Breast Augmentation with Own Fat

Breast augmentation with own fat

This natural breast enlargement consists of reinjecting your own fat into your breasts to increase breast volume. It is a natural method, without breast implants, essentially a breast augmentation without surgery.
With breast lipofilling (lipo=fat) you can gain up to one cup size. If you want to gain more than 1 cup size, lipofilling is insufficient and breast augmentation with breast implants may be a better solution.

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Lipofilling Breasts Basics

  • Surgery: 90 minutes
  • Sleep sedation
  • Incision: 3 mm
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 4 - 7 days
  • 6 Weeks compression bra

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Suitable candidates for a natural breast augmentation

A lipofilling breast augmentation is mainly used for patients that desire a small breast enhancement with a natural result. If you prefer a natural filler instead of an artificial implant then lipofilling offers you the perfect solution.
If the breasts are clearly asymmetrical then lipofilling can achieve the perfect balance.

Obviously a certain quantity of fat is necessary to achieve a beautiful result. This is preferably harvested from the abdomen, the legs or the hips.

Natural breast augmentation procedure

Lipofilling is an alternative treatment to traditional breast augmentation with implants.

During this procedure, the surgeon collects fat cells from other parts of the body, mostly the abdomen, legs or hips, to filter and re-inject the leanest fat into the breasts to slightly increase the volume.

It is an all-natural method of breast augmentation without any added substances.

Fat cells are harvested from an area where there is too much fat. The harvested fat cells are purified and any fluid or blood is removed. Damaged cells are carefully extracted so that only intact, living cells remain.

The intact cells are then inserted, in very small amounts, through ten or so fine channels under the skin. This means that the transplanted fat cells benefit from maximum contact with all the surrounding tissue: skin, muscle and cartilage. The surrounding tissue ensures that the transplanted fat cells receive adequate supplies of oxygen and nutrients so they settle in as best as possible.

What to expect?

It is possible that the area will be swollen and a little bruised, a cold pack or icepack will provide relief. The swelling and bruising will gradually subside in the days following the treatment.

In general, this procedure involves few complications. The fat is the body's own and therefore 100% bio-compatible. If an infection does occur after the procedure a course of antibiotics will solve the problem.

The initial result is immediately visible after the procedure. You will need to wait three months to obtain a permanent result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a new procedure?
Yes. The new technique involves the harvested fat being carefully purified before being re-injected into the body. The modern purification technique ensures that only intact and therefore living fat cells are transferred. This means that the result is far more accurate and permanent.
Are the results permanent?
Yes. It takes a few weeks before the small blood vessels have established themselves again in the breast, which means that some fat cells will not receive any nutrients and will therefor die off. The original volume will decrease slightly. The cells that are still alive after three months will be permanent.
How many treatments are required?
Usually a single treatment is adequate but you must take into account that a repeat treatment may be necessary.
Is it possible to obtain 1 cup larger?
Yes. Your breasts van be enhanced by between 1 and 1,5 cups. It is possible that 2 or 3 treatments are required to achieve the desired result. If you would like a larger enhancement then it is better to choose a breast prosthesis.
Can I wear a bra after the procedure?
Yes. After the treatment the breasts need adequate support. This is why the surgeon advises wearing a special sports bra for six weeks or so. Then you can wear any bra you like.
Can I combine a liposuction with a breast lipofilling?
Yes. Both procedures can be performed during the same session. Most people combine a breast lipofilling with liposuction on one or lore areas.Your silhouette will look considerably more beautiful as a result.
Do I pay extra for the liposuction?
Yes. Harvesting fat is not the same as liposuction treatment on a certain area of the body. If you would like to have liposuction performed then you must pay extra., The fat cells removed during liposuction are purified and used for your lipofilling.
Do I pay extra for the fat harvesting?
No. Harvesting the fat cells is included in the price. You only pay extra if you want liposculpture treatment or liposuction of the abdomen, belly or tights.
Is the procedure painful?
No. The procedure can be performed under a local anesthetic combined with intravenous sedation or under a general anesthetic.

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