VIP Club benefits

VIP Club benefits

Find out how to join the VIP Club for free and receive exclusive benefits - such as a VIP Gift worth €50!

Exclusive VIP Gift - Get €50 value

VIP Gift

Did you know you can treat yourself or a friend with a VIP Gift from Wellness Kliniek? Yes, you can through our VIP Club! You become a member for free and can then claim your Wellness Kliniek VIP Gift worth €50.

Redeeming your VIP Gift

Are you a VIP Club member who has already booked a treatment? Once we have received the reservation payment for your treatment, we will create a €50 VIP Gift for you which you can redeem when paying the remaining amount. After booking, the price of treatment and the VIP Gift remain valid for the following 2 months.

Please read the provisions in the conditions below and our terms of sale.

  • VIP Gifts are not redeemable for cash.
  • Valid for treatments > € 2000.
  • Valid on all treatments except b***x and fillers.
  • One VIP Gift per treatment, unless otherwise indicated (in writing) by us.
  • Valid until two months after issue, unless otherwise stated.

How to become a member of Wellness Kliniek VIP Club?

The Wellness Kliniek VIP Club is an exclusive membership programme designed to offer loyal clients and ambassadors special benefits and privileges. You can join for free in one of the following ways. Choose which one suits you best or combine!

  1. By subscribing to our newsletter.
  2. By writing a heartwarming review (after consultation and/or treatment) and posting it on a review platform such as Google or Trustpilot.
  3. By sharing your experience in a blog for our social club.
  4. By referring a friend for treatment.
  5. By creating a blog or vlog and referring (linking) it to our website.
  6. By participating in our happy ambassador programme.
  7. By being or becoming a member of the Wellness Kliniek friends Facebook group.

How do you claim the €50 VIP Gift from Wellness Kliniek?

Once you have joined the Wellness Kliniek VIP Club through one of the above ways, you can claim the €50 VIP Gift. Let us know and receive a VIP Gift with your treatment.

  • Annual Christmas gift: members of our exclusive VIP Club can claim a €50 VIP Gift once a year. You can use this yourself, or give it away to a friend.
  • Refer a friend: Let us know when you refer a friend for treatment! You will receive a VIP Gift worth €50. You can use this yourself, or give it away to your friend.
  • Write a blog or make a vlog: To earn VIP Gifts with a blog or vlog, it is essential to create engaging and valuable content that appeals to a specific target audience, and to have a strong online presence and follower base. It is also important to offer exclusive content to your audience. Interested? Get in touch with us.
  • Become our ambassador: The happy ambassador programme is an exclusive opportunity for people who have undergone or want to undergo surgery at Wellness Kliniek and want to share their experience with their community.

Contact us and claim your VIP Gift

Wellness Kliniek VIP Club benefits

In addition to the €50 VIP Gifts (for treatments), the exclusive Wellness Kliniek VIP Club has other benefits in store for you:

  • Priority in waiting lists: Priority when booking appointments or treatments with top experts at the clinic.
  • Free upgrade to private room: Are you a member of the VIP Club? Let us know when booking your treatment. We will upgrade you to a private room free of charge, if available.
  • Early access to new services: VIP members often get first access to new treatments or products introduced by the clinic.
  • Exclusive events: Invitations to special events, such as open days, workshops, or information sessions on new technologies and treatments at Wellness Kliniek Belgium or at Wellness Kliniek Barcelona.

It is important to remember that specific benefits may vary, and it is always a good idea to enquire directly with the clinic about the details of your Exclusive VIP membership at Wellness Kliniek Belgium or Barcelona.