Click Dentures

Click dentures

Tired of your loose dentures? Still need denture adhesive so you can eat comfortably and does it often fail to help? Do you dare laugh wholeheartedly without fear of your dentures falling out of your mouth? With ALL-ON-FOUR (implants) treatment you can abandon your dentures in no time and regain your self-confidence. 

Click dentures placed safely at Wellness Kliniek

If you have a procedure done on your teeth, you want to be sure you choose an established and trusted clinic. Wellness Kliniek is such a clinic. We use the most experienced dentists who have an eye for detail, who attach great importance to aesthetics and who work extremely safely. This way, you are guaranteed to get that radiant smile on your face again. You also enjoy practical teeth that allow you to continue chewing well.

What are click dentures?

Click dentures (also called snap-in dentures) are a smart solution for rotten teeth or as an alternative to dentures without a palate plate. You can choose from snap-in dentures for your upper jaw, lower jaw or full snap-in dentures. There are different types of snap-in dentures and at Wellness Kliniek, we use the most progressive method: the all-on-4 snap-in dentures. 

Any remaining teeth are removed and implants are placed. These are custom designed based on a 3D scan. After temporary emergency dentures, allowing the implants to grow well, the permanent snap-in dentures are attached to the implants. The all-on-4 snap-in dentures no longer need to be removed. The screwed porcelain bridge is so strong that chewing food remains easy.

What is the lifespan of click dentures?

How long do snap-in dentures last? Depending on the method of care, you can in any case assume you will benefit from them for at least 10 years without the need for replacement of the prosthesis. With the emphasis on ‘at least’ because in most cases, snap-in dentures last a lifetime. However, it can differ from person to person and in some cases, it is better to replace the prosthesis after several years. Our consulting doctor can advise you personally about this before you undergo the treatment.

What are the benefits of click dentures?

Snap-in dentures are anchored in the mouth by means of dental implants. The big advantage of this is that they remain very firmly secured, even if you chew hard foods. They are therefore a good alternative to traditional dentures.

Also, snap-in dentures are considered very comfortable. They are custom made and have no sharp edges that press against your gums. They don’t exert any pressure anyway (a feeling that is sometimes experienced with traditional dentures). In addition, your palate remains completely free with snap-in dentures, which also ensures you continue to have a maximum taste experience.

Of course, if you have healthy, natural teeth, there is no need for snap-in dentures, and if you only have a few bad teeth, a crown or dental implant may be a better option. But if (nearly all of) your teeth truly are in bad condition, snap-in dentures are an absolute must: comfortable and strong!

Drawbacks of snap-in dentures? The all-on-4 technique!

At Wellness Kliniek, we like to provide transparent and complete information, which means we also like to discuss the disadvantages of snap-in dentures. 

Some snap-in dentures need to be taken out and thoroughly cleaned every day. At Wellness Kliniek, we solve this drawback by opting for the all-on-4 technique. This means we use strong titanium screws to which we can permanently attach the snap-in dentures. Of course, good oral hygiene remains important, but this technique offers the best of the best in terms of ease of use. 

Furthermore, your mouth is prone to inflammation if the placement is not done in a safe manner. At Wellness Kliniek, we use experienced dentists who work according to the highest standards. This minimises the risk of complications.

When you have snap-in dentures, you can hardly tell the difference with natural teeth. A big plus is that with snap-in dentures, you always have nice and straight teeth. Curious about our previous results? Then view the before and after pictures of click dentures

Who would benefit from click dentures?

Click dentures are ideal for people who have few or no good teeth. In this case you could opt for the benefits of snap-in dentures, or dentures on implants. This is a more durable alternative to traditional dentures and also offers the advantage that you don’t have to take them out every day.

Click dentures may offer a solution, even if you already have traditional dentures. Many find this much easier and snap-in dentures also look very realistic, as if they are your real teeth. Sometimes, denture replacement may also be necessary, for example, if the bone volume in the jaws has decreased too much. 

Click dentures: the procedure

The treatment can be performed under local anaesthetic. Your new teeth are meticulously fitted on 4 to 6 implants to replace a complete dental arch. If the implants are fitted solidly enough in the jawbone in the beginning (immediately following the procedure), a fixed bridge can be fitted, temporarily, within 2 days. You often see an improvement in your comfort and quality of life very quickly.

After 6 months to a year, when the implants are fully bonded, the temporary bridge is replaced with a permanent one.

What to expect?

The swelling will increase slightly during the first three days after the procedure. After six days, the swelling gradually disappears. Any stitches will be removed during the second consultation, about a week later. After six months to a year, the implants are firmly seated in your jawbone. This is when your temporary teeth are replaced with the permanent ones.

The result? Permanent, non-removable dentures that are barely distinguishable from real teeth.

What are the costs of click dentures?

At Wellness Kliniek, we strive for transparent all-in prices, so you know in advance what to expect. The exact costs depend on your existing teeth and the specific procedure. To get an idea of the prices for snap-in dentures and the all-on-4 dental arch, you can view the current click dentures rates.

Book a no-obligation click dentures consultation at Wellness Kliniek

The choice for snap-in dentures is one you don’t make lightly. You may have considered alternatives or have been bothered by your current dentures for a while. You may just find it inconvenient that you have to put them back in and care for them every day. The reactions of our patients show that many are very happy with their final choice for snap-in dentures. You too can enjoy the benefits of snap-in dentures. 

Contact us and schedule a no-obligation, personal consultation. We will specifically look at the options for your teeth. This gives you direct insight into the exact treatment (which can differ from person to person, depending on the teeth) and the associated costs. After that, you can always decide whether you actually want to have snap-in dentures.

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Why choose Wellness Kliniek?

State of the Art Facility

Located in the heart of Genk, Wellness Kliniek is a state of the art aesthetic clinic with private operating facilities specialising in aesthetic treatments and surgery.  The Wellness Kliniek operates to the highest standards with highly qualified doctors, surgeons and dentists and skilled nursing staff. 

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Since it was founded in 1996, the Wellness Kliniek in Belgium has been one of the leading aesthetic surgery clinics in Europe, treating patients from around the world helping them live up to their aesthetic aspirations while guaranteeing excellent medical outcomes. We do not work with consultants or salespeople, you will only see the doctor that will treat you.

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Fair and transparent pricing (Fillers & Injectables)

Our prices are fair and transparent: we only charge the cost per injection or per unit of product. 
Some people need more filler per zone, others slightly less. Our doctors have an eye for detail and have the skill to subtly apply the different fillers. This is important, because it achieves the best result for you, plus you only pay for the number of units used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to obtain the final result?
We can usually fit an All-on-4 (with a temporary bridge) on 2 consecutive days (and often in a single day), so that you immediately obtain the desired result.