Lipofilling breasts / Breast augmentation with your own fat

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Would you like to have a natural breast augmentation? This involves injecting your own fat into your breasts to increase their volume, without breast implants. With lipofilling (fat grafting), it is perfectly possible to increase the size of your breasts by one cup size.

Do you want, in one treatment, more than one cup size larger? Then breast augmentation with implants is a better solution for you. Below, we tell you more about the possibilities of breast lipofilling and discuss the choice between breast augmentation without implants or with them.

Price: 3795

Lipofilling Breasts Basics

  • Surgery: 90 minutes
  • Sleep sedation
  • Incision: 3 mm
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 4 - 7 days
  • 6 Weeks compression bra

Lipofilling breasts in Belgium

If you want lipofilling breasts and a natural breast augmentation method, choose a clinic with an internationally recognised quality label and experienced surgeons.

Aesthetic breast procedures have been part of Wellness Kliniek's specialism for more than 25 years. Through independent research by WhatClinic, Wellness Kliniek has been voted number 1 European clinic with excellent patient experiences for plastic surgery and breast augmentation.

Lipofilling breasts before and after photos

Safe breast augmentation using your own fat at Wellness Kliniek

Filling breasts with fat is also known as lipofilling. With breast augmentation by own fat, fat cells are taken from other parts of the body, purified and injected into the breasts. Breast augmentation with your own fat is safe. The doctor only transplants fat cells from your own body. We purify these well before injecting them into your breasts.

Breast augmentation by your own fat provides about 200 cc to 250 cc, per breast, of volume enlargement in 1 treatment session.

Breast augmentation with your own fat or implants?

Lipofilling of the breasts has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it is a body's own substance, so your body is already familiar with it and will not reject it. The disadvantage is that the cup size can only be increased one size, whereas with breast augmentation with implants you can achieve any cup size.

During a no-obligation consultation, we will discuss the options with you so that you can make an informed choice as to which suits you better: breast lipofilling or breast augmentation with implants.

Breast Augmentation with own fat prices

What does breast lipofilling cost?

The price of breast lipofilling depends on the number of liposuction zones needed to achieve the desired result. The aim is to inject at least 200 cc - 250 cc of pure fat cells per breast. This requires the surgeon to harvest about 600 cc to 800 cc of fat with liposuction. With 200 cc, you gain ½ to 1 cup size, depending on your breast size.

You pay the cost of liposuction (fat removal) and of fat grafting to your breasts (adding fat).

At Wellness Kliniek, we aim to make breast augmentation affordable for everyone, whether with your own fat or implants. We apply all-in rates, i.e. including proper precaution, aftercare, anaesthesia and VAT. You will always receive a transparent cost overview in advance.

Liposuction: 1st symmetrical zone 1295
Supplement: Breast augmentation with own fat Supplement to liposuction 1 region 2500

Lipofilling breasts prices

Can I get financing for my Breast Augmentation with Own Fat?

At the Wellness Kliniek you can pay in installments. We offer financing for your Breast Augmentation with Own Fat. No small print, no paperwork. Process the credit 100% online, from your mobile or computer. Receive it in your account in less than 24 hours once approved. Choose the installment that best suits your needs.

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Enlarging breasts with Next Day Surgery Service

Wellness Kliniek receives many international clients. We therefore offer the optional Next Day Surgery Service. Here, consultation and treatment take place on consecutive days. A well-coordinated service that saves the client travel time. This service is free of charge.

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Frequently asked questions about lipofilling of breasts

We understand that you have many questions about breast augmentation with your own fat and choosing this procedure. Who knows, you may have doubts about whether it suits you, or you may be better off opting for implants. Below, we present you with the most frequently asked questions. Additional questions or curious about what is feasible for your body? Then schedule a no-obligation consultation.

What does lipofilling mean?

Lipo means fat. Filling means padding. Lipofilling is a medical treatment in which body's own fat is used to add volume in another place where it is desired, such as in the breasts, buttocks, face.

Is breast augmentation possible without surgery?

Because breast lipofilling is a procedure where only your own fat is used, it is also known as the natural breast augmentation without surgery. It is important to know that an incision is made to perform the treatment, although it is minimal (3 mm). Also, you will be given a light sleep anaesthetic.

How many cc of fat is needed for lipofilling of breasts?

Lipofilling allows the surgeon to inject 200 cc to 250 cc of fat into each breast. About 70% of these fat cells grow in. That means you are left with less than 200cc of volume per breast. 200cc, depending on your breast circumference, is usually a little less than 1 cup size.

To be left with 400cc-500cc of purified fat cells, the surgeon will harvest 600cc-800cc of fat in a place where you have enough fat, such as the abdomen or thighs. In very slim ladies, this option is not always available. During a no-obligation consultation, the surgeon will discuss the options with you and suggest the best treatment options to you.

Why lipofilling breast surgery?

Lipofilling or breast augmentation with your own fat is the ideal solution if you want to have a small breast augmentation done naturally, both in terms of method and aesthetic result. After all, no artificial implant is used, but body's own fat. Even if your breasts are asymmetrical, lipofilling can be a good way to rebalance them.

An additional advantage is that you can also have fat removed from problem areas, so you combine two procedures in one treatment.

Alternative silicone implants: breast augmentation with your own fat is mainly chosen by women who prefer not to have implants inside.

Who is breast augmentation with your own fat suitable for?

A certain amount of fat is needed to achieve a beautiful result with breast lipofilling. The fat preferably comes from the abdominal area, legs or hips. Breast augmentation own fat is therefore suitable if you have excess fat on other parts of the body and want a small natural breast augmentation.

For enlarging the breasts by several cup sizes, breast augmentation with own fat is less suitable. For that, we recommend breast augmentation with implants.

Can I choose the cup size for breast augmentation with own fat?

With breast augmentation with own fat, the cup size can be increased one cup size. For example, you can go from cup A to cup B, from cup B to cup C, and so on. For example, do you want to go from cup A to C without surgery? So that is not possible (with one treatment). In that case, breast augmentation with implants is a better choice.

Where do we get the fat for breast augmentation with your own fat?

The fat used in breast augmentation with fat comes from your own body. This has the great advantage that it is a body's own substance, so you can be sure it will not be rejected. We take the fat from other body parts where you have excess fat.

In most cases, these are legs, hips and abdomen, but other body parts are also possible. Of course, we will discuss with you beforehand where you would like to lose fat and whether this is an option for lipofilling.

Can I choose where lipofilling fat is taken from?

Yes and no. You may of course indicate a preference, but there must be enough fat to fill the breasts with. During a consultation, the doctor will inform you personally and the options will be discussed.

How does lipofilling of the breasts work?

During this procedure, the surgeon takes fat from other body parts to then inject the purified fat back into the breasts. This way, you get slightly more volume.

It is an all-natural breast augmentation without any other additives. The fat cells are 'harvested' from the areas where you have a little too much fat. We do this with liposuction. These cells are then purified. Any other fluid, including blood, is removed from them.The damaged cells are carefully removed so that only the living cells remain.

We then inject these intact cells with lipofilling, in small amounts, into a dozen cannulas under the skin. This gives the transplanted fat cells optimal contact with the surrounding breast tissue. This is because the tissue ensures that the transplanted fat cells get the necessary oxygen and other nutrients to settle, so that they can grow in properly.

Recovery lipofilling breast augmentation, what can I expect?

Your breasts may be a little swollen and a little bruised after the procedure. In this case, a coldpack or icepack will bring relief. Swelling and bruising decrease in the days following the procedure. Within about 4 to 7 days, you will normally be sufficiently recovered to resume all light daily activities Heavy physical work and sports can be resumed after 4 to 6 weeks.

Are there any risks and complications after cleavage lipofilling?

In general, this procedure causes few complications. The fat comes from your own body and is therefore guaranteed to be 100% compatible. If an infection should nevertheless occur, it is usually quickly resolved with an antibiotic.

The result of your lipofilling cleavage is immediately visible after surgery, but you have to wait about three months for the final result.

Does lipofilling breast augmentation leave scars?

No, lipofilling breast augmentation does not leave visible scars! The doctor will inject the fat into your breasts through a few puncture holes of about 3 millimetres.

The small puncture holes heal quickly. The small scars are barely visible or not visible after some time.

Can I wear a bra after breast augmentation with my own fat?

Yes. After treatment, the breasts need sufficient support. This is why the surgeon recommends wearing a special sports bra for six weeks. After that, you can wear any bra you like.

Is lipofilling of the breasts safe?

Yes. It is important to know that breast lipofilling is only safe if the treatment is performed correctly. It is essential that the fat is properly purified and injected. Safety is paramount at Wellness Kliniek. We offer ISO 9001 quality assurance. The experienced surgeons use safe techniques.

Does breast lipofilling help with uneven breasts?

Yes, it does! In fact, it is a good method for rebalancing the breasts. Having uneven breasts is not an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, in most women, one breast is slightly larger than the other. Is the difference such that you notice it and would like to do something about it? Lipofilling your breasts can be a great solution to make your breasts the same size.

Sagging skin can be another cause of uneven breasts. Sagging breasts can be corrected well with a breast lift with or without lipofilling.

Is the result of lipofilling breast augmentation permanent?

About 70% of the injected fat cells take effect. The cells that are still alive after three months will grow in permanently.

However, keep in mind that gaining or losing weight can affect the result over time. Lipofilled fat cells behave just like other fat cells in your body. If you gain weight, these fat cells get bigger. If you lose weight, they become smaller. The result of lipofilling breast augmentation is permanent if you keep your weight stable.

How many treatments are required for breast augmentation with fat?

Usually, 1 treatment is enough, sometimes women do 2. Experience shows that with the repeat treatment, the transplanted fat cells grow in better and can therefore build up more volume.

If you have enough fat on your abdomen or thighs, then a repeat treatment can increase the cup size by 1.5 to 2 times.

Can I combine liposuction with breast lipofilling?

Yes definitely! Ideal if you want extra fat removed in certain problem areas, it can all be done during one treatment. Keep in mind that fat harvesting for lipofilling is not necessarily the same as liposuction treatment (the latter removes more fat).

A consultation with the doctor will give you certainty about the possibilities of liposuction combined with breast lipofilling, and inform you about the results you can expect.

Is lipofilling an alternative to silicone implants?

Breast augmentation by your own fat is an alternative to traditional breast augmentation with implants, and ideal if you prefer a natural method and a small volume increase as a result (1 cup size).

If you want to increase more than 1 cup size, lipofilling of breasts is often not an alternative (in some cases, it is possible with multiple lipofilling treatments). Moreover, the result in terms of breast shape is also not entirely comparable. The profile of silicone implants gives breasts a nice round shape. With lipofilling, the current shape of the breasts remains more intact.

At Wellness Kliniek, we use safe silicone breast implants of good quality. Women in Belgium and the Netherlands more often choose breast augmentation with implants than volume augmentation by lipofilling.

Which is better: breast augmentation using your own fat or implants?

In most cases, women prefer implants to lipofilling. There are several reasons for this. For one, the aesthetic possibilities with implants are greater and you never suffer from 'fat deficiency' (lipofilling of breasts requires quite a bit of fat). Moreover, the surgeons at Wellness Kliniek use the safest implants, so there is virtually no risk of complications.

We recommend you book a personal consultation, so that the surgeon can discuss with you the options for your bosom.

Can I have implants removed and then do lipofilling breast augmentation?

Yes, in many cases this is possible. We can remove the implants and then do breast augmentation with your own fat. You can also come to us to have your implants replaced with new, safe, implants.

Consultation breast enlargement lipofilling at Wellness Kliniek

Before we schedule the breast augmentation using your own fat, the consulting doctor will always first talk to you to see whether lipofilling breast augmentation is suitable for you and whether there is enough fat available.

The doctor will also discuss what you can expect from the result and whether breast augmentation with implants is a better fit for you. This way, you can be sure you are making the right choice for enlarging your bosom. Contact us for no-obligation advice or schedule an on-site or online consultation.

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