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A breast lift can give your sagging or tubular breasts a more beautiful, firm shape, with or without implants. Below are the all-inclusive breast lift costs.

Consultation Breast uplift with implants 60
Consultation Breast uplift with implants - Booked online 30
Consultation Mini breast uplift with implants 60
Consultation Mini breast uplift with implants - Booked online 30
Consultation Breast lift (Mastopexia) 60
Consultation Breast lift (Mastopexia) - Booked online 30
Consultation Mini Breast lift without implants (Mastopexia) 60
Consultation Mini Breast lift without implants (Mastopexia) - Booked online 30
Breast lift with implants
Breast lift with round silicone implants | to 500cc 5750
Breast lift with round silicone implants | greater than 500cc 6800
Mini Breast lift with implants
Mini breast lift with implants 500cc 5000
Mini breast lift with implants larger 500cc 5750
Breast lift without implants (Mastopexia)
Breast lift without implants (Mastopexia) 4295
Mini Breast lift without implants (Mastopexia)
Mini breastlift without implants (Mastopexia) 3250
Overnight stay in private room 250
Private room 120

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All prices are valid till 30/09/2023. All prices are including VAT.

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All inclusive

Our prices are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic and all aftercare following the procedure.


Free procedure if any problems occur within a year of the original operation being performed. Also, any additional intake consultation is free of charge. 

What does a breast lift cost?

Are you considering having your breasts lifted or firmed and wondering what the cost of a breast lift will be? That just depends on how you want the breast lift performed. Breast lifting is possible with or without implants. Above you will find the cost of the breast lift.

Which type of breast uplift suits you?

Many ladies consider having a breast lift. For example in case of sagging breasts due to age, weight loss or volume loss after pregnancy. Often, the reason for a breast lift is uneven breasts or tubular breasts.

Whatever your reason, a breast lift offers a solution. A breast lift or tubular breast correction is usually performed without implants. Only the sagging skin is removed. This is also known as mastopexy. In addition, you can also combine the breast lift or tubular breast correction with breast augmentation with implants. This is perfect if, in addition to lifting your breasts and nipples, you would also like a cup size more.

Schedule a personal consultation first

Whether you just want to have your breasts firmed, harmonised or enlarged as well, a breast lift can provide solutions. This sought-after procedure is super popular among women of all ages for good reason. See before and after photos of a breast lift here.

Of course, you don't have to decide immediately which type of breast lift suits you best. The surgeon at Wellness Kliniek will first talk to you. During a personal consultation, you will be advised on the best results that can be achieved by lifting your breasts.

Price boob lift Belgium: Next Day Surgery

Wellness Kliniek in Belgium receives women from all over the world. This is why we offer the Next Day Surgery Service. The consultation and surgery take place on consecutive days. This service is free and therefore included in the above breast lift prices.

Cheap breast lift price with ISO 9001 quality

Wellness Kliniek is a leading clinic in Europe in the field of breast surgery. The clinic has ISO 9001 certification and meets the quality management standard. Year after year, after (independent) research by WhatClinic, Wellness Kliniek received the Award for Outstanding Patient Experience.

The surgeons perform the breast elevator with implants or breast elevator without implants safely on you, using efficient surgical techniques. Cheap breast lift means that price and quality are in proportion. The prices at Wellness Kliniek are transparent. All costs are included, so you will not encounter unexpected surprises.

Installment boob lift costs

With our competitive and transparent rates, we hope to make breast surgery available to as many women as possible. No hidden costs, but an all-in breast lift price including precaution and aftercare. Optionally, you can start a piggy bank at Wellness Kliniek. Each month you put in a certain amount. Once you have the amount together, we invite you for the breast lift surgery.

View breast elevator costs and make an appointment

As mentioned, breast elevator prices depend on the type of procedure and whether or not you want breast implants.

Discover the fixed prices above in our fee schedule and make your appointment immediately with no obligation. Together with the consulting doctor you will see what suits you best and schedule the procedure. The surgery takes about 2 to 3 hours. After recovery, you will be radiant with a beautiful renewed bosom!

Book your appointment now through our online booking tool.

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