On this page, we inform you about the options of financing for your cosmetic procedure. Don't want to pay the cost of the cosmetic treatment(s) all at once? Cosmetic Finance allows you to pay in instalments. You will then not have to save or wait any longer to get your wish fulfilled.

Borrowing money costs money warning!

Beware! We are not a credit organisation. You can borrow money from a bank or another credit organisation such as Cosmetic Finance. The latter specialises in lending for cosmetic treatments. We do not work with lenders and have no commercial engagement with banks or other lenders. Always be well informed about interest rates and fees by lenders, as borrowing money costs money.

Financing through Cosmetic Finance

Cosmetic Finance is a provider of cosmetic and medical financing. This allows you to pay for treatment in instalments. Here, you repay the cost of the treatment in smaller parts. You can partly determine the repayment period yourself. You can indicate the desired period during your personal and no-obligation application. Cosmetic Finance has indicated the following procedure.

  • Fill in the form on the Cosmetic Finance website.
  • You will receive a reply (approval or advice) within a maximum of 48 hours.
  • If you agree and the conditions appeal to you, put your signature.
  • The money will be transferred to your own bank account.
  • You transfer this money to Wellness Kliniek to pay for your treatment.
  • Each month, you pay off the agreed amount with Cosmetic Finance.
  • If desired, you can make additional repayments penalty-free in the interim.

Only possible for residents of Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Shine the way you want this year!

Can't wait to get that cosmetic procedure you've been dreaming of? Make a no-obligation application for financing through Cosmetic Finance or read on below for more information, frequently asked questions and other financing options. Keep in mind that borrowing money always costs money. So think carefully when choosing external financing, whether it suits you or not.

The transparent, current rates of treatments at Wellness Kliniek can be found in our plastic surgery prices overview .

Cosmetic Finance

  • Customized financing
  • No small print, no paperwork
  • Quick response
  • Cosmetic Finance guarantees

So many satisfied customers have gone before you; make your cosmetic dream come true. 

Service for Dutch residents only on the .nl website.
Service for Spanish customers only on the Spanish website.

Frequently asked questions about finance

What are Cosmetic Finance's experiences?

Cosmetic Finance has many years of experience in financing cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery. Cosmetic Finance experiences from our patients show that they are very satisfied with this method of financing. It works simply, the term is flexible, the interest rate is often relatively low and you can also repay early as often as you like. As a result, you will pay less interest, without - unlike many banks - having to pay a repayment penalty. Mind you, borrowing money always costs money.

Is Cosmetic Finance the only lender for cosmetic procedures?

No, definitely not. You can finance surgeries in many ways, such as through a loan through your own bank, an external lender or a personal loan. We mention Cosmetic Finance for your information as an example and suggestion, because this party focuses specifically on surgical procedures, which makes it more likely you will be able to get a loan.

Is it smart to borrow money for cosmetic surgery?

Borrowing money costs money; you have to pay interest on it. It is therefore important to think carefully about whether a loan suits you. Alternatively, you can opt for savings. You can set aside a monthly amount yourself, or build up a savings fund via the Wellness Kliniek. You will then have to postpone the operation for a while, but at least you won't pay any interest.

Do I have to pay a deposit to book a surgery?

Yes, you pay a deposit and then we schedule the treatment. This deposit is of course deducted from the total amount of the procedure.

Can I pay for my surgery in cash?

Yes, in most cases you can. Thus, you can book the procedure directly after the consultation by paying for it in cash. However, Belgian legislation stipulates that for a procedure over €2999 (including VAT), we can only accept 10% of the total amount in cash. In this case, paying in cash is partly possible.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, you can. You can make the payment via bank transfer and once we receive the money, the agreed surgery date is fixed. If we receive the money later than discussed, the previously chosen treatment date may no longer be available. In that case, we can discuss a new date.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, this is possible with any cosmetic treatment at the clinic. Once the down payment is made, you can pay the rest in instalments. The procedure will take place after the entire amount has been paid.

Can I pay for my breast augmentation in instalments?

The most commonly chosen procedures for payment in instalments are breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. If you want to avoid interest, and pay for your breast augmentation in instalments, you can create a piggy bank at Wellness Kliniek. Each month, you place an amount of your choice in here. As soon as you have the costs for the operation together, you will receive a call from us. You can also opt for a loan, as with the aforementioned Cosmetic Finance.