Varicose veins can cause pain, and are often aesthetically undesirable. Read more about the cost of varicose vein removal below.

Varicose Vein Removal
Consultation varicose vein removal 60
Consultation varicose vein removal - Booked online 30
Varicose vein removal Sclerotherapy 180
Varicose vein removal VenaSeal 1550
Varicose Vein Removal
Consultation varicose vein removal * 60
Consultation varicose vein removal - Booked online * 30
Varicose vein removal Sclerotherapy * 180
Varicose vein removal VenaSeal * 1550

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What does varicose vein removal cost?

The varicose vein removal cost depends on the exact procedure needed to remove the varicose veins on your legs. Namely, this can be done using lasering or sclerosing (closing visible blood vessels with VenaSeal injection).

Varicose vein removal price: which option suits me?

As mentioned, the price varicose vein removal depends on the type of procedure. Thus, the varicose vein removal with laser price is different from when sclerosing is chosen. It is important to know that this is not always a choice. In fact, it depends on the shape, size and location of the varicose veins.

Schedule a personal consultation!

The doctor at Wellness Kliniek is happy to give you personal advice, so you know what to expect from the treatment and the cost of varicose vein removal. That's nice! We do, however, give you an indication based on the above varicose vein costs.

Price varicose vein removal Belgium: Next Day Surgery

Wellness Kliniek in Belgium receives patients from all over the world. We therefore offer the option of Next Day Surgery, which means that consultation and surgery take place on consecutive days. This service is optional and is included in the varicose veins treatment cost free of charge.

Cheap varicose vein removal with ISO 9001 quality

Wellness Kliniek is a leading clinic in the field of cosmetic surgery. The clinic has ISO 9001 certification and meets the desired quality standards. Not for nothing was Wellness Kliniek voted best European plastic surgery clinic year after year by WhatClinic, with excellent patient experiences.

Safety is our top priority, which is why personal advice is essential. This allows the surgeon at Wellness Kliniek to use the right technique for the best result.

Costs of varicose vein removal on credit

We like to offer competitive rates, to keep surgery affordable. Especially if you suffer from varicose veins, it is nice to get rid of them for both aesthetic and physical reasons, as they can also cause physical complaints. We offer you the opportunity to create a piggy bank at Wellness Kliniek to save for treatment. The amount you deposit each month is up to you.

Quality Warranty

Quality care is central to the Wellness Kliniek. This is just as important before, during and after your treatment. This is why the Wellness Kliniek adheres to a formal quality system. Our medical and surgical procedures and infrastructure are awarded with an official, internationally recognized quality system. 

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Excellent Service

We make sure we put safety, expertise and patient satisfaction at the core of what we do. We consider it to be extremely important for you to be able to balance the risks and the expected results as well as possible. This is why you are always entitled to free preoperative consultations. 

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Easy to book & plan

At the Wellness Kliniek you can book all your appointments, consultations, treatments and operations online. This means you can choose the date that suits you best. The steps are easy to follow and the Intelligent Wizard ensures you are assigned the doctor-specialist with the most expertise related to your treatment. 

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View varicose vein removal costs and schedule an appointment

As mentioned, varicose veins treatment costs depend on the exact procedure. All prices for varicose vein removal include precaution, aftercare, anaesthesia and VAT. Take a look at the price list in advance and schedule a personal consultation to see which varicose vein treatment is best for you. That way, you choose a safe procedure and, before you know it, you will be shining with vital and beautiful legs again!

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