Breast Lift

Breast Lift

With a breast lift (mastopexy), you can regain firm breasts, just like you used to have when you were a bit younger. If you want, an implant can provide extra volume.

A breast lift is ideal for women whose breasts have become saggy, for example after having children, aging or losing weight. The procedure can be perfectly combined with breast augmentation to give the breasts more volume as well. We inform you about breast lift surgery below.

Price: 3250

Breast Lift Basics

  • Surgery: 2-3 hours
  • Sleep sedation
  • Overnight stay not always required
  • Recovery: 7 - 10 days
  • 8 Weeks compression bra

Breast lift in Belgium

Breast surgery has been part of Wellness Kliniek's specialism for more than 25 years. The experienced surgeons at the clinic go for Happy Patients and know how to tailor the breast lift surgery perfectly to your body through experience. According to research by WhatClinic, Wellness Kliniek has been ranked number one as a European clinic with excellent patient experiences for plastic surgery for many years.

Breast lift before and after photos

Have breasts lifted safely at Wellness Kliniek

The experienced surgeons at Wellness Kliniek ensure optimal safety and beautiful results, exactly what you should and would expect from a breast procedure. The clinic has an official ISO 9001 quality label, so you can safely have your breasts lifted with confidence. The size and shape of your breasts determine the breast lift method (and scar) the surgeon will recommend to you.

Breast lift with anchor or vertical incision

In an anchor lift, the plastic surgeon makes an incision around the areola, a vertical incision towards the breast fold and also in the fold under your breast. The scar is given an inverted T-shape that resembles an anchor. With a vertical mammoplasty, an incision in the fold under your breast is not necessary to create a nice shape. The scar then runs around your areola in a vertical line towards the breast fold.

In both cases, excess flabby skin is removed and your mammary gland and nipple are fixed at a higher level.

Donut, Benelli and Lollipop breast lift

In a mini breast lift such as the donut method, the Benelli lift (image above) and the lollipop method (image below), the surgeon only removes skin around the areola. Optionally, the incision runs with a short vertical tail towards your inframammary fold.

What does a breast lift cost?

The cost of a breast lift depends on the breast lift method that best suits your breasts. For example, if you opt for a breast lift and augmentation, take into account additional costs for the implants.

At Wellness Kliniek, we think it's important to always be transparent about prices. You pay an all-in price for the mastopexy, including pre- and aftercare, anaesthesia and VAT.

Mini breastlift | Donut, Benelli and lollipop 3250
Breast lift | Vertical incision 3900
Breast lift | anchor lift (Mastopexia) 4295
Mini breast lift with implants 500cc 4995
Breast lift with round silicone implants | to 500cc 5750
Breast lift with round silicone implants | greater than 500cc 6800

Breast lift prices

Can I get financing for my Breast Lift?

At the Wellness Kliniek you can pay in installments. We offer financing for your Breast Lift. No small print, no paperwork. Process the credit 100% online, from your mobile or computer. Receive it in your account in less than 24 hours once approved. Choose the installment that best suits your needs.

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Breast lifts: Next Day Surgery Service

At Wellness Kliniek, we welcome women from all over the world, which is why we have set up our Next Day Surgery Service. This lets you have the consultation, preliminary examinations and breast lifting surgery on consecutive days. Completely free of charge!

When to choose a breast lift?

There can be several reasons to opt for a breast lift. From sagging breasts to drooping breasts and nipples. Wondering what we can do for you when it comes to a breast lift (mastopexy)? We can lift breasts with and without breast implants.

When to choose a breast lift with implants?

With a breast lift, the surgeon can make your breasts firmer. If you would like a bra cup size more then a silicone implant can provide extra volume.

A breast lift is a procedure in which the excess sagging skin of your breast is removed and your nipple and glandular tissue is raised to a higher level. This makes your breast firmer, but also slightly smaller. By removing the skin, the breast thus loses volume. If you would like extra volume, it is best to opt for a breast lift with implants.

Below may be reasons to opt for a breast lift with or without implants.

Lifting droopy breasts

Breasts may droop over time, that's just nature. Would you like firm, round breasts? Then a boob lift offers a solution. Many women opt for a boob lift if they suffer from drooping breasts. These can be caused by age, weight loss, childbirth or after breastfeeding, for example.

Breast enhancement for sagging breasts

Do you suffer from sagging breasts? With a breast lift, the breasts are not only lifted, but also firmed. This often involves making an anchor-shaped or vertical incision, allowing the surgeon to tighten the skin of the breast and remove the sagging skin. You retain the volume in your breast (your own glandular tissue). This way, your breasts become firmer, stand up more attractively and regain their natural, round shape.

Breast lift after losing weight

We like to give some extra attention to the breast lift after losing weight. Many women find that after losing weight, they have saggier breasts that droop more. This is a natural reaction of the body, as the breasts are made up of glandular tissue and fat, after all. A breast lift is a good choice in this case. Are you currently not at your desired weight and want to lose more weight? Then we recommend that you do so before having the breast lift performed.

Breast lift and breast augmentation combined

If you want to lift and enlarge your breasts, you can opt for a breast lift with implants. The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek use the best implants on the market. Depending on your physique and wishes, the surgeon will preferably choose from brands such as Laboratoires Arion and Motiva. These are safe implants that will give your breasts a beautiful shape in your desired cup size.

Read more about breast augmentation with implants.

Breast lift and breast reduction combined

With a breast reduction, the plastic surgeon will also immediately lift the breasts to give them a beautiful shape. The surgeon will remove excess skin, mammary gland tissue and fat. If you have droopy breasts or low-hanging nipples, the surgeon will place your breast gland tissue and nipple to a higher level. Lifting your breasts is included in the price of breast reduction at Wellness Kliniek.

Frequently asked questions about breast lift

Who is a breast lift suitable for?

There is a magic formula to determine if you have droopy breasts. The perfect breast, according to a scientific study, has 45% volume at the top and 55% at the bottom. The nipple is above the breast crease and points slightly upwards.

If you have breasts with a nipple at the same level or lower than the breast fold, you are a basically suitable candidate for a breast lift.

The perfect breast does not take into account the cup volume of the breast. Small breasts can also be very beautiful. If you still want more volume then you can opt for a breast lift with implants.

For sagging breasts (grade 1 or more) - when the nipple is equal or lower than the fold under the breast - you are a suitable candidate for a breast lift.

Breast lift: do you have enough cup-filling, but is the skin of the breasts sagging? Then you are a good candidate to have your breasts firmed up by a breast lift.

Breast lift + Breast augmentation: do you have (too) little cup-filling and is the skin of your breasts sagging? Then you are a good candidate to have your breasts firmed up with a breast lift with implants.

From what age can a breast lift be performed?

In principle, a breast lift or breast reduction can be done from the age of 18. In some cases, and with the consent of your parents, an exception is sometimes made. It is best to wait until your breasts are fully grown.

How does breast lift surgery work?

Breast lift surgery requires a personalised approach. Depending on how much your breasts sag, we offer a mini breast lift or a (full) breast lift.

In a mini breast lift, the incision is made around the areola for slightly sagging breasts (donut lift) or around the areola and vertically towards the breast fold (lollipop lift) for moderately sagging breasts.

If your breasts are significantly heavier and therefore sag more, the surgeon will recommend a full breast lift with an anchor or vertical incision.

If you want a slightly fuller cup size, the surgeon will add volume by inserting breast implants. On the contrary, if you want less volume, the breast lift is combined with reduction.

Recovery breast lift, what can I expect?

Depending on the type of breast lift, you will stay for 1 day or 1 day + night at the Wellness Kliniek. You can usually return home or to your hotel the same day. In certain cases, the surgeon will advise you to stay an extra night in the clinic. The procedure takes 2-3 hours and is performed under sleep anaesthesia.

The greatest recovery from the surgery takes place within about 7 to 10 days. After the procedure, you will wear a compression bra or a sports bra without underwire for 6 to 8 weeks. After that, you can show off in your favourite bra or even without it.

Does the nipple still have sensitivity after the breast lift?

If the nipple is repositioned, the sensitivity and response of the nipples may be temporarily reduced. This usually returns completely after a few weeks or months. Permanent loss of sensation in the nipple may occur, as well as circulation problems that may lead to partial or complete loss of the nipple. Smoking can contribute to this. This risk can be prevented, plastic surgeons recommend quitting smoking at least 4 weeks before and after your surgery. Permanent loss of sensation and circulatory disorders are rare.

Does a breast lift leave scars?

The breast lift method and the size of the breast lift scar depends on how sagging your breasts are and the result you want to achieve.

The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek naturally keep the breast lift scar as small as possible. The stitches dissolve by themselves. Scars fade after about 6 to 18 months. After that, they become less and less visible.

We recommend scheduling a no-obligation consultation. You will receive honest advice about the possibilities and be told where the incisions will be made to achieve the desired result for your breast lift.

What is a donut lift?

The donut breast lift (areolar mastopexy) is a method in which the skin around the areola is removed. This has the advantage that minimal scar is visible as it fades into the circular edge of the areola. A donut lift is aesthetically pleasing only if the skin of your breast is not too sagging.

What is a lollipop lift?

The lollipop lift combines the donut lift with an additional incision vertically to the breast crease, thus giving the incision a kind of lollipop shape. This is a technique used when the breasts are just too flabby for the donut lift alone.

What is an anchor lift?

When the breasts have sagged considerably and it is desirable to tighten and lift them completely, surgeons recommend a total breast lift. This is also known as the anchor lift. The incision is made both around the areola, vertically downwards and in the inframammary fold.

The advantage of the anchor breast lift is that the desired result for breast firming can almost always be achieved. However, you should note that the scar (anchor shape) is larger than with the donut lift and lollipop lift. Fortunately, the scar fades and largely disappears into the folds under the breasts.

What is a mini breast lift?

A mini breast lift can provide relief for mildly to moderately sagging breasts. The donut lift, the Benelli lift and the lollipop lift all fall under the mini breast lift. Of course, the specialists at Wellness Kliniek will give you detailed advice on this.

What is a Benelli breast lift with prosthesis?

A Benelli breast lift is done in the same way as the donut lift. The operation is suitable for women with relatively small breasts. In a Benelli breast lift, the surgeon places the incision only in the skin around the nipple. This method can be combined with a prosthesis, or silicone implants. This is how small breasts are filled.

A Benelli lift will change the structure of your breasts and may damage the milk ducts so that you cannot breastfeed later.

Does a breast lift provide relief for uneven breasts?

Yes it does! In many women, one breast is just a little bigger than the other. Over the years, this difference can become more visible. If the breasts are uneven, surgeons can correct this with a breast lift, or combine it with a breast reduction or breast augmentation. The choice between these three methods is of course up to you; we are happy to inform you.

What are tubular breasts?

Tubular breasts are breasts that do not have the 'normal' breast shape due to a birth defect. This has many variations. For example, insufficient tissue is created at the bottom of the breast, or the breasts grow in a cone shape, so the breasts are not round.

There is often one tubular breast, or on one side, causing uneven breasts. Balance can be restored with a breast lift. The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek will be happy to advise you personally about the breast lift for tubular breasts. If you wish, the surgeon can add extra volume to tubular breasts with implants.

No-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek

When lifting breasts, surgeons always aim for a balanced result. During a no-obligation consultation, we will discuss your wishes and transparently zoom in on the possibilities for your breasts. Book a no-obligation consultation for breast lifts.

Contact us for no-obligation advice or schedule an on-site or online consultation.

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