Are you considering having a gastric bypass operation? Wellness Kliniek is a clinic that can do that for you. Safety is our number 1 priority, so you can rest assured that our experienced surgeons will perform the operation with due expertise. The operation is done with the smallest possible incision, so as to ensure a speedy recovery.

Of course, opting for a gastric bypass is not a decision you make overnight. Besides, alternative weight loss surgeries are available that may suit you better, such as a gastric sleeve. At Wellness Kliniek, we always discuss everything with you in detail first, to see which procedure best suits your wishes and body.

Price: 6100

Gastric Bypass Details:

  • Surgery: 1-2 hours
  • General anaesthesia
  • Incision: 4 scars smaller than 1 cm and 1 scar of 3-5 cm
  • Stay: 1 night
  • Recovery: 2 weeks
  • Bandages: 5 post-operative adhesive plasters

Who is a gastric bypass intended for?

If you are overweight and, for example, suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol or repeated heartburn, a gastric bypass will help in most cases.

This procedure is particularly suitable for people who, despite repeated diets, are struggling to lose their excess weight. It is especially useful for people who are addicted to sweets, pasta and sugary drinks.

When do you qualify to have your stomach reduced through gastric bypass surgery? In addition to carrying a certain amount of excess weight, you must also be in good condition to be able to undergo the operation.

The consulting physician will always examine this from person to person. Furthermore, we also check whether a gastric bypass is the best procedure for you, or whether other types of stomach reductions may suit you better (e.g. a gastric sleeve).

Gastric bypass: the procedure

A gastric bypass is a common weight loss procedure and is extremely safe and efficient. The operation takes 1 to 2 hours and is performed under general anaesthetic.

Through this operation, the volume of the stomach is reduced to the size of a shot glass, with a volume of 15 to 25 ml. Only four one-centimetre incisions and one three-centimetre incision are made in the abdomen.

Then a small gastric reservoir and a new gastric outlet are created. Using small staples, we ensure that this part no longer connects to the rest of the stomach. The new small opening of the stomach prevents the stomach from emptying too quickly (dumping syndrome).

Because of these two adjustments, the food will make you feel satiated quicker and for longer. You will eat less, which will make you lose weight. The food immediately enters the small intestine through the small gastric outlet. After this, it no longer passes through the rest of the stomach and duodenum. This part is thus bridged or "bypassed".

The end of the duodenum is reconnected to the small intestine, 150 cm beyond the connection of the new stomach to the part of the small intestine. This new connection ensures that necessary digestive juices are added to the food. This is needed to ensure normal and healthy digestion.

Once the procedure is complete, 5 post-operative adhesive plasters are applied as a bandage. You will be closely monitored and stay the night at Wellness Kliniek. The largest part of your recovery will be within the first two weeks, but you must still take it easy for the first three to six weeks. Recovery periods differs from person to person and Wellness Kliniek will always advise you well.

Note: this procedure concerns a standard gastric bypass operation. If a mini gastric bypass suits you better, the surgeon will advise you accordingly. If you opt for a mini gastric bypass (omega loop bypass), the shape of the stomach is adjusted slightly differently and you’ll only have one attachment to the small intestine. This operation takes a little less time, but in the long run increases the return of bile to the stomach. Therefore, a standard bypass operation will be the best choice in most cases.

What to expect after a gastric bypass?

After a gastric bypass, you will start eating smaller portions than before. As a result, you’ll ultimately lose 70 to 80% of your excess weight. The absorption of fats is limited and you’ll feel satiated for longer. Which is a good thing, so you don’t have to crave for food so much like you used to!

After the procedure, Wellness Kliniek offers post-operative support. This allows us to closely monitor your recovery. Usually, you’ll be invited back for consultations after 1, 2, 3 and 6 months. Each time, we discuss the next step to ‘your new lifestyle’. We’ll discuss all your questions and any uncertainties you may have. All steps will of course also be presented to you prior to the procedure and during the first consultation.

How much does a gastric bypass cost?

At Wellness Kliniek, we aim to make people feel good about themselves. By using effective and safe methods, we can organise the operation times as efficiently as possible, which at the same time promotes faster recovery times.

We offer transparent all-in prices, including surgery, overnight stay and the necessary aftercare. This way, you know in advance what you can expect in terms of costs. Click here for our current gastric bypass prices.

Gastric Bypass NOW 6100
Stomach reduction: Sleeve Gastrectomy NOW 6000
Supplement: Stomach reduction comfort package 1100

Gastric Bypass prices

Book a no-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek

Before making a final decision on having a gastric bypass or other form of stomach reduction, you must of course always talk to a Wellness Kliniek specialist. Such a consultation is an opportunity to discuss all your expectations and wishes. After that, you can always decide whether or not you want to go ahead with the stomach reduction.

Book your no-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek now and go get that healthier lifestyle and body that you’ve been dreaming of!

What is a gastric bypass?

A gastric bypass (GBP operation) is a weight loss procedure that reduces the size of the stomach and creates a bypass of the small intestine. This changes the way in which food is digested and diverts digestive juices. As a result, not all calories are absorbed into your body any more. In addition, the stomach reduction allows you to tolerate less food, making you eat less. All this causes you to lose weight.

Stop being overweight!

If all that dieting and sports haven’t brought you the desired result, a gastric bypass may well be the solution for you. If you look at gastric bypass before and after photos, it soon becomes clear that the issue of being overweight disappears in no time. With a gastric bypass, you can expect to lose on average 70 to 80% of your excess weight.

Weight loss schedule after a gastric bypass?

After the procedure, you don’t instantly lose all your excess weight in a day, you progress in phases. Fortunately, you will soon notice the difference and in the beginning, you can expect to shed up to a kilogramme per week. This process continues for about one to two years, after which most patients will have reached their lowest weight.

After a few years, you may gain some weight again, because you unconsciously change your eating patterns. Gaining a few kilos is usually not a bad thing, but make sure you continue your healthy diet and keep exercising.

Gastric bypass or gastric sleeve?

Many wonder what the difference is between a gastric bypass and a gastric sleeve. A gastric sleeve only reduces the size of your stomach, whereas a gastric bypass, as the name implies, involves the creation of a bypass. What is a bypass? It is a bypass of the small intestine, which is created surgically.

This affects the digestive system and that makes a gastric bypass particularly suitable for people who tend to suffer from acid indigestion or acid reflux. This method of surgery is also often recommended for patients suffering from diabetes or high cholesterol.

Are you only overweight and do not suffer from any other medical issues? In that case, preference is likely to be given to a gastric sleeve. Wellness Kliniek can do this for you as well. However, you don’t have to make the choice entirely yourself, because our specialists will work with you to determine which procedure suits you best.

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