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Nose surgery, rhinoplasty or a nose job, it’s a way to improve the proportions of your nose and face. Our expert and experienced surgeons work with you to find the best option.

Safe nose surgery at Wellness Kliniek

Want to improve your nose through a rhinoplasty? Then you definitely want to be sure you choose a solid clinic. Wellness Kliniek Genk relies on experienced and professional surgeons, so we achieve the best results. This way, you bring the proportions in your face back into balance. Request a no-obligation consultation to find out what we can do for you.

Types of nose surgery

When it comes to nose surgery (rhinoplasty), we have several options. After all, every nose is different. For example, one suffers from a thick, thin or crooked nose, while someone else has bulging nostrils. We can correct nostrils, and also perform nasal tip and nasal bridge correction. Of course we assess your personal situation, so we perform a rhinoplasty that will give the best result.

Thick or thin nose correction

Sometimes, the nose is (too) prominent. If you think your nose is too big, nose surgery offers a solution. We can shrink a big nose. Perhaps it’s the other way around for you and you have a thin nose. In that case, we can also enlarge it through nose augmentation.

Crooked nose correction

When your nose is as desired in terms of size, but it’s crooked, we can solve this by means of crooked nose surgery. This way, your nose sits central again and your face looks beautifully symmetric again.

Large nostrils correction

If you have large nostrils, your entire nose may appear to be large. The nose therefore seems to cover a larger part of your face. In that case, nostril correction (broad nose surgery) would be the right procedure for you. During this procedure, we reduce the nostrils. The scars are on the inside of your nose.

Nasal tip correction

Want to have your upturned nose corrected or do you think your nasal tip is too big? We offer different types of nose surgery (nose correction nasal tip) for every nose shape. Sometimes we perform nose surgery during which the shape is changed but we also perform lipofilling, during which we correct an upturned nose using natural nose surgery fillers (nose surgery with fillers).

Nasal bridge correction

If your nose has a bump on the bridge, it does not always give the best side view. Fortunately, this can be solved with nose surgery. It will give you a nose that runs down from your forehead to the nasal tip in a straight line. Get rid of that bump!

Full nose surgery

If several elements of your nose are not as desired, we can also perform full nose surgery. Of course, we look at what is necessary and desirable. If you have been hesitating about nose surgery for a long time, please request a consultation. After that, you can always decide whether you actually want to have the procedure performed.

Correcting failed nose surgery

If you underwent nose surgery elsewhere and it failed, we are of course happy to resolve this for you. Please get in touch to discuss your options. We always give honest and transparent advice, so you know what we can do for you.

Nose surgery before and after pictures
Best clinic for nose surgery!

Wellness Kliniek is a specialist clinic in Genk that has been able to perform many successful nose surgeries over the years. Not only people from Belgium know where to find us, but also people across the borders, including the Netherlands and France. That’s why we’re very proud of our positive nose surgery reviews. You can find them at the bottom of this page, to give you a better picture of the nose surgery experiences of previous patients.

What can you expect from nose surgery?

No nose surgery is the same, so we draw up a personal plan of action. This depends on the type of nose surgery that you are looking for. You will be put under sedation or general anaesthesia and can go home on the same day. If desired, you can book an overnight stay at Wellness Kliniek.

Coming in for a nostril correction? This procedure takes around 25 minutes. An incision of approx. 1.5 centimetres is made at the base of the nose. Because the incision is made precisely at that spot, the small scars will disappear into the fold. In the case of nostril correction, bandages are not necessary and you will recover within a few days. You can therefore quickly resume your daily activities.

A correction to the nose tip or bridge of the nose requires a little more recovery time, often about 2 weeks. The incision is usually made in the nostrils so no scars remain visible on the outside of your nose. By operating in the nose, the bone and cartilage can be adjusted in this type of nose surgery. On average, this nose surgery takes about 2 hours and after the procedure, your nose is protected with surgical splints and nasal tampons. Within a few months, the swelling will have disappeared completely and the final result is visible.

Before any type of nose surgery, the doctor will discuss all after-care instructions with you. This is based on your personal situation and the specific nose procedure and it helps us to achieve the best result and maximum recovery. If you have any questions before or after the procedure, you can of course always ask our professional doctors.

How much does nose surgery cost?

Curious about the costs of nose surgery? At Wellness Kliniek, we like to use transparent prices for nose surgery. That’s why we’ve put the rates for each type of nose surgery in a convenient price table. That way, you know in advance where you stand. Click here for nose surgery prices. As you can see, nose surgery prices vary from procedure to procedure. Our prices are all-in.

Nose surgery prices

No-obligation nose surgery consultation at Wellness Kliniek

You may already know very well what you would like to change about your nose. Or you are dissatisfied, but don’t know exactly what type of nose surgery would be the right one. Don’t worry, because at Wellness Kliniek you will receive personal advice, so we achieve the best result for you.

We discuss the options for nose surgery with you. We will explain what you can expect from the procedure and the recovery period, so you can make a well-considered decision. Moreover, we can coordinate the best moment of the nose surgery with you. If you want to improve the proportions in your face, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a no-obligation consult.

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