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Welcome to Wellness Kliniek, the trusted address for lip correction in Belgium. With us, you have come to the right place for lip fillers, lip lifting and lip reduction. Expert doctors will work with you to find the most beautiful lip correction solution.

The lips are an important part of your face, often linked to sensuality and sex appeal. If you have naturally thin lips or your lips no longer look the way you would like them to due to age, lip fillers and/or lip lifting are an option. If, on the contrary, you find your lips on the full side, then lip reduction is the solution for you.

Specialist lip correction Belgium

The lip correction specialists at Wellness Kliniek specialise in various types of lip surgery. Thus, they can focus on the upper lip, lower lip or both, always with the aim of making the lips more balanced. Wellness Kliniek meets important quality criteria and receives patients for lip correction from home and abroad. Click through above on the desired procedure or book a no-obligation consultation.

Safe lip correction plastic surgery at Wellness Kliniek

With more than 25 years of experience, Wellness Kliniek Belgium has put itself on the map. And nowadays, Wellness Kliniek Barcelona is also open. Both clinics offer ISO 9001 guarantee, the international quality label. The aim of lip correction is to make the lips more balanced, just like the whole face. Because having beautiful lips that are in proportion to the rest of your face makes you shine!

What is the best clinic for lip correction in Europa?

At Wellness Kloiniek, we always advise you to compare clinics. Check out the doctors‘ CV, experience and qualifications online, and read others’ reviews. Wellness Kliniek has already won the WhatClinic Award several times for excellent patient experiences. In addition, note the quality label, guarantees, the products used and what is included in the price, such as precaution, aftercare and VAT. The option for a no-obligation consultation is also important, as a good clinic will personally assess what is feasible/possible.

Lip surgery Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Europe!

At Wellness Kliniek, we receive patients from all over the world, especially from neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. It can be interesting to choose lip surgery in Belgium, for example because of the good quality of care, attractive prices and well-trained doctors specialising in aesthetic lip treatments. In addition to being located in Belgium, you can also visit Wellness Kliniek Barcelona for aesthetic lip surgery.

Plastic surgery lips? Next Day Surgery!

Plastic surgery for lips is a cosmetic procedure intended to beautify the volume and shape of the lips. Are you coming from far away and want to save travel time and travel costs? Then take advantage of our Next Day Surgery Service free of charge. Consultation and surgery will then take place within 48 hours. If desired, a no-obligation consultation beforehand, and aftercare conversations, can also be scheduled via tele-meetings. We will be happy to tell you more about it. When making an appointment, please indicate your interest in Next Day Surgery Service.

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Lip surgery Europe: choose the right lip correction!

There are different lip corrections. For example, some people want large, thick lips, while others prefer to have thick lips reduced in size. Whatever your wishes, there is always a solution possible with lip surgery by the doctors at Wellness Kliniek. We stress to book a no-obligation consultation for personal advice.

Lip fillers: plumping up thin lips

Surely one of the still most popular procedures in the field of facial surgery is filling the lips with fillers. This creates beautiful, full and firm lips. Fillers can also correct asymmetrical lips or accentuate the lip contour.

The doctor applies anaesthetic cream and then injects hyaluronic acid fillers into the lips in the right places. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that also occurs naturally in the body. It breaks down by itself within 6 to 18 months (varies per person), after which you can consider a repeat treatment.

At Wellness Kliniek, we use safe and leading brands of lip fillers. During a no-obligation consultation, the doctor will check with you how many ml of lip fillers are needed to achieve the desired result. Moreover, the lip fillers procedure is often combined with other filler treatments and injections against wrinkles, such as a liquid facelift.

Lip lift: narrow upper lip lifts

As you get older, your upper lip will sag a bit. This results in thin and narrow lips. Some people suffer from this faster than others. Besides age, other factors also play a role, such as heredity, smoking and general lifestyle. Fortunately, a narrow and sagging upper lip is easy to solve with a lip lift! This involves removing a strip of skin between the nose and upper lip, as it were, which has a lifting effect.

The result is an upper lip that appears larger, and more in proportion to the lower lip and the rest of the face. The doctor at Wellness Kliniek takes a close look at whether a lip lift or lip fillers would suit you better, or perhaps a combination of. Personal advice is important to make sure the desired result is achieved.

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Lip reduction: reducing thick lips

Sometimes you have naturally very thick lips. Many people love it and actually find it a blessing, especially these days when full lips are all the rage. But if you prefer smaller lips, this can be solved with lip reduction. This involves removing mucous membrane on the inside of the lip so that a scar is not visible. The procedure takes around 45 to 90 minutes, after which you can go home immediately.

Of course, the doctor at Wellness Kliniek will talk to you in detail about your wishes and expectations. Feel free to bring photos of beautiful lips to the consultation, so that the doctor can get a good idea of your wishes. You will always receive honest and transparent advice about your options, so that you can make a well-considered choice for this treatment.

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What are the lip correction costs in Belgium?

Wellness Kliniek is transparent about the costs and lip correction price and is known to share all rates with you. Costs always include proper precaution, fillers, admission, treatment, anaesthesia, aftercare, any (suture) materials and VAT. Lip surgery costs vary according to the procedure. Check lip fillers prices, lip lift prices or lip reduction prices.

Free consultation lip correction at Wellness Kliniek

Would you like to have your lips corrected? With a permanent procedure or lip fillers for a temporary effect? At Wellness Kliniek, you always schedule a no-obligation consultation first, so the doctor can give you personal advice on what to expect. After all, a lip correction is truly tailor-made, and we always give you honest advice. Time to go for those dream lips? Then make your no-obligation appointment now via our online booking tool.

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