Eyelid Correction Prices

Eyelid surgery is a popular treatment. Check out the eyelid surgery prices. From upper eyelids and lower eyelids to a complete eyelid correction, see the transparent costs in our price table. Eyelid surgery costs at Wellness Kliniek are all-inclusive, including VAT.

Consultation Eyelid correction 60
Consultation Eyelid correction - Booked online 30
Upper eyelids
Upper eyelid correction (local anaesthesia) 1495
Upper eyelid correction (anesthesia) 1950
Asian eyes (local anaesthesia) 1995
Asian eyes (anaesthesia) 2495
Lower eyelids
Lower eyelid correction(local anaesthesia) 1550
Lower eyelid correction(anesthesia) 2100
Puffiness removal - without scar (anesthesia) 2100
Upper and lower eyelid surgery and puffiness removal (local anaesthesia) 2695
Lower eyelid correction and puffiness removal (anaesthesia) 3300
Lower eyelid correction with lipofilling (local anaesthesia) 2750
Lower eyelid surgery with lipofilling (anesthesia) 3450
Upper and lower eyelid combination
Upper and lower eyelid combination (local anaesthesia) 1950
Upper and lower eyelid combination (anaesthetic) 2450
Upper and lower eyelid surgery and puffiness removal (anaesthesia) 3450
Overnight stay in private room 250
Private room 120

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All prices are valid till 31/07/2024. All prices are including VAT.

What does eyelid surgery cost?

Possibly an eyelid correction (blepharoplasty) is something for you. To give you an initial insight into eyelid correction costs, we have posted a transparent price table above.

At Wellness Kliniek, all-inclusive treatment prices include not only the surgery itself, but also all pre- and post-operative care, such as consultations, any necessary aftercare, and all clinic-related costs. Transparent pricing ensures that patients have no hidden costs to expect and can count on a full, high-quality service from start to finish.

Price eyelid surgery at Wellness Kliniek

Wellness Kliniek aims to provide affordable surgery so that eyelid surgery is within reach for as many people as possible. This sought-after procedure is popular both from an aesthetic point of view and for practical purposes.

Find out the price of eyelid surgery on this page. Compare prices across Europe and research what is included in the price before investing in eyelid surgery. Book a consultation and plan an eyelid correction tailored to your unique needs and budget.

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Cost eyelid surgery types: which one suits me?

As you can see from the price table, prices differ for each type of eyelid correction. Which one is best for you is determined in consultation with the consulting doctor.

  • Upper eyelid correction: an upper eyelid correction involves removing excess skin and fat. In this, the scar falls into the crease, making it barely visible. It is a good option if the eyelids feel heavy, the skin is saggy and thick or even if your vision is obstructed by drooping eyelids. Also suitable for adding an arcade arch in so-called Asian eyes.
  • Lower eyelid correction: in a lower eyelid correction, the incision is made just below the edge of the eyelashes, making the scars almost invisible. This is a suitable procedure if you have thickening under the eyes or just sagging skin. Sometimes lipofilling (without incision) offers sufficient relief for correction of the lower eyelids.
  • Combination lower and upper eyelid correction: should the procedure be desirable both below and above the eyes for best results, we will discuss this option with you. If you have puffiness, we will also correct it immediately.
  • Eyebrow lift: if the eyebrows have sagged a lot, in some cases an eyebrow lift is a better choice. This procedure is also often combined with an upper eyelid correction.

Eyelid surgery price for women and men

The eyelid correction price and quality of care means that both women and men know how to find the clinic for eye correction.

Before starting the treatment, we take photos so that the final result can be seen clearly later. Afterwards, the surgeon draws the eyelids accurately.

Then the surgeon can get to work on the actual procedure. This involves giving you the right type of anaesthetic and removing hanging skin, muscle and fat and reconstructing them where necessary. The wounds are sutured with fine thread and covered with plasters, or Tissucol (adhesive adhesive) where necessary. You will be given an ice pack to cool your eyes and relieve any pain. After treatment, you may go home immediately.

You can find more information about the procedure on our general eyelid correction page.

Great results with eyelid surgery!

The ISO quality label is your best guarantee of eyelid correction results from a clinic or plastic surgeon. The results are independently assessed through patient satisfaction analyses. After your eyelid correction, it will take about 2 months before the final results are visible.

So it is not surprising if you are not yet completely satisfied with the looks right after the procedure, because that is going to change. The scar will fade after about 3 months. After treatment, you will receive instructions on aftercare. Follow these carefully so that recovery is as successful as possible.

Curious about results possible with plastic surgery eyes? Then take a look at the eyelid correction before and after photos.

Eyelid correction costs Belgium: Next Day Surgery

Wellness Kliniek offers ISO 9001 quality assurance and is known for reasonable eyelid correction costs and excellent patient experiences. The clinics in Belgium and Barcelona receive people from all over the world. Therefore, both clinics offer a unique Next Day Surgery Service, where consultation and treatment take place within 48 hours (consecutive days). This saves travel time and costs as a client. This service is 100% free and optional to request.

More about Next Day Surgery

Cost of eyelid correction on credit

If you dream of an eyelid correction and want to save for it, you can set up your own piggy bank free of charge through Wellness Kliniek. Each month, you deposit an amount of your choice. As soon as you have the eyelid correction price together, we will call you and schedule your treatment.

Would you like to pay off the cost of eyelid surgery monthly? You can. Applying for eyelid surgery financing is also among the options. Take a look at Cosmetic Finance or inquire with another lender.

All inclusive

Our prices are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic and all aftercare following the procedure.

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Book your appointment 24/7 with our online booking and payment tool and get a 50% discount on your consultation. 

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Free procedure if any problems occur within a year of the original operation being performed. Also, any additional intake consultation is free of charge. 

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No obligation eyelid correction consultation at Wellness Kliniek

As you can see from our transparent table of eyelid correction prices, the final cost depends on the chosen procedure. Of course, you don't have to make that choice yourself; the specialists at Wellness Kliniek will advise you personally. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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