Nipple Correction Prices

Nipple Correction Prices: Nipple Correction

Nipple imperfections are a common problem. We promise our patients quick, efficient procedures. Our surgeons specialise in nipple reduction surgery, inverted nipple surgery and flat nipple correction surgery. We offer a flat fee for nipple correction procedures. The cost of the anaesthesia, medical fee, and aftercare procedures come as part of a package.

Consultation Nipple correction 60
Consultation Nipple correction - Booked online 30
Nipple Correction
Nipple Correction 2200
Overnight stay in private room 250
Private room 120

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All prices are valid till 31/05/2023. All prices are including VAT.

All inclusive

Our prices are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic and all aftercare following the procedure.

Online booking

Book your appointment 24/7 with our online booking and payment tool and get a 50% discount on your consultation. 


Free procedure if any problems occur within a year of the original operation being performed. Also, any additional intake consultation is free of charge. 

What Is Nipple Surgery?

Nipple imperfections are not unusual. Around 10% of the population suffer from imperfections. People from all over the world contact us about inverted nipples, flat nipples, and large or bulging areolas. Slight faults can create a lifetime of self-consciousness and discomfort.

Nipple reduction surgery, inverted nipple surgery, and nipple reduction surgery are simple and fast procedures. They are performed under local anaesthetic. In most cases, your surgeon will make an incision underneath your areolas.

Correction surgery does not take more than an hour.

How Much Is Inverted Nipple Surgery?

Inverted nipple surgery is one of the most common procedures that our surgeons undertake. It is simple and fast. When you choose our team, you do not have to worry about unexpected inverted nipple correction costs. All our surgical procedures come as part of a package. You can purchase the anaesthesia, medical fee, and aftercare procedures for one flat fee.

How Much Does Nipple Reduction Surgery Cost?

Like our inverted nipple surgery costs, our nipple reduction surgery costs are comprehensive. Whereas other clinics charge separately for important parts of your surgery, we prefer a simplified approach. Our nipple reduction surgery costs include the anaesthesia, medical, and aftercare fee.

Nipple Surgery Consultation Costs

Consultations are a meeting between one of our specialist surgeons and a prospective patient. Your consultation is the first step towards fixing your nipple imperfections and feeling comfortable in your skin. They are a good opportunity for you to explore whether or not you want to book your surgical procedure with our team. 

For a small fee, you can ask our specialist surgeons any and all questions you have about the surgery. You can book online to halve the cost of the consultation. We offer in-person and online consultations to fit your schedule. Some patients choose an online consultation to save money on accommodation and travel fees.

Nipple Surgery Costs

At Wellness Kliniek, we take a comprehensive approach to surgery fees. For the cost of our nipple correction surgery, you can fix your nipple imperfections and receive quality aftercare and anaesthesia. Our team have years of experience. After surgery, they will take you to the recovery area and monitor your condition. When you choose us, you can expect a seamless experience. 

Nipple Surgery Supplement Costs

We offer a sliding scale of services that are designed to fit any budget. If you have a healthy budget, supplements can make your stay more comfortable. Private rooms and overnight stays can provide a modicum of extra support to patients who need longer to recuperate. 

Although nipple correction surgery is not as intensive as our other breast procedures, we recommend taking all the steps necessary to have a successful recovery. With our supplemental options, you do not have to worry about next-day travel.

Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery Before and After

People travel from all over the world to visit our specialist surgical team. Our surgeons have worked with a wide range of patients who experience different nipple imperfections. Whether you have flat, inverted, or bulging nipples, our team can help you. 

No matter which imperfection you want to fix, it is important to do your research. With our before and after pictures page, you can see whether your desired outcome is possible. We always stress that nipple correction outcomes are specific to each patient and depend on a number of factors.

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