Dental Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges

You can have a gorgeous hairstyle, beautiful make-up and clothes: but a confident bright smile completes your image. Crown work and teeth bridges are an extremely important aspect of aesthetic dentistry. The aim of aesthetic dentistry is to achieve a natural-looking result. After all, the crowns are the visible part. We always strive for an optimal aesthetic result.

Dental crowns and bridges placed safely at Wellness Kliniek

When you undergo a dental procedure, you naturally want to be sure the clinic does so safely. Wellness Kliniek is such a clinic. Our dental specialists use the right approach, to give you a radiant smile again after the procedure. Strong and high-quality crowns that are radiant and stay in place, that’s what you can expect from us!

What is a crown?

You could see a crown as a permanent replacement for a tooth. They mimic the original shape and function and are placed over the tooth as a cap. This is then glued to the tooth. For this, the original tooth is reshaped and ground in such a way that the cap (the crown) fits perfectly.

What is a crown made of?

Crowns are made of porcelain or zirconium Procera. A porcelain crown is built on a metal frame. On top of that, the tooth is simulated using porcelain. The colour is selected using a tooth shade chart. This way, we know for sure that the colour matches your existing teeth perfectly.

You can also opt for a Procera zirconium porcelain crown. This type of crown is manufactured using CAD/CAM technology, or computer technology in which the crown is designed in detail and tailored to the existing set of teeth.

The Procera zirconium porcelain crown is completely metal-free and is made from a combination of aluminium oxide and Procera. Aluminium oxide is extremely strong and ensures the longest life. Procera is slightly translucent and therefore reflects the colour and transparency of existing teeth. Aesthetically speaking, this gives the most natural result.

Porcelain crown versus Procera zirconium porcelain crown

The porcelain on metal crown is the most economical option for placing a crown. The result is natural. This is the original technique for making crowns, because it can achieve a strong result. Having a crown placed on a molar? Then this is an excellent choice.

These days, however, the Procera zirconium porcelain crown is gaining popularity. These can now be developed in such a way that they are super-strong, even though no metal has been added. Also, with this type of crown the result is even more natural and it is the recommended option for visible teeth. It is also a good choice for people who can’t tolerate metal in their mouths.

The Procera zirconium porcelain crown is more expensive than the standard porcelain crown. Our dentist will always personalise your choice for one of these two types of crowns and determine what best suits your teeth, taking your wishes into account.

What is the lifespan of crowns?

You can assume that the crowns placed at Wellness Kliniek will last at least 20 years. If you practise good oral hygiene, this will even often be for life. Make sure the gums around the crown are cleaned regularly and sufficiently, because those gums are sensitive to plaque. You can do this with a soft toothbrush, possibly with the use of floss or interproximal brushes. Our specialists give you personal advice, so you know what the best care is for your crown. This way, you get the most out of its lifespan.

Dental bridge instead of crown?

If it concerns several successive teeth on which crowns have to be placed, the dentist also looks at the possibilities of a bridge. This allows you to replace a missing tooth or molar. The dental bridge ‘bridges’, as it were, the gap of the relevant tooth or molar that is missing. You can therefore also see a bridge as multiple crowns, which is a more effective solution when one or more teeth are missing. Of course, this missing tooth can also be replaced with an implant with a crown.

We can imagine you are curious about the results we can achieve with crowns, which is why we have collected several before and after pictures of dental crowns. Of course, our specialists will always have an extensive consultation with you, so you know in advance what results we can achieve. Book your no-obligation consultation and go for the teeth you dream of.

Who would benefit from dental crowns?

A complete dental makeover was previously only reserved for millionaires, Hollywood stars and celebrities. Fortunately, those days are gone. You too can have the captivating smile of a film star.

The dental crowns we use are incredibly thin and allow a little light to pass through. The teeth fit nicely to your gums. The shape and surface of the teeth look very natural. Looking for a dental makeover? You can, with these dental crowns and our expertise.

You could opt for dental crowns if you want beautiful white teeth again. Rotten teeth, a dead tooth or a tooth that you had root canal treatment on are also often reasons for getting a crown.

Dental crowns: the procedure

The dental crowns we use are of course of top quality: made of porcelain or zirconium, coloured and optimally shaped so they fit perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

We prepare your original teeth so they form a solid basis for the dental crowns. Each tooth is then given a provisional dental crown, so you already look great while we tailor each tooth by hand in our lab.

Your dental arch can also be adjusted so your teeth are in a straight line. A few weeks later, the dentist will place your permanent dental crowns.

The result? Beautiful, natural and whiter teeth that match the proportions of your face, lips and jaw.

What to expect?

A radiant smile! No one will notice that you have false teeth.

What are the costs of a dental crown?

At Wellness Kliniek, we strive for transparent prices, so you know in advance what to expect. That is why we apply a fixed rate per crown. You can choose between a crown porcelain on metal and a non-metal Procera zirconium porcelain crown. Follow this link for the prices of crowns.

Dental crowns price

Book a no-obligation consultation for crowns

Time for a change to your teeth with a crown tooth or crown molar? Please contact Wellness Kliniek. Together we will discuss your options for having crowns fitted. If you suffer from several ugly or neglected teeth, we will also discuss the options for a full dental crown, one or more dental bridges or the alternative, dental implants. We select the treatment that best suits your teeth, to give you a radiant smile again!

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When the Wellness Kliniek was founded in 1996, it was the first private clinic in Belgium. We were pioneers in private plastic surgery and we are proud of everything we have accomplished so far. The Wellness Kliniek is known for its high-quality service and is one of the most trusted names in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of material is used for crowns?
We use one of the latest materials in cosmetic dentistry: Procera Zirconium. The zirconium core is metal-free, strong and wear-resistant, even stronger than metal and gold. Zirconium has a fantastic characteristic - it let's light shine through it, without being transparent. This is why a Procera Zirconium crown looks so natural. You can barely tell procera crowns apart from real teeth. These crowns are made with computer-aided technology. An improved version of your original set of teeth often gives the most beautiful aesthetic result. Your original teeth can be combined without any problems.
What technology is used to place crowns?
We use the CAD-CAM computer technology so you can maintain your natural look. You are given a complete, new set of teeth which perfectly matches your own personality. No one can tell that you have false teeth, just a gorgeous, natural smile. Another big advantage of the computer-aided technology is that the crown (the cap) fits perfectly flush to the remaining tooth. This means that the root and the remaining tooth stay healthy. Bacteria and germs can't get in.