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Breast reduction


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Cosmetic plastic surgery : breast reduction - reducing the size of the breasts.

Are your breast too large and do you feel insecure or experience physical complaints such as back, neck or shoulder problems as a result? In that case, a breast reduction can be a solution. Breast reduction surgery is a tailor-made procedure. We are all different and so are our breasts.

During the consultation with the surgeon all details of your particular treatment will be discussed.

Our information pages with prices and before & after photos about breast reduction - to reduce breasts which are too large, or too heavy - will already give you an idea about the different treatment options. 

Breast reduction surgery: reducing heavy breasts

Breast corrective surgery has helped thousands of people, making it one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Breast lift or breast reduction surgery requires an individual approach particularly concerning the size you want after surgery. The plastic surgeon will explain which approach is best for you.

If a woman has breasts which are too large or too heavy, which make her feel uncomfortable, she could consider a breast reduction or a breast lift. Men are also suitable candidates for breast correction, if they experience problems with mammary gland growth. A less well-known procedure is slowing down breast growth. This treatment is ideal for young girls who seem to be developing very large breasts. 

Depending upon the type of surgery, you will be hospitalised for one or two days. In some cases, surgery is performed on an outpatient basis which means you can return home the same day. The procedure lasts between two and three hours and is performed under intravenous sedation.

  • Ladies

The breast is made smaller by removing a quantity of skin and breast tissue. The nipple is transposed higher up on the breast and usually reduced. You are left with a circular scar around the areola running down to the breast fold. The scars will fade over time and be less noticeable There are variations of this operating technique which will be discussed with you if applicable

  • Girls

In young girls who have large breasts at a young age, liposculpture can effectively reduce the breast and above all considerably slow down further growth. If this procedure is performed in time then more extensive breast reduction surgery may be avoided. There are no visible scars. 

  • Gentlemen

Excess breast tissue is removed endoscopically, sometimes in combination with liposculpture. Via a small incision (about 2 cm) in the areola the instruments are inserted in the body. With the aid of special surgical instruments the surgeon can detach the breast tissue from the skin and muscle and it can be completely removed. Read more about this procedure on our information page about gynaecomasty: male breast reduction

Breast reduction - before Breast reduction - after

Breast reduction

After 3 months the red scars begin to fade and become less noticeable. After 18 months you get the definite result and the thin line around the areola and on the breast is paler. 

Breast reduction - before Breast reduction - after

Breast reduction

Standard result 3 months after breast reduction surgery:

  • excess skin is removed
  • excess breast tissue is removed
  • the remaining breast tissue is lifted
  • the nipple is transposed
  • the size and shape of the areola is corrected
Breast reduction in men - before Breast reduction in men - after

Breast reduction in men

Gynaecomasty correction & swollen nipples:

  • removal of excess breast tissue
  • removal of excess skin
  • reduction of the areola: size and shape of the nipple 

Plastic surgery for breast reduction

The anaesthetic

  • A general anaesthetic is not necessary! So there are also no side-effects from a traditional anaesthetic!

Due to progress made in sedation techniques, invasive cosmetic procedures including breast surgery, can now be performed without the patient being subjected to the side-effects of a general anaesthetic.
With more effective pain relief with additonal local anaesthetic, a light form of anaesthesia is sufficient. Unlike traditional anaesthesia a tube will not be inserted via your throat to mechanically control your breathing. You will not be given any muscle relaxing medication.

  • Intravenous sedation: you will breathe for yourself and swallow while you are asleep, feeling no pain.

A couple of hours after the procedure you feel fine and are spared the sometimes unpleasant side-effects of a general anaesthetic. This has made cosmetic surgery safer. Combined procedures can also be performed safely. For example it is now possible to combine a breast lift with a eyelid correction.

  • Intravenous sedation makes your operation safer!

Breast reduction
Risks and complications

If the nipple is transposed then feeling and the reaction of the nipples can be reduced temporarily. Usually this returns to normal a few weeks or months later.Permanent loss of feeling in the nipple can occur as well as impaired blood flow which can lead to partial or total loss of the nipple. Smoking may lead to this. This can be avoided if you stop smoking at least three weeks before your operation and for 3 weeks afterwards. Permanent loss of feeling and blood flow impairment are rare. Generally everything goes smoothly and your breast correction will give you great pleasure.

Breast reduction plastic surgery
Aftercare andrecovery

Following an operation to reduce or lift the breasts, they are tightly bandaged. Under each bandaged breast there is a small tube to drain any blood and fluid. The tubes are removed after a few days. We usually advise you to wear a wireless bra during the day and night for a few weeks after the surgery.

The stitches are generally removed two weeks after the surgery. After a week you can resume most of your daily activities though it is best to wait 6 weeks before carrying out any heavy duty activities.
Breast reduction - before Breast reduction - after

Breast reduction

  • removal of excess skin
  • removal of excess breast tissue
  • lifting the remaining breast tissue
  • transposition of the nipple
  • correction of the areola: size and shape
Breast reduction - before Breast reduction - after

Breast reduction

  • A breast reduction procedure last 2 hours
  • You usually stay at the clinic overnight
  • The stitches are removed two weeks later
  • Six weeks later you are completely recovered
  • After 18 months the scars have faded

What is the cost of breast reduction?

The price of a breast reduction depends on the method used. Please refer to our breast reduction price list for more information.

Our breast reduction price includes all costs: the admission, the medical fee, the breast implants, anesthesia, and also allaftercare. The prices include VAT

Breast reduction experiences

Make a reservation for your consultation for a breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a tailor-made procedure! Our surgeons have extensive experience in the complete range of breast correcting operating techniques and will determine the best method for you at your consultation.

It is often still possible to breastfeed following a breast reduction procedure. This depends on the type of surgical technique used. If this is important to you then discuss it with the surgeon duing the intake consultation.

Every detail of your particular procedure is discusssed during the intake consultation: which method is best for you, what results you can expect, the possible risks of the treatment and aftercare.

During the consultation the surgeon will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for breast reduction. The doctor will  assess your breasts taking your body build into account and will advise you which treatment is most suitable for you to meet your expectations.

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Breast reduction surgery in Belgium - Breast reduction at the Wellness Kliniek in Belgium: to reduce breasts that are too large. Heavy breasts can cause physical or psychological complaints. You are in pain when exercising or get neck and back pain. With a breast reduction the breasts are brought back in proportion to the body. What is the breast reduction price? Am I eligible for a breast reduction reimbursement? Please refer to the breast reduction price list for an overview. Are the breast reduction scars clearly visible? After 1 year, a few small fine lines remain visible. For an overview of the possibilities for breast reduction, refer to the photo's after breast reduction.