Curious about the prices of breast reduction, male breast reduction, or gynaecomastia surgery costs? We have clearly displayed these in the price table below.

Consultation Chest reduction | Gynaecomastie 60
Consultation Chest reduction | Gynaecomastie - Booked online 30
Chest reduction | Gynecomastia
Breast reduction Gynecomastia | Fat removal 1295
Breast reduction Gynaecomastia | Liposuction + gland removal 2895
Breast reduction Gynaecomastia | Liposuction + gland removal + skin resection 4100
Overnight stay in private room 250
Private room 120

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All prices are valid till 31/07/2024. All prices are including VAT.

All inclusive

Our prices are all-inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic and all aftercare following the procedure.

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Consultation procedure and costs breast reduction

At Wellness Kliniek, we understand all too well that making a choice for male breast reduction is not always the easiest step. We therefore consider it important that the surgeons inform you properly and discuss the options and gynaecomastia surgery costs with you. After all, every body is different.

With us, you can opt for optional and free Next Day Surgery, where the consultation and surgery take place on consecutive days.

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What does breast reduction in men cost?

Gynaecomastia, breast formation in men, is quite common. The solution is breast reduction or breast reduction in men where fat and/or glandular tissue are removed. The scar is kept minimally small. Of course, you want to know exactly what gynaecomastia surgery costs. At Wellness Clinic, we use transparent breast reduction prices. Current breast reduction prices can be found above.

Gynaecomastia surgery costs

The cost of breast reduction gynaecomastia men's surgery is all-inclusive. This includes the surgery, precaution and necessary aftercare at Wellness Kliniek. Our prices are transparent, so you know where you stand.

  • In gynaecomastia breast reduction, the surgeon will remove excess fat in your breast.
  • An additional price supplement to the gynaecomastia surgery cost may be the removal of glands.
  • Exceptionally, skin must also be removed. This price supplement is called skin resection for gynaecomastia.

The current prices for these different gynaecomastia surgeries can be found above in the cost table. During a no-obligation consultation, the surgeon at Wellness Kliniek can advise you on what is necessary / desirable.

Gynaecomastia on credit

If desired, it is possible to create a piggy bank at Wellness Kliniek where you deposit a certain amount each month. Once the gynaecomastia surgery cost (your savings budget) has been reached, you will receive an invitation from us to undergo the surgery.

Breast reduction costs: Next Day Surgery

At Wellness Kliniek, we welcome men from all over the world for gynaecomastia surgery. We offer - if required and completely free of charge - the Next Day Surgery Service. This means that the consultation and surgery take place on consecutive days. This can be convenient if you have to travel a little further to the Wellness Kliniek.

Breast reduction men / breast correction price and procedure

The aim of breast reduction in men is to restore the normal male breast contours. Optionally, the surgeon can correct the nipples, additionally.

Breast reduction in men (for man boobs) is common, with almost half of all men experiencing breast growth to a greater or lesser extent. Especially with age, so-called man boobs can develop. A male breast reduction or breast reduction with nipple correction is then a very nice solution.

To get a better idea of previous results, take a look at the before and after photos of a breast reduction in men.

Safe surgery with short recovery

You choose a clinic with an official quality label. An ISO 9001 certificate guarantees that the surgery is performed safely, using state-of-the-art techniques.

Male breast reduction surgery takes around 1 to 2 hours, depending on the specific gynaecomastia treatment. You will receive sleep anaesthesia, which is included in the gynaecomastia surgery cost. The incision is kept as small as possible so that a scar is barely visible. The aim of the procedure is that you recover quickly and later no one has to know you had breast reduction surgery.

The greatest recovery takes place within a week. You will be given a special bandage around your chest or a compression shirt. You may go home or back to your hotel the same day.

Development of chest and breasts in men

You may have been happy with your chest/breasts for years, but notice that the shape is changing and your breasts have become thicker. Breast development in men, later in life, is very common. In fact, a change in the shape of the breasts is not an unnatural phenomenon. Fortunately, something can be done about it so that your chest retains its youthful appearance.

What to do about breast formation in men?

Often, breast formation in men results from hormonal fluctuations, for example during puberty or due to old age (often from 50 onwards). Breasts in men can also result from a change in diet or taking certain food supplements or medicines. If you are in doubt about the cause, we recommend you contact your GP.

Cheap gynaecomastia surgery Belgium

You may have noticed that the breast reduction prices at Wellness Kliniek Belgium are very competitive. We can offer these thanks to our years of experience and time-saving techniques. Wellness Kliniek has 25 years of experience and more than 150,000 satisfied patients. A large clinic offers economies of scale and value for money. A short operation time is also more favourable for a speedy recovery.

Price breast reduction with ISO 9001 quality

A cheap breast reduction in Belgium, but safe? Wellness Kliniek is ISO 9001 quality certified. ISO is an official, international quality label. So we meet the international standard in terms of safety and quality. We think this is important. The expertise of the surgeons and the safety of the patient come first.

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