The Wellness Kliniek makes every effort to ensure that the information on this site is up to date and accurate. However, all items are subject to change in light of new clinical evidence and research.

The Wellness Kliniek site cannot provide specific information or diagnosis to individuals about their condition or treatment. The Wellness Kliniek site can only give general information and is not intended to replace a person to person consultation.

Under no circumstances may the information provided on this website be considered as personal information. The information, illustrations and photographs are exclusively provided to illustrate general medical applications and their limitations, and cannot replace a personal consultation with the doctor. The information provided on this website is accurate, objective, relevant, verifiable, discreet and unambiguous.

Medical diagnosis, surgeries and treatments take place at the Wellness Kliniek clinic after a person to person consultation with the patient and the doctor.

The Wellness-Kliniek has taken measures to secure this site for patient confidentiality. However, with today's rapidly accelerating technology, hackers -as with every Internet site- are always a threat. Confidential information could be sent by post or by fax.

Pictures of our patients are never published without written consent. If so desired, pictures are protected against duplication on the World Wide Web.

Under no circumstances may the photographs displayed on this website be considered as personal information. The photographs are exclusively for medical use. They represent scientific documentation, intended to illustrate medical possibilities and applications in the field of plastic surgery. Scientific documentation is always compiled with a before and after scenario. The photographs are not retouched. They provide a visual image of medical possibilities and limitations.

Many before and after photographs come from unprotected sources, floating on the www. These pictures you may also find on other sites. They will give information on the result that could be obtained, also in the Wellness Kliniek.

Wherever applicable we have indicated the type of treatment we would suggest in order to achieve the relevant result in the Wellness Kliniek. This will enable you to then refer to the relevant written sections for the details in general terms of indications, treatment, recovery, complications and social impact. For your individual situation, professional consultation remains paramount under all circumstances.