10 Year Warranty on all Breast Implants!

All European manufacturers of breast implants featuring the CE marking provide a 10-year guarantee if the breast implants rupture without any external cause. This applies to highly cohesive silicone implants as well as hydrogel implants and saline implants.

Furthermore, If you opt for Monobloc SoftOne® silicone implants, Wellness Kliniek also provides a 3-year warranty on the surgery if a change of implants is needed. 

Good to know

Are you in doubt as to whether your breast implants are still intact? MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can help you find out. Bring the MRI along with the radiological report to the Wellness Kliniek so that we can plan a second procedure in accordance with the conditions of the guarantee. The MRI report is sent to the manufacturer in exchange for new prostheses.

Complications linked to breast implants

Complications, such as rejection of the implant, an infection or excessive capsular contracture are not covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. If the implants must be replaced within a year the surgeon will perform the procedure free of charge. You only pay the price of the replacement implants.

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