Plastic surgery prices of the month

Plastic surgery prices of the month

Welcome to Wellness Kliniek. Discover our advantageous temporary offers, valid until 30/06/2024.

At Wellness Kliniek, we understand that quality care does not have to come with high costs. We strive to make high-quality cosmetic surgery accessible to everyone, which is why we are proud to present the special offers of the month. After making your reservation, the price remains valid for 2 months!

Our rates are all-inclusive; the surgery, with precaution, aftercare, any implants, warranty and 21% VAT.

Which clinic has the best plastic surgery prices?

A larger clinic offers economies of scale. These arise when, by increasing numbers, they manage to reduce the cost per patient.

Want to know more about temporary special offers at Wellness Kliniek? We update our full price list every month. Current prices remain valid until 30/06/2024. Discover today how you can enjoy the benefits of our innovative procedures at the best rate. Book today, lock in the price and enjoy the current offer for 2 months.

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Seasonal offers at Wellness Kliniek

Wellness Kliniek regularly comes up with seasonal offers, allowing you to take advantage of extra benefits during specific periods of the year. Keep an eye on the price lists on our website.

Cost transparency

At Wellness Kliniek, we believe in clarity and openness, and that starts with costs. That is why we offer a detailed overview of the cost of each treatment. Surf to the treatment costs page and compare plastic surgery prices.

Plastic surgery prices

Compare prices: All-inclusive costs at Wellness Kliniek

9 important aspects to compare plastic surgery costs. At Wellness Kliniek, we believe in an all-inclusive price, so you can see at once where you stand. No small print, but transparency! What is all included in the cost at Wellness Kliniek?

  1. Surgery or treatment: the operation and fees of specialist doctors and surgeons. Wellness Clinic selects the most experienced and highly trained aesthetic surgeons with proven expertise in cosmetic surgery.
  2. The clinic costs: operating theatre costs. Your treatment will take place in safe, modern and well-equipped surgery facilities.
  3. Anaesthetic costs: for experienced team of anaesthesiologists and the anaesthetic used.
  4. Other supplies: consider, for example, the cost of implants, sutures and other items associated with the treatment in question. All necessary operating room materials are included.
  5. Pre-care: some procedures may require specific medical tests prior to surgery, such as heart monitoring and ECG.
  6. Medicines: medicines needed during or immediately after your surgery are also included.
  7. Aftercare: aftercare fees, including post-operative check-ups and any necessary follow-up appointments at Wellness Clinic are free of charge for one year.
  8. VAT (21%): all costs include the required VAT, so there will be no surprises. Any legal adjustment of the VAT rate may affect the offers. Plastic aesthetic surgery is subject to 21% VAT. Plastic reconstructive surgery, which has no aesthetic purpose, is exempt from VAT.
  9. Warranty: warranty on implants, such as a 10-year warranty on breast implants or other prostheses, is included in the price, giving you peace of mind after your surgery.

Wellness Kliniek offers high-quality care with a specialised team of doctors and nurses. Certified care in a clinic that can demonstrate more than 25 years of dedication to safety, quality and more than 150,000 satisfied patients.

Frequently asked questions

Curious about the cost of plastic surgery? Wellness Kliniek Genk, Belgium and Barcelona offer comprehensive information on cosmetic surgery prices, including what is and is not included. A thorough analysis of costs is essential before you make the decision for plastic surgery.

Discover below our frequently asked questions and answers about the fees and financial aspects of aesthetic procedures. Don't find what you are looking for? Then contact us for more details on the cost of your specific plastic surgery treatment

What implants are included in the cost?

If you are considering breast augmentation and comparing implants and costs, we recommend that you find out about the clinic's quality label, the quality of the breast implant and the surgeon's breast augmentation experience.

At Wellness Kliniek, we evaluate implant quality, examinations, manufacturers' quality certificates, and long-term experience with the prostheses.

We charge a flat rate per implant, regardless of brand. Breast implants are included in the cost of your breast augmentation. Wellness Kliniek only works with safe prostheses such as Monobloc or Motiva. Based on a personal consultation, the doctor will advise which breast implant is a good choice for the result that suits your needs.

Why temporary offer breast augmentation?

Check out the temporary special offer for breast augmentation and other procedures. Compare price-quality of various clinics or plastic surgeons. Wellness Kliniek is the market leader. Due to its high volume, Wellness Kliniek can offer all-inclusive deals, at the most favourable rate. The advantages of economies of scale and time savings through innovative techniques, you reap the benefits as a client.

How to assess plastic surgery clinics and costs?

Special offers can help in making your decision. Cost is an important facet in making your choice. Of course, you also want to know which is the best clinic or plastic surgeon and why you chose Wellness Kliniek.

  • Market leader in Europe: We are proud to say that Wellness Kliniek is a market leader for cosmetic surgery in Europe. In addition to its location in Genk, Belgium, since 1996, Wellness Kliniek has also opened a clinic in Barcelona in 2021.
  • Personal attention: At Wellness Kliniek, you take centre stage. We believe in personal attention and tailor-made treatment plans for an optimal experience. Price lists are transparent. Of course, you always get a personal consultation, in which all questions and expectations are discussed.
  • Innovatieve technologieën: Wellness Kliniek maakt gebruik van de nieuwste technologieën en moderne technieken voor optimale resultaten. Een voorbeeld is onze eigen ontwikkelde MIBIS-techniek voor borstvergrotingen, waarbij de operatietijd, incisie en hersteltijd minimaal zijn!
  • Erkende experts: Onze specialisten zijn ervaren en erkende professionals die streven naar optimale resultaten met de hoogste standaarden in plastische chirurgie, esthetische geneeskunde en cosmetische tandheelkunde.
  • Moderne faciliteiten: Wellness Kliniek beschikt over geavanceerde faciliteiten, een modern uitgerust operatie kwartier met hartbewaking na je operatie, om je de best mogelijke zorg te bieden. Veiligheid staat bij ons hoog in het vaandel, en dat merk je.
  • ISO 9001 gecertificeerde kwaliteit: Een officieel, internationaal erkend kwaliteitslabel toont aan dat je in veilige handen bent, bij plastisch chirurgen en artsen in een kliniek met aantoonbare goede resultaten. Wellness Kliniek is ISO 9001 gecertificeerd.
  • 25 jaar ervaring: Met meer dan 25 jaar ervaring heeft Wellness Kliniek, internationaal, een reputatie opgebouwd als een betrouwbare en toonaangevende cosmetische kliniek in Europa. Dit zie je terug in onze professionele aanpak.
  • Meer dan 150.000 tevreden patiënten: Een uitgebreide geschiedenis van meer dan 150.000 tevreden patiënten spreekt voor het hoge niveau van zorg dat Wellness Kliniek biedt. Bekijk zeker de reviews om een beter beeld te krijgen van de ervaringen van anderen.

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