Terms of Use

1. General

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2. Exclusive channel

This website and the Wellness Kliniek call centre are the exclusive channels of The Wellness Kliniek services. Wellnesskliniek.com is the only website authorized to accept reservations and payments. Birand nv does not authorize any other websites to take bookings, nor accept payments for Wellness Kliniek services.  

3. Permitted use

You are not permitted to use this website other than for the following, private, non-commercial purposes:
(I) viewing this website;
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4. Intellectual property

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Pictures: Many before and after photographs come from unprotected sources, floating on the www. These pictures you may also find on other sites. They will give information on the result that could be obtained, also in the Wellness Kliniek.

5. Links to this website

You may not establish and/or operate links to this website without the prior written consent of Birand nv. Such consent may be withdrawn at any time at Birand nv’s own discretion.

6. Limited liability

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7. Applicable law and jurisdiction

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In the absolute and sole discretion of Birand nv, a legal action may be brought by Birand nv against any party in breach of these terms and conditions, at its election, in Belgium or the place of breach or the domicile of that party, and, if more than one party, in the domicile of any one of those parties, and all other parties shall submit to that jurisdiction.