Find out the prices of the different types of facelift treatments at Wellness Kliniek. We deliberately choose transparency in our pricing, with facelift costs all-inclusive, including VAT.

An overview of the costs for a mini facelift, MACS facelift (possibly combined with MACS neck lift), Deep Plane Facelift with SMAS correction (optionally with SMAS neck correction) can be found in the price table.

Consultation Facelift 60
Consultation Facelift - Booked online 30
Mini Facelift 4995
MACS Facelift 6295
MACS Facelift + Neck lift 7100
Deep Plane Facelift SMAS 9250
Deep Plane Facelift SMAS + neck lift 12950
Overnight stay in private room 250

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All prices are valid till 30/06/2024. All prices are including VAT.

What does a facelift cost?

Are you considering having a facelift and curious about the facelift costs? At Wellness Kliniek, we strive to be transparent about the prices, which is why we have put the rates in one handy overview for you. The facelift costs include precaution, aftercare, anaesthetics and VAT.

Facelift costs at Wellness Kliniek

As you can see in the price list, the facelift prices depend on the type of facial procedure chosen. Check it out above or contact us for more information on the procedure that suits you. Because of course, you don't have to make the choice for a particular type of facelift yourself. The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek will advise you in detail based on your wishes and the possibilities. Want to find out more about the procedure? Then read on about the facelift treatment.

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Types of facelift costs: which option suits me?

One face is not like another, which means that a face lift is truly customised. With attention to every detail, based on the degree of skin sagging, the doctor determines the ideal facelift. Each patient receives a unique treatment for natural and rejuvenating results.

Explore various types of facelift such as the Mini S-lift, MACS lift and SMAS facelift, three forms of facelifts designed for specific needs and results:

  • Mini facelift cost (S-lift or weekend facelift): Wellness Kliniek has very competitive rates for this type of facelift. Of all face lifts, the mini facelift price is the lowest, it is the least invasive facelift and within a week you resume daily activities. Mini therefore refers to the short recovery period and minimal scarring.
    Mainly popular among young women. The average age at Wellness Kliniek is 44.
  • MACS facelift cost: a popular facelift at Wellness Kliniek due to its excellent results and favourable prices. A MACS facelift differs from the mini facelift and focuses on tightening the jawline, while a mini facelift is a day treatment for general tightening of the centre of the face. The MACS facelift is regularly combined with a MACS neck lift.
    Mainly popular with over-50s, as it is effective for sagging skin and facial muscles.
  • Deep Plane Facelift with SMAS correction cost: Find out the facelift cost for the Deep Plane method with SMAS correction. A Deep Plane facelift with SMAS correction is the most comprehensive type of facelift, where the surgeon repositions deep tissues for thorough facial rejuvenation and firming
    You are a good candidate for a Deep Plane lift with SMAS correction if you have deep wrinkles, sagging skin and facial muscles. The SMAS facelift is often combined (optionally) with a SMAS neck lift.
    Mainly popular among over-55s. The average age at Wellness Kliniek is 59.

Feel young again with a facelift!

Discover affordable options for a facelift and make sure that face radiates how you feel. A facelift will let you shine the way you'd like again. The doctors at Wellness Kliniek go for a natural result, giving you a fresher eye look and tighter skin. In a natural way, of course, so it looks good - and therefore not 'made-up'. Compare prices of facelift surgery and read others' experiences to discover the most affordable and quality facelift options.

Price facelift Belgium: Next Day Surgery

Proven results are why patients travel far for facelift surgery. Expertise, quality, and personalised care from reputable clinics are demonstrable through ISO quality certification, an international standard for safety and proven results.

Wellness Kliniek offers cheap facelift prices and ISO 9001 quality. We like to make aesthetic surgery accessible. Discover an affordable, ideal facelift with top quality. View patient reviews for reliable information and a cost-effective choice. At Wellness Kliniek, we select the best surgeons who have the required specialisation. We are proud of 25 years of excellent patient experience and always go for the best results!

Not for nothing do we receive patients from all over the world at Wellness Kliniek. We therefore optionally offer the FREE Next Day Surgery Service. Here, consultation and surgery take place on two consecutive days, saving the client travel time and costs.

Cost of facelift on credit

At Wellness Kliniek, we offer you the option of setting up a piggy bank. You deposit a monthly amount and once you have saved up the facelift price, we will call you to schedule the procedure. The amount you deposit is up to you.

You can also apply for financing for your facelift. This can be done with an external lender such as Cosmetic Finance, where you can repay the facelift costs in instalments.

No-obligation facelift consultation Wellness Kliniek

With all your questions, doubts and selecting the best facelift procedure for your face, you can come to us. The plastic surgeon will be happy to inform you in detail, so you know exactly what to expect and what the final (mini) facelift price is that belongs to the specific procedure. A facelift is tailor-made, and the doctors at Wellness Kliniek always go for the best result!

All inclusive

Our prices are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic and all aftercare following the procedure.

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