Transgender Breast Surgery

Transgender Breast Surgery

Our surgeons specialise in transgender breast implant surgery. Transgender breast surgery helps people represent their gender identity and live their lives to the fullest. Most men do not have sufficient breast tissue to make a fat transfer breast augmentation possible. Our surgeons use implants to achieve their desired results. Implants create symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing breasts.

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Transgender Breast Augmentation Basics

  • Surgery: 45 minutes
  • Sleep sedation
  • Incision: 2-3 cm
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 4 - 7 days
  • 6 Weeks compression bra

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What is Transgender Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In simple terms, this type of surgery is performed on biological males who are transgender women. Transgender breast surgery helps transgender women achieve full, natural-looking breasts. Most medical professionals use implants to create transgender breasts. Biological males have very little breast tissue, which makes implants a more viable option. 

Our patients have full control of their desired outcome. You can choose from implant sizes that are up to 500ccs. We also stock a wide range of teardrop and round implants from premium brands. You can discuss which type of implant better suits your physique during your consultation.  

Our surgeons are pioneers of the Minimally Invasive Breast Implant Surgery (MIBIS) technique. They make the smallest incisions possible to insert the implants. The incisions are typically 2 to 3cms in length. By making smaller incisions, our surgeons create fewer scars. 

It is important to note that our surgeons use different techniques when performing breast implant surgery on biological women and transgender women. Your surgeon will choose a prosthesis that has a slightly wider base. They will also insert it behind the pectoral muscle and position them as close together as possible. This can mitigate the appearance of broad chests.

Can Transgender Women Have a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

A fat transfer breast augmentation is a type of procedure that uses the patients’ own fat. Surgeons use liposuction and liposculpture techniques to achieve the desired result. They identify areas of excess fat on the patient’s body and use liposuction techniques to remove fat cells. 

The medical team use specialist equipment to separate healthy fat cells from other bodily fluids. Surgeons then create small incisions in strategic areas on the breasts. They will not only increase the volume of the breasts but also improve their shape and feel. They reinject the healthy cells into the breasts. 

We do not perform fat transfer breast augmentation procedures on transgender women. Biological males have very little breast tissue. This makes fat transfer procedures difficult. Very few transgender women would be able to achieve the volume and look of their dreams with this type of procedure. 

Implants are a more viable option for transgender women. They can instantly create a full chest. Patients can choose between lots of different sizes and shapes to create their ideal outcome.

Are you a Suitable Candidate for Transgender Breast Implant Surgery?

At Wellness Kliniek, we help transgender women make their vision a reality. 

We accept healthy patients who care for their physical health on a day-to-day basis. Healthy implant patients experience a far smoother recovery period and a more aesthetically pleasing result. 

We only accept patients who have a realistic perception of what surgery can and cannot do. Each and every one of our patients have a consultation with an experienced surgeon. The consultation is a good opportunity to discuss your expectations and whether or not we can meet them. 

During the consultation, your surgeon will assess your physical build. They will always consider the principles of cosmetic surgery and make recommendations that will suit your frame. Our surgeons give honest advice and only approve realistic surgical procedures. 

We do not accept candidates who are under the age of 18 or those who are fighting infections. If you are fighting an infection your body will not be able to heal to the best of its ability. 

Transgender Breast Surgery Recovery

Our surgeons will place the implant underneath your pectoral muscle. This method creates a more natural-looking result but is more painful. It also takes longer to recover from this type of insertion method. Apart from this difference, transgender breast implant surgery recovery is similar to the recovery period that biological women experience.

Your recovery experience will be unique to you. Several factors impact the time and pain associated with the recovery period. Skin elasticity, age, and previous surgeries can all impact the length of your recovery and how much discomfort you will feel. 

Your recovery period can last for anywhere from 3 to 6 months. It is important to refrain from heavy lifting for weeks and months after the surgery. We advise patients to avoid strenuous jobs for the entirety of their recovery period. If you do not allow your breasts to heal to the best of their ability they might become infected or deformed.

Costs of a transgender breast augmentation.

Transgender Breast Augmentation Costs

People travel from all over the world for our comprehensive transgender breast augmentation costs. Whereas other clinics charge separate amounts for different parts of the procedure, we have an inclusive package. You can purchase the medical fee, recovery period, and anaesthesia together. This means that you do not have to worry about unexpected extras. 

We also provide our patients with a range of supplementary options. Patients can book a private room or even an overnight stay in a private room. Our supplementary options are perfect for people who have room in their budget for a more comfortable stay.

Other Transfeminine Procedures

Our surgeons are experts in transfeminine procedures. Transfeminine procedures are designed for women who are biologically male but who embrace a more feminine identity. These types of procedures often focus on softening features and lessening the appearance of more masculine facial structures. 

When you are ready to start your transformation, we will stand by your side every step of the way. We offer patients a wide range of transfeminine procedures so that they can achieve their desired outcomes.

Here are some of the most popular transfeminine procedures that we offer. 

We also offer non-surgical filler and other injection treatments.

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