Breast implant removal prices and exchange prices

Price replacement breast implants - Prosthesis change costs. Are you considering having your breast implants replaced? At Wellness Kliniek, we consciously choose transparent treatments with fixed all-in prices.

On this page, you will find all information on costs and prices. Would you like to know more about breast implant replacement or removal? Also visit our breast implant replacement page.

Consultation breast implants exchange 60
Consultation breast implants exchange - Booked online 30
Breast implants exchange
Breast implants exchange | up to 500cc 2995
Breast implants exchange: greather than 500cc 3850
Supplement: removing capsule the breast implants exchange | per breast (MI) * 580
Overnight stay in private room 250
Private room 120

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Prothesis exchange costs Belgium

You can have various reasons for a prosthesis change.

Most ladies with breast augmentation have their breast implants replaced every 10-15 years. Breast prosthesis manufacturers usually give a 10-year warranty on the implants. After that, the risk of rupture and wear increases. Good quality breast implants last 10-15 years. After that, it is best to have your breast implants replaced.

The prosthesis exchange costs at Wellness Kliniek Belgium are the same as for breast augmentation with implants. The removal or extraction (explantation) of your old implants is included in the price of the breast enlargement.

A prosthesis change, explantation and breast implants replacement up to 500 cc costs € 2995. The price of prosthesis change, new breast implants replacement larger than 500 cc € 3850. The price includes VAT. All treatment and aftercare costs at Wellness Kliniek Belgium are included.

How much does breast implant replacement cost?

If you are considering replacing your breast implants, for example because you would like a different shape or cup size or because you have capsular contracture, make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation. You will discuss your wishes with the surgeon.

At Wellness Kliniek, we have transparent all-in rates, so you know, in advance, the cost of replacing breast implants and where you stand. Current breast implant replacement prices can be found above in the prosthesis replacement price table.

Silicone implants replacement

If your old silicone implants are replaced, you will need new silicone prostheses. The surgeon will remove your old prostheses and possibly the capsule around them. Then the surgeon implants your new implants. The surgeon will calculate the volume and profile that suits you. You can choose a bra size larger or a bra cup size smaller. Discuss your requirements with the surgeon.

Implant removal costs

Implant removal (explantation) is usually included in the price for an implant exchange. The price for a prosthesis change is the same as the price for a new breast augmentation at Wellness Kliniek. You only pay the cost of breast augmentation with implants. Removing old implants during a prosthesis change is free of charge. This certainly applies if you have had your breast augmentation at Wellness Kliniek before.

Why remove breast implants?

Do you doubt the quality of your breast implants? Then it's best to have the prostheses checked by your radiologist. An MRI gives a clear picture in case of a tear. We do not recommend ultrasound as the imaging is less accurate.

With capsular contracture, scarring has formed around the prosthesis. As a result, the breast becomes hard and painful. It is a natural reaction of the body and also occurs with knee implants, pacemakers and other foreign-body prostheses. Severe encapsulation can be a reason to remove breast implants rather than replace them.

How much does breast capsule removal cost?

Breast capsule is a layer of connective tissue created by the body as a natural response. With excessive breast capsule, the shape of the breasts may be altered and you will need revision surgery. Sometimes breast augmentation with new breast implants is discouraged.

Before the surgeon starts hair removal, a consultation is always scheduled in which the cost of the revision surgery is discussed with you. This way, you always know in advance where you stand.

How much does revision breast augmentation cost?

It could be that you have gained or lost a lot of weight and are no longer satisfied with the shape or profile of your breasts. Also, after a breastfeeding pregnancy, significantly many women with breast implants opt for revision breast augmentation or a prosthesis change. At the consultation, you will discuss your wishes and expectations with the surgeon. The cost of the implants and correction of any sagging skin will determine the cost of revision breast augmentation.

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