When thinking about a gastric surgery procedure, make sure you inquire as much information as possible about the clinic and the procedures. At Wellness Kliniek, we always make sure we put safety, expertise and patient satisfaction at the core of what we do.

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Gastric Bypass Details:

  • Surgery: 2 hours
  • General anaesthesia
  • Incision: 10 - 15 cm
  • Overnight stay: 2 nights
  • Recovery: 10 - 15 days
  • Bandages: post-op belt

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Suitable candidates for gastric bypass

The gastric bypass operation is particularly suitable for people who still haven’t lost their excess weight despite having tried numerous diets and who especially love confectionery, pasta, and sugar-rich drinks.

Your BMI must be 30 in order to qualify for this surgery. If your BMI is higher than 40 (women) or 45 (men), then this operation is not suitable for you, because it is technically too complicated. 

Gastric bypass procedure

The stomach bypass operation according to Fobi (also known as the Fobi gastric bypass or the Fobi pouch) is the most commonly performed weight loss surgery and is safe and efficient. With a gastric bypass, the surgeon reduces the capacity of the stomach to about the size of an egg. During the procedure the volume of this new stomach is measured, this volume also determines subsequent weight loss. A ring is also placed around this new stomach (a Fobi ring) generally with an internal diameter of 6.5cm which ensures that the new stomach doesn’t begin to expand in the long term, resulting in weight gain.

Then the surgeon takes the small intestine and connects it to the new small stomach (pouch). He also reconnects the duodenum to the small intestine so that the necessary digestive juices, 100cm further along, are added to the food.

This new connection – of the duodenum with the small intestine ensures that the stomach juices, gall and pancreatic juices can be mixed with the food. This is necessary for a normal, healthy digestion.

What to expect?

In the first year following your operation, you will lose between 60 – 70% of your excess weight. You will lose most of your excess weight during the first few months after surgery. 

This procedure can cure diabetes or at least the vast majority of the complaints associated with it will disappear. A Gastric Bypass ensures that you will eat less and more healthy afterward as the foods you will tolerate best of all are fruit and vegetables.

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Our strengths

Top Surgeons

Our team of aesthetic surgeons are amongst the most experienced and qualified in their field. They will make sure that you are well-informed, offered honest advice, assured, comfortable and safe during every stage of your procedure. 

State of the Art Facility

Located in the heart of Genk, Wellness Kliniek is a state of the art aesthetic clinic with private operating facilities specialising in aesthetic treatments and surgery.  The Wellness Kliniek operates to the highest standards with highly qualified doctors, surgeons and dentists and skilled nursing staff. 

Excellent Service

We make sure we put safety, expertise and patient satisfaction at the core of what we do. We consider it to be extremely important for you to be able to balance the risks and the expected results as well as possible. This is why you are always entitled to free preoperative consultations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welche Art von Gewichtsverlustchirurgie verwenden Sie?
We use the most safe and effective FOBI method for Gastric Bypass Surgery. This is is by far the preferred procedure for weight loss.

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