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Cosmetic dental surgery and dentistry makes your teeth and smile more beautiful. There are various procedures that can be performed to enhance your teeth. Are you embarrassed by your teeth when you smile? Your self-confidence gets a boost with high-quality and preventive dental care.

Safe dentistry at Wellness Kliniek

Your teeth are an important part of your body. After all, you use them every day, both for practical reasons and to show off that radiant smile. And we understand better than anyone how uncomfortable it is when you don't dare to smile. Fortunately, with safe dental surgery, something can be done about this. You can enjoy strong and beautiful teeth again. Our specialised dentists are experienced in restoring your teeth to pearly whites that you can be proud of!

Types of dental surgery

When it comes to dental surgery and dentistry, Wellness Kliniek offers a wide range of procedures. Of course, perfectly tailored to your needs and teeth. During an informal consultation, we'll be happy to discuss the best options for your brand new, radiant smile. Whether this is to make your teeth more beautiful, from a practical point of view, or a combination of both. Read more about our possibilities below.


Veneers, which are also known as facings or facets, are porcelain caps that are attached to the teeth. We use high-quality E-Max veneers, which are barely 0.3 mm thick. This ensures a natural result, both in terms of feeling and appearance. The E-Max veneers are placed with the utmost care and remain in place for life. For example, you can have veneers placed just on the front teeth, but also on the entire set of teeth.

When to choose veneers? There can be many reasons for this. For example, they are perfect if you suffer from crooked teeth, gaps or chipped corners. Veneers can be used to correct these problems. In addition, they also provide that beautiful white colour again, for life!

Dental crowns & bridges

Do you suffer from one or more brittle teeth, such as a decayed tooth or a tooth that is about to break off? Or have you had a root canal treatment? In this case, dental crowns and dental bridges are often the best solution.

A crown is the replacement of one tooth. It is possible to have several crowns placed. Or perhaps you have several teeth in a row that need to be replaced? Then a dental bridge might be a better option. This is actually just a row of dental crowns.

Besides being super sturdy, dental crowns and dental bridges also look great. They give you that radiant movie-star smile and you don't have to worry about chipping your teeth anymore.

Dental implants

When you have (nearly) lost one or more teeth, you do not always have a good natural basis for a dental crown or dental bridge. In this case, dental implants can be a solution. These are titanium screws that serve as artificial roots.

After insertion, a dental bridge, dental crown or prosthesis can be placed on them. Whether a dental implant is possible for you depends on the amount of jawbone available. Our dentists will adjust the treatment completely to the possibilities of your teeth.

Snap-in dentures

Do you have loose dentures and do you really not want to take them in and out all the time? Afraid that they will get stuck when you bite into an apple? That is understandable! Snap-in dentures solve this problem. As the name suggests, they are clicked into your mouth. Therefore you do not have to take them in and out, which is very convenient.

It also looks very realistic and it feels as if you have your own teeth in your mouth again. Your new teeth are perfectly tailor-made and in many cases even last a lifetime.

Dental bleaching

All the food and drink you consume throughout life can affect the colour of your teeth. Some staining cannot simply be removed, unless you opt for dental bleaching. This dental bleaching, or teeth whitening, makes staining disappear like snow in the sun. So nobody will notice that you are fond of coffee, tea, red wine or cigarettes.

We use the Power Bleach Method PrevDent, a safe method that does not damage your teeth and that can change the intrinsic tooth colour. This not only gets rid of the staining, but also makes your teeth a few shades whiter.

What can you expect from our dental procedures?

The experienced dentists at Wellness Kliniek know how to make your teeth beautiful again. The complete process depends on the procedure chosen, about which you can already find more information on our website. You are also more than welcome for a no-obligation consultation. Do you have a particular 'look' in mind? Then feel free to bring one or more sample images to the consultation. A lot is possible with dental surgery, so there is a good chance that the desired result is achievable.

We strive only for the very best of the best, whether it concerns dental implants, dental crowns or complete snap-in dentures. So you can expect them to be long-lasting, and in many cases you will not need to have another operation for the rest of your life. Of course it is important that you continue to take good care of your teeth. Our specialists give detailed advice on the best way to go about this.

How much does dental surgery cost?

Anyone who has looked at the prices of dental surgery will have come to the conclusion that they are relatively expensive procedures. This is not only due to the entire process, but also to the prices of materials. We believe it is important to work only with the best materials. The advantage of this is that you can enjoy them for longer, which can save you many visits to the dentist for the rest of your life.

In short, we go for long-term results. However, we try to keep dentistry affordable for as many people as possible and therefore we strive for transparent and fair pricing. The prices of dental procedures can be found on our website.

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Maybe you already know exactly what you would like to have done to your teeth. It may also be that you have no idea which dental procedure is best for you. Fortunately, you don't have to make that choice yourself. Our dentists give you personal advice based on your teeth.

All options will be discussed with you, so you can make a well-considered decision whether to have the procedure done or not. You will also receive a final cost estimate, so that you can see if it suits you financially as well. Contact us now and book your no-obligation appointment at Wellness Kliniek.

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