Transgender Breast Augmentation Costs

Transgender Breast Augmentation Costs: Transgender Breast Augmentation

Transgender breast implant surgery is a popular choice for transgender women who want full, aesthetically pleasing breasts. Our surgeons specialise in transfeminine procedures that help people all over the globe realise their vision and improve their self-esteem. Our transgender breast augmentation costs are comprehensive. You can pay for the anaesthesia, medical, and recovery fee as part of a package.

Consultation Breast augmentation with implants 60
Consultation Breast augmentation with implants - Booked online 30
Breast augmentation with implants
Breast augmentation with round silicone implants | up to 500cc 2995
Breast augmentation with round silicone implants | larger than 500cc 3850
Overnight stay in private room 250
Private room 120

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All inclusive

Our prices are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic and all aftercare following the procedure.

Online booking

Book your appointment 24/7 with our online booking and payment tool and get a 50% discount on your consultation. 

Warranty on Breast Implants

We offer 10 Year Warranty on all Breast Implants. Free procedure if any problems occur within a year of the original operation being performed.

What is Transgender Breast Implant Surgery?

For a lot of transgender women, transgender breast implant surgery represents a step towards becoming their authentic self. It is often the final step in a lifelong transformation. It helps transgender women feel like their outward appearance matches their inner feelings and identity. 

There is one main difference between breast implant surgery for biological women and males. When operating on transgender women, our surgeons will place the implants underneath the pectoral muscle. Doing so creates a more natural look. They will also place the implants as close together as possible. This helps to mitigate the appearance of how broad the patients’ chests are. 

In every other sense, our surgeons complete the surgery in the same way that they would on a biological woman.

How Much Does Transgender Breast Implant Surgery Cost?

People from all over the world choose Wellness Kliniek because our prices are comprehensive and easy to understand. Our patients pay a one-off cost for their medical fee, anaesthesia, and recovery support. Once you have paid the one-off fee, you do not have to worry about any hidden extras.

Transgender Breast Augmentation Consultation Costs

We charge a one-off cost for transgender breast augmentation consultations. Consultations are an important part of the journey towards surgery. You will be assigned a specialist surgeon to discuss your augmentation with. This is a good opportunity to understand the procedure and the recovery period to its fullest. You can also ascertain whether your desired outcome is realistic. 

You can halve the cost of the consultation by booking online. This is the best choice for people who want to save money on travel and accommodation costs. Most of our international clients choose this option.

Transgender Breast Augmentation Surgery Costs

Most of our patients want implants that are between 200ccs and 500ccs. We offer all our patients a fixed fee for any size implants in this range. This allows patients to consider a wide range of different sizes and pick one that suits them. When you choose our clinic, you can achieve your vision without compromising.

In some cases, patients choose implants that are over 500ccs. Our surgeons will only approve large implants if they are proportional to your body. They always attempt to create an aesthetically pleasing outcome that looks natural. 

The anaesthesia, medical, and recovery fees are included in the cost of the surgery. A lot of our patients prefer a comprehensive approach to pricing. You do not have to worry about last-minute costs when you choose Wellness Kliniek.

Transgender Breast Augmentation Supplement Costs

At Wellness Kliniek, we provide patients with a sliding scale of services. Patients who have a fuller budget can purchase transgender implant surgery supplements. These supplements include things like hiring a private room. Private rooms are perfect for patients who want a more comfortable stay. 

You can even purchase an overnight stay in a private room. The cost of an overnight stay pays for itself. Some patients underestimate the pain that comes with transgender breast augmentation surgery and book travel too soon after the procedure. They have to cancel their travel obligations and lose money on their flights. An overnight stay allows patients to acclimatise to the pain of the surgery and collect their bearings before leaving the clinic.

Transgender Breasts Before and After

Transgender breast surgery is a life-changing procedure that should not be taken lightly. It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the surgery, recovery period, and postoperative results. Implants look different on everyone, and the success of the surgery depends on a number of factors such as skin elasticity, age, and previous procedures. Our transgender breasts before and after photos page has examples of realistic postoperative outcomes.

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