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A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty gives you a tighter stomach. The surgeon corrects flabby or stretched skin so that you can fit back into your clothes with your new figure. Wellness Kliniek is known as a specialist in, among other things, tummy tuck operations.  Indeed, this procedure is in our top 5 of most requested treatments.

Safe tummy tuck at Wellness Kliniek

At Wellness Kliniek, we offer various types of abdominal correction procedures. One of them is abdominoplasty, also called a tummy tuck. It is a much sought after procedure by both men and women who are no longer satisfied with their abdomen. Liposuction is also possible if you suffer from localised fat deposits.

Whatever technique we use, we attach great importance to transparent information. In addition, we work with the most experienced surgeons. So you can make a well-considered choice as to whether a tummy tuck suits you and you go for a safe operation with the best aftercare.

Types of tummy tuck for women and men

A fat belly, tight belly, flat belly, abdominal apron or potbelly, everyone is different. Perhaps you have already tried everything to get your body into the desired shape, but to no avail. Old age, genetics, smoking, alcohol, the use of certain medicines and pregnancy can change the shape of the body.

Have you been unable to achieve the desired effect through sports and dieting? Then a tummy tuck might be the solution for you. Our doctors will be happy to advise you and discuss which procedure is best for you. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Liposuction for the abdomen

When your body stores a lot of stubborn fat, liposuction may be the solution. This operation takes about 45 minutes and is performed under local or intravenous anaesthesia. You will then wear compression garments and can expect significant recovery within a week. Liposuction is mainly performed on people who suffer from fat accumulation around areas such as the buttocks, legs and also the abdomen.

Correction to the abdominal wall

Made innumerable attempts to lose weight? Struggling with an abdomen that is not quite to your liking? For example, because you just can't get rid of those kilos, or because you suffer from excess skin? With an abdominoplasty, the possibilities are enormous. Depending on the type of correction, the procedure takes about two hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. Recovery will take about a month. Appropriate abdominal dressings are applied so that you can recover successfully.

Mini abdominoplasty

If you only suffer from flabby and excess skin below the navel, you can opt for the mini tummy tuck. Of all the tummy tucks, this one is the least invasive. We can tighten the stomach muscles so that you will have a flat abdomen below the navel. This way, your abdomen is a beautiful whole again. Optionally, we can also remove fat from the lower abdomen.

Abdominoplasty above the navel

After childbirth, old age or other causes, the abdomen does not always look the same as you would like. If you also have a lot of excess skin above the navel, you can choose to have a tummy tuck here as well. In addition, the abdominal muscles can be tightened. You can see a number of before-and-after pictures of the tummy tuck here.

Fleur-de-Lis operation

The Fleur-de-Lis tummy tuck is also called the anchor method, because an incision is made in the shape of an anchor. This is necessary in order to remove all fat and excess skin and to go for the optimal result. We only do this if it really offers added value, as the scar is slightly larger. For example, this operation can be performed after massive weight loss (excess skin after gastric bypass). This method often includes a navel correction. The navel is repositioned so that the abdomen becomes an attractive whole again.

Abdominal correction: what may you expect?

Depending on the chosen procedure, the operation will proceed differently. Liposuction is a milder operation than a tummy tuck, and with the latter it depends on whether you go for a mini tummy tuck or also have the navel repositioned, etc. In any case, you can expect us to inform you well in advance about what to expect. We recommend that you follow the aftercare instructions carefully to minimise the risk of complications.

How much does an abdominal correction cost?

At Wellness Kliniek, we find it important to be transparent. That's why we present the prices of the various operations on one clear price page. Our prices also include aftercare and necessary bandages. It's nice to know what to expect in advance, right? See here the prices of treatments at Wellness Kliniek.

No-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek

Possibly you are already sure that you want to have something done to your abdomen, but you are not sure what the best procedure is for your body. Or maybe you're still in the tentative stage. One thing is for sure, it can never hurt to be informed! So contact Wellness Kliniek to make an appointment without any obligation. You can always decide afterwards whether abdominal correction is for you. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities!

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