Booking and payment: practical questions

Booking and payment: practical questions

Welcome to the Wellness Kliniek! As a (potential) patient, we can imagine that you still have some questions. Our staff will be happy to answer them personally! We will guide you through the booking process from A to Z. Or perhaps your question is listed below. We have listed a number of frequently asked practical questions and their answers.

Booking a consultation

How can I book a consultation or online consultation?
When do I have to pay for my consultation?

Pay in advance: enjoy a discount! Book in advance through Wellness Kliniek's booking system and pay via the online payment invitation (payment link) in the email. Paying online in advance has the advantage of 50% discount on your consultation.

After the consultation: You can also pay at the clinic after your consultation with the doctor. The payment method is in cash or by card, namely VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or Bancontact. In this case, no discount is applicable.

How do I know if my consultation appointment has been booked?

You will receive a confirmation: You can book a consultation (on-site or online consultation) via the booking system of Wellness Kliniek or by phone. You will receive confirmation of your consultation booking via email. This will include the name of the surgeon with whom you have the consultation appointment, as well as the date and time. You can then choose whether to pay online (to benefit from the discount) or later at the clinic.

I did not receive a confirmation mail for the consultation, what should I do?

No confirmation received after booking your consultation? Check your spam inbox to be sure. Possibly the confirmation of the appointment for your consultation ended up there. If not, please contact us by phone at 0032 (0) - 89 32 95 00.

How do I know that my payment for the consultation has been received properly?

After you make a payment, we will send you a confirmation, confirmation of receipt, via the email address provided.

Can I book a second consultation after my first one?

Yes! If you have additional questions, you can book a second consultation free of charge. This can be with the same doctor or you can choose another doctor (free of charge).

Can I also ask questions over the phone as a consultation?

Of course, you can ask questions to our support center by phone. We help as best we can, but cannot give medical advice. A medical consultation can only be done with a doctor or surgeon. To properly assess your wishes and expectations, a personal consultation with your doctor is necessary.

Can I book an online consultation (video consultation)?

Yes! You can have an appointment on location in Genk, Belgium. If you live far away, an online consultation (or video consultation) may be an option for you. During the consultation, you can ask the doctor all your questions.

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Make an appointment

How can I book my appointment for a procedure or surgery after the consultation?

There are 3 ways to book a treatment:

  1. In the clinic: Immediately after the consultation, you can book an appointment for treatment at the reservation desk in the clinic.
  2. Online: Booking a procedure is also very easy online. After the consultation with the doctor, you will receive your invitation to book an appointment via email. This allows you to fix the date of the procedure. Click on the 'book now' button in the mail and you can immediately book an appointment for your treatment.
  3. Telephone: Prefer to call? We can also fix your appointment for a procedure or surgery over the phone. You can then pay online or by bank. Call us, we will be happy to help you.

Get in touch

How do I know my treatment / surgery appointment is booked?

You will receive a confirmation: You will receive an email from us, with the confirmation for the appointment. This will include the type of procedure, the performing doctor and date of the procedure.

Put the date of your treatment / surgery in your diary and keep the whole day free. We will let you know later at what time you should register at the clinic. Usually this is in the early morning or late morning.

Have you not yet paid? If you have not yet paid the booking fee, you must pay it before the appointment can be finally scheduled. Pay on time, our surgery lists fill up quickly.

After your deposit, you will receive a confirmation email that payment has been received.

I have not received confirmation of reservation
When will I know the time of my surgery / treatment?

The day before the surgery, we will start preparations. You will receive the exact time, the day before the surgery, when you need to sign in, at the clinic. We will let you know the exact time. In most cases, this is in the early morning or morning.

When can I go home?

We will let you know what time you will be ready on the day of your surgery so that your companion can come and pick you up. This is usually in the afternoon between 15h and 18h, depending on the surgery and the necessary aftercare.

Will I be called before the surgery / treatment?

Yes. We will call you the day before the surgery to go over the day of the surgery. We will also remind you to stay sober. If you have any personal questions, please ask. The Wellness Kliniek team will prepare the surgery thoroughly. We look forward to seeing you.

Do I have a reflection period after booking a procedure following my consultation?

Of course you have time for reflection. It is very important that you carefully think about the procedure. The rule is that the time between an initial consultation and the procedure is a minimum of two weeks.

Next Day Surgery Service

What is Next Day Surgery Service?

Next Day Surgery is a free service from Wellness Kliniek where the consultation and treatment take place within 48 hours. This saves the client travel time and travel costs. Book on time. This service is very popular and places are limited.

Read more about Next Day Surgery

When can I book Next Day Surgery Service?

We advise you to book an online consultation (video consult) with the treating doctor so that you can discuss all your questions. The doctor will also check whether you are a suitable candidate and whether we can meet your needs and expectations. After the online consultation, you can book an appointment for the Next Day Surgery Service.

How much should I pay in advance for the Next-Day-Surgery service?

You pay the reservation costs. Of course, you are not financially committed if, after the consultation on day 1 you decide that the procedure is not for you. If you (or your doctor) decide not to go ahead with the procedure after the clinic consultation, you will receive a full refund of the reservation costs.

Are there waiting lists for the Next Day Surgery service?

Yes. This service is very popular with our international clients. Book on time. Next Day Surgery places are limited and our surgery lists fill up quickly.

How can I book Next Day Surgery?

There are 2 ways to book a Next Day Surgery:

Online via booking platform: After the online consultation, you will receive an invitation to book a Next Day Surgery appointment online. Book in time. Places are limited.

Telephone: You can also contact us by phone so that we can schedule your Next Day Surgery appointment for you based on availability. Of course, you can indicate your preferences here.

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Payments at Wellness Kliniek

What are the payment options at Wellness Kliniek Belgium?
  • Cash up to a maximum of €3000 per operation, in cash
  • Bancontact, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa
  • Online via Mollie
  • By bank transfer
Do I need to pay a deposit to book a treatment / surgery?

Yes, you already pay for part of the treatment in advance. You make a down payment and then we schedule the treatment for you. This deposit will of course be deducted from the total amount of your surgery. After down payment, we reserve a place on our surgery lists and start preparations for your surgery.

How can I make the reservation deposit?

Very simple! There are 3 ways to fix your operation:

  • In the clinic: You can make your reservation immediately after the consultation. This can be done in the clinic at the reservation desk. You then pay after the consultation, at the clinic, by cash or card.
  • Online: You can also book and pay later, online. Follow the steps in the payment invitation, which you have received from us by email.
  • By bank transfer
When do I pay the remaining amount of the surgery?

Before the procedure: You always pay in advance, but it can also be done on the day itself.

When do I have to pay for the treatment / surgery?

Before receiving your surgery / treatment, the full amount must be paid. The deposit you made for the reservation will of course be deducted from the total amount of your procedure.

Paying for your surgery / treatment can be done in 3 ways:

  • Bank transfer: You can make the remaining payment via (online) bank transfer. Pay on time, as it sometimes takes several days for a bank to make the payment. Bring proof of your bank transfer to the clinic.
  • Online payment is also possible, via our website.
  • Pay at the clinic? Then you can pay by debit card or cash when you arrive at the clinic, before the operation is performed. Be careful not to exceed the legally allowed amounts for cash payments.
Which bank cards can I pay with at Wellness Kliniek?

At Wellness Kliniek Belgium, you can pay with VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and Bancontact.

Can I pay in cash at Wellness Kliniek?

Yes, of course you can pay in cash, as long as we follow the legal rules.

In Belgium, the maximum amount you can pay in cash is limited to 3000 euros for the total amount of the purchase. This means that for purchases above 3000 euros, the remaining amount must be paid by other means, such as by bank or debit card.

Can I pay via bank transfer at Wellness Kliniek?

Yes, you can. You can make a reservation for treatment and make the payment via bank transfer. Once we receive the money, the agreed surgery date is fixed. Pay in time! Our surgery lists fill up quickly!

If we receive your payment later than agreed, the chosen treatment date may no longer be available. In that case, we can discuss a new date.

What is your bank account number?

The IBAN account number for your bank transfer to Wellness Kliniek Belgium is BE03 4530 2988 5184. Please mention the patient's name + date of the treatment in the description field of the payment.

Wellness Kliniek, Grotestraat 42, 3600 Genk, Belgium

IBAN: BE03 4530 2988 5184

Can I pay in instalments or parts at Wellness Kliniek?

Yes, you can pay in instalments at Wellness Kliniek. Each month, you can transfer a certain amount to us (build up a piggy bank). When you have saved up the full amount, the treatment can take place. Would you rather take out financing (a loan)? That is also possible.

Check financing options

Can I get financing for surgery?

Yes, you can apply for financing, for example from your bank or another credit organisation such as Cosmetic Finance.

So you can opt for cosmetic surgery from as little as €50 a month. We have collected all tips and options for financing on one handy page: financing.

Read all about financing your surgery

What is the difference between financing and payment by instalments?

With payment in instalments, you deposit a monthly amount with Wellness Kliniek. Only when you have saved up the full amount will you schedule the procedure. So you have to wait for the procedure until the full amount has been paid by yourself.

With financing, you take a loan from an external lender. Here, the cost of the surgery is paid for you, and you pay back a monthly amount (repayment + interest) to the lender. So you don't have to wait for the surgery because you are using a loan.

Other questions

Where can I find more information about treatments?

On our website, you can easily click through to the desired treatment. For each treatment, you will find a detailed description of the procedure and aftercare. We have also included frequently asked questions. Do you have additional questions? Then feel free to contact us.

Ask a question

Where can I find before and after photos of cosmetic surgery?
How much does the procedure I want to book cost?

Wellness Kliniek is transparent about its prices, so you can immediately see what your treatment will cost. Our price lists are online and can be accessed via our website. Prices are all-in, including surgery, admission, anaesthesia, materials, our aftercare and 21% VAT. Please note! Our price lists are updated monthly. Prices are therefore valid for a limited period.

We have collected all costs for treatments. Click through to the desired procedure via our overview of plastic surgery prices.

Plastic surgery prices

Where can I see your patients' experiences?
What are your sales conditions?

We have listed the most important issues regarding payment on this page. Please read the sales conditions before booking a treatment for full information. When you make a payment for a reservation for any of Wellness Kliniek services, you automatically agree to the terms in our sales terms, to be found on our website.

Read the sales conditions