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Clicking teeth - Clicking prosthesis on implants
CadCam support with removable plastic prosthesis (click teeth) 3700
Click prosthesis upper jaw on 4 implants 4500
Click prosthetic lower jaw on 2 implants 2700
Full plastic prosthesis lower jaw - removable 700
Full plastic prosthesis upper jaw - removable 700
Partial denture in metal and plastic with 1 tooth (very strong) 800
Partial denture in metal and plastic with 2 teeth (very strong) 900
Partial denture in metal and plastic with 3 teeth (very strong) 1000
Partial denture in metal and plastic with 4 teeth (very strong) 1100
Partial denture in metal and plastic with 5 teeth (very strong) 1200
removable plastic prosthesis with 1 tooth 300
removable plastic prosthesis with 2 teeth 350
removable plastic prosthesis with 3 teeth 400
removable plastic prosthesis with 4 teeth 450
removable plastic prosthesis with 5 teeth 500
All-on-4 per dental arch 10500

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All prices are valid till 30/04/2024.

What are the costs of click dentures?

If your current dentures need to be replaced but you don’t feel like taking them out and putting them back in again every day, click dentures (also known as snap-in dentures) may be the perfect solution. At Wellness Kliniek, we strive for fixed prices, so you know what to expect. The current prices for snap-in dentures can be found in the price table above.

Costs of click dentures at Wellness Kliniek

We think it is important for you to know what to expect in advance. That is why we offer all-in prices, which depend on the chosen procedure. For example, if you only want a snap-in prosthesis on part of your lower jaw or upper jaw, that is also an option. After all, it is a shame to replace an entire row of healthy teeth if there is no need for it. We also use a transparent and fixed snap-in dentures price for the full replacement of your teeth. Curious about the results that can be achieved? Click here to view the click dentures pictures.

All-on-4 click dentures: information

At Wellness Kliniek, we use the progressive all-on-4 snap-in dentures method. This allows us to aim for a perfect result. The teeth are completely custom designed on the basis of a 3D scan. We place implants and, first, emergency dentures, so the implants can grow well. Then the permanent snap-in dentures are placed. 

Of course, good oral hygiene is always important and if you strive for this (our dentists will of course give you good advice), the snap-in dentures can last for at least 10 years without the need for replacing the prosthesis. With the emphasis on ‘at least’ because they last a lifetime. 

Practically and aesthetically a good choice

The benefits of our all-on-4 click dentures? One of the main benefits is that snap-in dentures don’t have to be taken out, which is very handy from a practical point of view. Second, these snap-in dentures and the screwed porcelain bridge are so strong that you can continue to eat without having to worry about wobbly teeth. 

Moreover, these snap-in dentures are very comfortable, because they are 100% tailor-made and your palate remains completely free. As a result, this type of denture will also have no influence on your taste experience. They are therefore a very practical alternative to standard dentures, as those must be taken out every day and can put pressure on your gums and palate.

Book a no-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek

Of course, opting for snap-in dentures is not something you do lightly. At Wellness Kliniek, we understand all too well that you want to know more about everything you need to take into account, from costs to maintenance and lifespan. You may also want to consider other dental treatments, such as dental crowns or dental implants. That is why we invite you to book a no-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek as many people from all over the world have done before.

Our specialist dentists give you personal advice based on your existing teeth and your wishes. This way, you know for sure you are choosing the treatment that will give you that radiant smile back. Treatment that suits you and that allows you to combine a beautiful result with your practical wishes. You will also gain transparent insight into the final costs for the chosen dental treatment. Contact us now for tailor-made advice.

All inclusive

Our prices are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic and all aftercare following the procedure.

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