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How much does dental bleaching cost?

If you would like to have whiter teeth and remove brown deposits, dental bleaching is the answer. At Wellness Kliniek, we have transparent all-in prices, so you know what to expect. The costs for dental bleaching can be found above in our price list.

Costs of dental bleaching at Wellness Kliniek

Transparency, that's what we stand for at Wellness Kliniek. No unexpected costs, but a fixed price for dental bleaching. No difference in the amount of stain on the teeth in combination with the price, but an all-in rate for every set of teeth. Can't wait to see what results are achievable with a dental bleaching treatment? Then take a look at the dental bleaching before and after pictures here.

PrevDent dental bleaching method: information

You probably know the stories about damage to your teeth after a dental bleaching treatment? At Wellness Kliniek, we're all too wary of that. That's why we use a completely safe method: the PrevDent Power Bleach Method.

This method combines modern blue light technology with light-frequency sensitive, soft bleaching gel. This makes it possible to lighten and whiten teeth in one treatment, without damaging the tooth enamel. After all, you want to keep your healthy teeth, but with a radiant white smile. And that is possible with PrevDent Power Bleach! Want to know more? Then read about the dental bleaching treatment in detail.

Aesthetic dental treatment with beautiful results

Discolouration and staining on the teeth over the years cannot be avoided. Coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine and also other nutrients, drinks and bacteria cause the teeth to discolour over time. A process that you cannot prevent.

With PrevDent dental bleaching, this can be solved quickly and beautifully. Safe, quick and effective - that is what the method stands for. The teeth will become approximately 6 to 9 shades whiter. Note, however, that this can vary from one set of teeth to another. Our specialised dentists will always provide you with detailed information about this.

With good oral hygiene and normal consumption, the result lasts for about 2 to 3 years. Sometimes it lasts longer, but you may notice the staining coming back over time. This process can unfortunately not be avoided, but the good news is that in that case you can always undergo a new dental bleaching treatment.

Book a dental bleaching consultation without obligation

Anyone who visits the dentist regularly knows that costs can quickly mount up. At Wellness Kliniek, we carry out a lot of dental bleaching treatments every year and we aim for economies of scale and affordable prices. An attractive all-in price for dental bleaching will put a smile on your face.

Of course, you will also receive comprehensive advice, based on your teeth, so that you know what to expect and can weigh up whether the treatment suits you. Optionally, we can also discuss alternative dental treatments with you, such as veneers. That way, we'll help you realise the bright smile you've been dreaming of. Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation and smile with pride!

All inclusive

Our prices are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic and all aftercare following the procedure.

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