinic is an industry leader for cosmetic plastic surgery and among the top clinics plastic surgery.

With more than 25 years of experience, Wellness Kliniek has built a reputation, internationally, as a reliable and leading clinic. Wellness Kliniek is now also based in Barcelona, Spain.

25 years of history with more than 150,000 satisfied patients speaks for the high level of plastic surgery care that Wellness Kliniek has to offer.

What makes Wellness Kliniek special?

At Wellness Kliniek, the patient comes first. We believe in personal attention and tailor-made treatment plans for an optimal experience. Transparency and clear - all-cost-inclusive - price lists are part of that.

  • Innovation and good results: Wellness Kliniek uses the latest technologies and modern techniques for optimal results. The MIBIS - Minimally Invasive Breast Implant Surgery - (minimal scar) method is a world-renowned innovative invention by Wellness Kliniek.
  • High-tech and Safe: Wellness Kliniek has state-of-the-art facilities, a high-tech equipped operating room with cardiac monitoring before, during and after surgery, to provide every patient with the best possible, safe, care.
  • ISO quality certificate: An official, internationally recognised quality label shows that you are in safe hands, with plastic surgeons and doctors in a clinic with proven good results.
  • Top doctors and Clinics: The clinic in Belgium has been in existence for 25 years and has a history of more than 150,000 satisfied patients! Excellent patient experiences speak for the high level of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine that Wellness Kliniek has to offer.
What to look out for in plastic surgery?

It is essential to get full clarity on treatment and all costs prior to surgery to avoid unpleasant surprises. Take your time to explore your surgical options and get a thorough understanding of what is and is not included in the cost of treatment. Discover Wellness Kliniek's transparent, all-inclusive, price lists and invest in your well-being without compromising. Contact us today to find out more about possible waiting lists.

Why Plastic surgery in Belgium or Barcelona: 10 tips!

When considering plastic surgery, it is important to pay attention to several aspects. The Wellness Kliniek in Belgium and Barcelona is transparent and gives clarity on what to look out for when making a choice. Here you will find 10 Tips and the most important questions to ask yourself before choosing cosmetic plastic surgery or a plastic surgeon.

  1. Compare Price to Quality ratio: Compare prices, but don't let cost alone guide your choice. The cheapest option is not always the best, especially when it comes to your health and safety. Conversely, a more expensive option is not always better either. It is crucial to choose quality and safety over cost.
  2. Included in the price: At Wellness Kliniek, it is clear exactly what is included in the cost. Consider VAT, pre-operative examinations, the surgery itself, any breast prostheses, anaesthesia, aftercare, follow-up treatments and warranty. Prices should be transparent and all-inclusive.
  3. Surgeons' qualifications: Wellness Kliniek selects certified surgeons who are expert and experienced in their specific aesthetic field. You can find the CV of a reliable doctor or plastic surgeon online, on the website of the clinic or hospital. Check education, experience and reviews from previous patients. You can find the CV of the doctors at Wellness Kliniek on the surgeons and specialists page.
  4. Clinic and facilities: The quality and accreditation of the clinic or hospital are essential. A good facility follows strict health and safety protocols and has an internationally recognised quality label, such as ISO (International Standard Organisation) that demonstrates the same. Wellness Kliniek offers ISO-9001 quality assurance to its patients.
  5. Aftercare and follow-up: Good aftercare is crucial for recovery and the final result. At Wellness Kliniek, all follow-up appointments and any aftercare are included in the price of the surgery.
  6. Transparency of costs: A good plastic surgeon or clinic will be clear about costs and have no hidden charges. Choose a clinic with clear online price lists before going for a consultation. Wellness Kliniek offers complete and transparent price lists online, so you know what to expect.
  7. Previous patients' experiences: Read reviews and patient experiences to get an idea of satisfaction and quality of care. Wellness Kliniek has +150,000 satisfied patients.
  8. Risks and complications: Be fully aware of possible risks and complications and how they are managed. Ask all your questions at the consultation. A good doctor will gladly take the time to inform you fully and properly.
  9. Consultation: An initial consultation is important to discuss wishes and expectations and to see if there is a good click with the surgeon. Would you like a second opinion with another doctor? At Wellness Kliniek, this is possible. A second opinion consultation is free of charge.
  10. Financing: A good clinic is clear about the possibilities of financing. Wellness Kliniek offers you the possibility to build up a piggy bank and tells you in detail about payment options, payment plans and financing.
What are the plastic surgery experiences at Wellness Kliniek?

Wellness Kliniek gives thousands of satisfied patients and won the WhatClinic Award for outstanding reviews several years in a row. The Clinic offers ISO 9001 quality assurance to ensure excellent patient experiences. We understand that it's more fun to read our patients' experiences themselves. Want to know what patients are saying about Wellness Kliniek? Then be sure to read our plastic surgery reviews. Patient reviews and stories can additionally be found in our Social Club.

Do you have plastic surgery before and after photos?

Are you curious about plastic surgery results? Wellness Kliniek shows what is possible and which results are realistically possible. For each procedure, you will find plastic surgery before and after photos, so you can get a good idea.

Plastic surgery Belgium, where can I go?

Are you looking for a quality plastic surgeon in Belgium? Wellness Kliniek is the largest private clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery in Belgium and people in surrounding cities know how to find the clinic. Including from Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Kortrijk, Leuven and Brussels. Wellness Kliniek Genk is easily accessible and offers plenty of parking spaces.

How far to travel for plastic surgery? Why Belgium?

Besides patients from Belgium, Wellness Kliniek Genk has a large international clientele. But people from surrounding countries, including the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Switzerland and Luxembourg also choose this clinic. The Genk location is easily accessible, being only one to a few hours' drive from Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Amsterdam (NL), Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf (DU), Metz and Reims (FR). Wellness Kliniek for plastic surgery is now also in Barcelona, which is visited by people from Spain, (southern) France and from all continents.

Plastic surgery trip to Barcelona, what benefits?

Besides Wellness Kliniek Belgium, there is also a Wellness clinic in Barcelona. Some people prefer to travel to Barcelona because, after all, the weather is better in Spain and they can make it a kind of holiday. Contact Wellness Kliniek for plastic surgery Barcelona options. There, as in Belgium, they also offer a Next Day Surgery Service, where consultation and surgery take place on consecutive days, so you enjoy the remaining time in Barcelona.

Why are your plastic surgery prices so competitive?

Transparency and affordable prices are paramount at Wellness Kliniek, which is why we are happy to explain the prices for each procedure. If you have compared plastic surgery costs, you may have noticed that Wellness Kliniek offers competitive, very favourable, prices. A large clinic has economies of scale and can pass these on in its prices. Of course, without the patient compromising on quality.

What plastic surgery costs are all-in?

It is important to know that the prices we display on our website are all-in prices for plastic surgery and aesthetic dentistry. Including VAT, the surgery, implants, medication, materials, proper pre- and after-care and warranty. No hidden costs or snags, but a fair and transparent price setting. So you can easily decide whether the costs fit your budget. Any questions? Feel free to ask them!

What are the sales conditions?

Wellness Kliniek provides online, a full overview of the price lists of all treatments and shares clear sales conditions via the website. These include payment options and other explanations. The sales conditions comply with Belgian legislation (such as paying a maximum of €3,000 in cash).

Can I pay for the plastic surgery procedure in parts?

Yes, you can. With Wellness Kliniek, you can create your own piggy bank, where you deposit an amount of your choice every month. Once you have the amount for the procedure together, you will receive a call for treatment. It is also sometimes possible to repay a loan in parts.

Can I borrow money for plastic surgery?

Yes, in many cases it is possible. For example, you can contact certain agencies (such as cosmetic finance) and sometimes your own bank or another provider for short-term loans. Check with your bank, for example, or take a look at the plastic surgery financing page, where we provide tips and options.

Is plastic surgery safe?

The certified doctors and dentists at Wellness Kliniek meet the highest standards and each excel in their own expertise. The right specialist in the right place! We like to be transparent and offer you a complete overview of our top surgeons and specialists including their CV and specialisation.

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