Breast implant removal and replacement

Breast Implant Removal and Exchange

Wellness Kliniek is the clinic for breast implant replacement or removal. As the European market leader in breast augmentation, safety and quality are our priority. The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek are experienced and give personal advice.

Price: 2995

Breast Implants Exchange Basics

  • Surgery: 45 minutes
  • Sleep sedation or general anaesthesia
  • Incision: 3 cm
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 3 - 6 days
  • 12 Days compression garment

Replacing breast implants

Breast prosthesis replacement is done, for example, for aesthetic reasons (enlarging or shrinking), to address complications from a previous breast augmentation or to replace old implants with the most secure breast implants on the market.

Breast Implants Exchange before and after

The best clinic for breast implant replacement

Wellness Kliniek Belgium came out as number 1 in (independent) research by WhatClinic for many years and received the Award for Outstanding Experience.
Removing and replacing breast implants is among the specialisms of the surgeons at Wellness Kliniek. The doctors have already performed thousands of successful breast surgeries, this with ISO 9001 quality assurance.

What Can I Expect From Breast Implant Exchange Surgery?

Breast implant exchange surgery is similar to breast implant removal surgery. Our surgeons will remove the implants and follow the normal procedure for implant surgery. For a full breakdown of the surgery, visit our breast implants page.

Safe new breast implants

The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek use the best brands of implants on the market. Replacing implants? Or remove implants? The executive doctor will discuss the options with you and advise on the best brand of breast implant for your needs and body. This makes breast implant replacement extra safe.

Breast implants replacement surgery - the procedure

The breast implant replacement surgery depends on your current breast implants and your wishes for the correction. During the consultation with the surgeon at Wellness Kliniek Belgium (or Barcelona), you will discuss in detail how the procedure works for you.

During breast implant revision, we replace the current implants with high-quality, new implants. On average, the procedure takes 45 minutes. During this, you will be given a light sleep anaesthetic or narcosis. We make the incision as small as possible, 2 to 3 centimetres.

Cost of breast implant replacement Belgium

At Wellness Kliniek, we believe it is important to make breast surgery affordable for everyone. Therefore, we offer competitive and transparent all-in rates for breast implant replacements up to 500cc and larger than 500cc.

You will discuss your wishes and expectations with the surgeon. The surgeon will calculate the volume of implants according to your wishes, so you know what to expect. Take a look at our current prices for a breast prosthesis exchange here.

Breast implants exchange | up to 500cc 2995
Breast implants exchange: greather than 500cc 3850
Supplement: removing capsule the breast implants exchange | per breast (MI) * 580

All prices include VAT, except those marked with an asterisk. These are treatments that are exempt from VAT if, after the consultation, it appears that it concerns a medical indication.

Breast implant removal and exchange prices

Can I get financing for my Breast Implants Exchange?

At the Wellness Kliniek you can pay in installments. We offer financing for your Breast Implants Exchange. No small print, no paperwork. Process the credit 100% online, from your mobile or computer. Receive it in your account in less than 24 hours once approved. Choose the installment that best suits your needs.

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A revision of breast implants can have several reasons. Perhaps you are no longer happy with the size of your prostheses or you no longer like the shape or profile for whatever reason. A crack or hardening in old (unsafe) breast implants can also be a reason.

Every reason is personal and you can count on understanding from the highly qualified team of top surgeons at Wellness Kliniek. The surgeon will discuss breast revision and prosthesis change options during a personal consultation.

Increase cup size or decrease cup size?

The main reason for ladies to opt for breast implant replacements is because of current size and/or shape. You may be ready for a larger cup size or just a smaller cup size. A body changes throughout life and you may find that the size of your breasts does not fit the rest of your body (anymore).

Gaining weight, losing weight, pregnancy and its hormones can affect the shape and size of your breasts. Should you want to lose weight, it is recommended to do so before surgery implants replacement.

Problems with current implants?

Do you suffer from capsular contracture or have other discomforts due to your current breast implants? Then book a no-obligation consultation for professional advice from a surgeon. Replacing current breast implants with quality and the safest implants on the market is among the options.

Replacing implants as a precaution?

You may also have doubts about the quality of your current implants. In the media, you sometimes hear stories about a leaking breast prosthesis. Leaking breast implants mainly occur in prostheses placed in the 1990s or earlier. The breast implants used today are of excellent quality.

Of course, it is always a good idea to have your prostheses checked from time to time. Checking implants? The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek can do that for you.

European implant manufacturers give a 10-year guarantee against leakage. Changing implants every 10 years is recommended by surgeons at Wellness Kliniek to minimise the risk of cracks and leaks.

Remove implants?

Would you rather have your implants removed? That too is possible. After removing the breast implants, the breasts will look more or less as they did before the breast augmentation. Of course, the skin may have sagged and the breasts may have started to droop more, a natural consequence of ageing. In that case, breast implant removal can be combined with a breast lift.

Frequently asked questions about breast implant replacement

Recovery breast implant replacement, what can I expect?

No overnight stay is generally required after surgery. Most women feel some discomfort. Recovery from surgery breast implants replacement takes 4 to 7 days. You will wear compression bandages for 12 days and should not do heavy lifting or exercise for about six weeks. The final result (indentation of new breast implants maximising results) is visible within 6 months.

When to replace silicone implants?

If your implants are 10 years old, if the current breast implants bother you or if you want to change the current cup size, you can have silicone implants replaced or removed. Also if you would like to change shape. In exceptional cases, replacing silicone implants is a necessity rather than a wish.

Why do breast implants sometimes need to be removed or changed?

In some cases, the body forms a hard capsule around the implant: the breasts become hard and hurt. Usually, the surgeon can remove the capsule under intravenous anaesthesia. Unfortunately, sometimes the implants are damaged and need to be replaced.

The body may also reject the implants. Rejection and capsule formation are rare. Usually, everything goes smoothly and you have years of pleasure from new implants.

When to replace Mentor implants?

On 20 October 2021, a general safety warning was issued about Mentor Smooth Round Saline implants. A small portion had a manufacturing defect, which could cause them to leak. Wellness Kliniek surgeons did not use these implants with manufacturing defects. Have you had Mentor implants placed elsewhere and have doubts about the quality? Then get checked and advised by a surgeon at Wellness Kliniek.

When to remove breast capsule when replacing breast implants?

Encapsulation causes the breasts to feel harder. It is not dangerous, but can cause pain. Fortunately, the risk of excessive encapsulation is not very high.

Excessive encapsulation may need to be removed when placing new breast implants. The surgeon at Wellness Kliniek will examine you first for this and remove the breast capsule during surgery if this is necessary replacing old breast implants.

Is breast implant replacement safe?

Breast implant revision is normally a low-risk operation. Moreover, the surgeons use the best brands of implants on the market and match the best implant based on your needs and physique.

The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek have a lot of experience and Wellness Kliniek Belgium has been number 1 in the list of best experience and plastic surgery clinics for years, according to (independent) research by WhatClinic.

Breast implant replacement? Make a no-obligation appointment!

Choosing whether you want or should replace your breast implants is a decision that is not taken lightly. That's why you always book a no-obligation consultation beforehand at Wellness Kliniek. In it, the surgeon will go through the options in detail.

Breast implant replacement or breast implant removal? Book your appointment now and get advice on the revision of your breasts.

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Top Surgeons

Our team of aesthetic surgeons are amongst the most experienced and qualified in their field. They will make sure that you are well-informed, offered honest advice, assured, comfortable and safe during every stage of your procedure. 

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More than 3000/year

With well over 3000 breast augmentations per year, our surgical team is among the most experienced in breast implant surgery worldwide. Because of our large number of patients, we can offer lower prices for the Monobloc Silicone SoftOne implant. 

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We make sure we put safety, expertise and patient satisfaction at the core of what we do. We consider it to be extremely important for you to be able to balance the risks and the expected results as well as possible. This is why you are always entitled to free preoperative consultations. 

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