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Welcome to Wellness Kliniek, the trusted address for rhinoplasty in Belgium. Nose correction, rhinoplasty or a nose job, it is a way of harmonising the proportions of your nose and face. Our expert and experienced plastic surgeons will analyse with you the best option for improving your nose and your appearance. Book a no-obligation consultation and discover your options.

Specialist rhinoplasty Belgium

Our rhinoplasty specialists are experienced in all types of rhinoplasty, such as total rhinoplasty, refining the nose tip or nasal tip, beautifying your nasal bridge or nostrils. Wellness Kliniek Belgium receives many patients from both home and abroad for rhinoplasty. Wellness Kliniek meets the important international quality criteria and has a team of rhinoplasty specialists in Belgium.

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Wellness Kliniek has over 25 years of experience and relies on experienced and professional surgeons to ensure the best possible results. With rhinoplasty surgery, the proportions in your face will be balanced. Request a no-obligation consultation to find out what we can do for you. The clinic's ISO international quality certification is an additional guarantee that you are in safe hands.

What is the best clinic for rhinoplasty in Europe?

Before choosing a clinic or plastic surgeon, you can easily compare clinics or plastic surgeons. Read rhinoplasty experiences of other patients and pay attention to whether the clinic has an official quality label. Wellness Kliniek offers ISO 9001 quality assurance. The surgeons work according to safe, international standards. Wellness Kliniek received the WhatClinic Award several years in a row thanks to the many positive patient experiences. With more than 25 years of experience, you choose us for excellent patient care for plastic surgery of the nose.

Nose surgery Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Europe!

Wellness Kliniek receives patients from all over the world. For example, people search for best rhinoplasty Netherlands, only to find out that rhinoplasty in Belgium is an excellent option. Indeed, in Belgium at clinics such as Wellness Kliniek in Limburg, you can usually count on lower prices, high quality, safe procedures and qualified surgeons. Besides the Genk (Belgium) branch, you can also go to Wellness Kliniek Barcelona for aesthetic nose surgery.

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With more than 25 years of experience, we know how important service is. Are you coming from far away and want to save time and travel costs? Then take advantage of our Next Day Surgery Service optionally and 100% free of charge. Here, consultation and surgery take place within 48 hours. Optional tele-meetings can be scheduled for aftercare. The surgeons at Wellness Kliniek can also refer you to a professional in your area.

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Nose surgery Belgium: various types of rhinoplasty!

When it comes to nose surgery Belgium (rhinoplasty), we have several options. A nose has several facets and every nose is different. One person's nose is thick, thin or crooked, while another's nostrils or nostrils are too large or too small. Thus, there are as many different types of rhinoplasty. The nose surgery specialists at Wellness Kliniek Belgium are experts in various types of rhinoplasty, such as correction of nostrils, and nose tip and nose bridge correction.

Thick or thin nose correction

Sometimes the nose is (too) prominent on the face. If you find your nose too big, a rhinoplasty offers a solution. We can reduce the size of a thick nose. Does the opposite apply to you, do you have a thin nose? Then we can also enlarge it through a nose enlargement.

Crooked nose correction

When the nose is sized to your liking, but when the nose is crooked, we solve this with a crooked nose correction. First, the plastic surgeon will identify the cause of the crookedness, such as a crooked nasal septum (septum deviation), bone or cartilage. Based on the analysis, the surgeon will develop a plan of action to correct the nasal obliquity.

Correcting large nostrils

If you have large nostrils, it can seem as if your whole nose is large. This is because it makes the nose appear to cover a larger part of the face. A nostril correction (rhinoplasty wide nose) or reduction of the nostrils is then a good procedure for you.

Nasal tip correction

Would you like a rocker nose correction or do you think the nose tip is too big or too thick? We offer different rhinoplasty (nose tip correction) procedures for every nose shape. When correcting a rocker nose, the plastic surgeon will remove or adjust excess tissue or cartilage in your nose to make the tip point less upwards. Sometimes it may be necessary to strengthen or reposition the cartilage for a natural nose tip profile.

Nasal bridge correction

Does your nose have a bump or lump on the nasal bridge or bridge of the nose? Or do you have an oversized or crooked hawk nose? This does not always give you the most beautiful side view. Fortunately, this can be solved with a rhinoplasty. With this, we ensure a nose that continues in a straight line. The surgeon will remove or refine hump on the bridge of the nose by removing or adjusting part of the nasal bone and nasal cartilage. At the same time, your nose can be straightened if it is crooked.

Specialised rhinoplasty (ethnic rhinoplasty)

Wellness Kliniek has an international clientele and receives people from different origins. The request for an 'ethnic rhinoplasty', 'western rhinoplasty or 'Asian rhinoplasty' regularly comes along.

The aim of a rhinoplasty is not to create a nose typical of Western standards, but to enhance the natural beauty of your specific facial features. Ideal candidates for an ethnic rhinoplasty are men and women who want to improve their nose shape while maintaining their cultural or ethnic identity.

At Wellness Kliniek, we like to emphasise that everyone is beautiful. It is not our aim to think in boxes. However, to paint a picture from an informative point of view, below we tell you about the reasons our patients themselves give for choosing an 'ethnic rhinoplasty'.

  • Arab, too large nose: An Arab rhinoplasty correction of the nose (also called hawk nose) requested by people of Arab or North African descent often focuses on refining or straightening the nasal bridge (bridge of the nose), adjusting the nose tip, and proportionally adjusting wide nostrils.
  • Asian, overly flat nose: Asian rhinoplasty usually focuses on raising the nasal bridge (bridge of the nose), refining the nasal tip, and reducing or subtly narrowing the nostrils or nostrils.
  • African, too wide nose: African rhinoplasty focuses on narrowing the nasal bridge to create a slimmer nose, refining the nasal tip, and adjusting the nostrils or nostrils. Tissue at the base of the nostrils is often removed to reduce the width of the nose, while other changes are very subtle to ensure harmony in the rest of the face.
  • Jewish oversized nose: This rhinoplasty is also called Jewish rhinoplasty, due to specific anatomical features. Reducing a large Jewish nose often focuses on lowering and refining a prominent nasal bridge. Specific attention is paid to the nasal tip (tip or end of the nose), especially if it is perceived as too large or too prominent.
  • Turkish oversized nose: A rhinoplasty for people from Turkey and the Balkans usually focuses on reducing or lowering an overly prominent nasal bridge, often with a hump, and refining the nose tip.
  • Europe and Russia: A Western rhinoplasty or Caucasian rhinoplasty is rhinoplasty for people from Europe and Russia, and can vary in approach, but often focuses on adjusting the nasal bridge, refining the nasal tip and correcting asymmetries and the septum. A Western rhinoplasty often aims for a straight or slightly curved nasal bridge that is considered aesthetically pleasing within Western aesthetics.
Full nose correction

In a total nose reconstruction or total rhinoplasty, the plastic surgeon will adjust several facets of your nose. The decision for a full nose job (rhinoplasty) can be an aesthetic or functional consideration.

  • Aesthetic reasons: Men and women who feel their nose is too big, too small, asymmetrical or disproportionate compared to the rest of their face may opt for a full nose correction or total rhinoplasty of the nose profile.
  • Functional reasons: Difficulty breathing through the nose due to a crooked nasal septum (septum deviation) can cause breathing problems. Obstructions in the nose may be the reason for sleep problems, snoring or sleep apnoea.

Here, of course, we look at what is necessary and desirable. Have you been hesitating for a long time about a correction to the nose? Then ask for a consultation. You can always decide afterwards whether to actually have the rhinoplasty carried out.

Correcting a failed rhinoplasty

Have you had a rhinoplasty done elsewhere and your rhinoplasty failed? We are happy to see if we can improve the result with a secondary rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty. Correcting a failed rhinoplasty requires special expertise and experience from the surgeon, as a reoperation is more complex than a primary (first) rhinoplasty.

When considering a revision rhinoplasty (correct failed rhinoplasty), it is important to ask the surgeon about his/her experience and success rates with such surgeries. The doctor will discuss the possible risks and complications of the procedure with you and give honest advice on the possible outcome. Contact Wellness Kliniek for an appointment to discuss your options.

Rhinoplasty before and after photos

Before you make the choice for a rhinoplasty, you obviously want to be well informed. You are probably also curious about previous rhinoplasty results. That is why we have collected some nose job before-and-after photos for you. Specifically looking for a nostril correction? Then take a look at the nostril correction photos.

Advantages rhinoplasty Belgium

The benefits of rhinoplasty are improved aesthetics and better breathing through the nose. The advantages of rhinoplasty in Belgium are usually the low prices for rhinoplasty and well-trained plastic surgeons. An additional advantage is that procedures for medical reasons, such as breathing problems, are exempt from VAT.

In short, a rhinoplasty in Belgium can be performed for both aesthetic and practical reasons (or a combination). At Wellness Kliniek, you will receive personalised advice so that it can improve your quality of life in any way.

How much does a rhinoplasty in Belgium cost?

Are you curious about rhinoplasty costs? Wellness Kliniek is transparent about rhinoplasty prices. That's why we have clearly collected the rates per type of rhinoplasty in a handy price table. You know in advance where you stand. View the rhinoplasty costs here. As you can see, the cost of a rhinoplasty varies per procedure. The prices at Wellness Kliniek are all-inclusive.

Nose job prices

Non-binding rhinoplasty consultation at Wellness Kliniek

Do you already know what you want to change about your nose, or are you looking for personal advice? Book a personal consultation with the specialists at Wellness Kliniek. You will hear what to expect from the procedure and from the recovery period, so that you can make an informed choice. Moreover, we can fine-tune the best time for the nose surgery with you. Do you want to improve the proportions of your face? Contact us and schedule a no-obligation consultation. We are happy to be at your service.

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