Better manufacturing practices, adherence to the most strict European Standards and patented technologies. In these times of uncertainty, the goal of innovation must be the patient’s safety.

Leakage is virtually excluded with Monobloc Implants
The solid or high-cohesive silicone gel-filled implants are safe, in contrast to implants filled with liquid silicone.  Leakage is virtually excluded with this type of silicone implant, even following a possible rupture of the breast implant's shell. 

In terms of quality, this type of silicone implant offers the very best option and that's why our patients choose it.

Laboratoires Arion, also the inventor of the Monobloc Hydrogel prosthesis, is reputed to be the most innovative European designer of high quality breast implants since 1965.
The new Silicone breast implant was developed with a view to reliability and durability. In contrast to the water-gel filled Hydrogel breast prosthesis, the new Silicone SoftOne version has an absolute minimal chance of leakage.

SoftOne® silicone breast implants are filled with soft but highly cohesive silicone gel.

Thanks to optimal viscosity of the silicon gel, in combination with the quality of the strong shell, beautiful, natural-looking results are achieved leading to high level of patient satisfaction.

Advantages of Monobloc Implants

In comparison to other implant manufacturers, Arion's Monobloc SoftOne Breast Implants are:

  • Super soft
    The filler is made of a patented, soft and highly cohesive silicone gel. The structure is almost identical to the mammary gland. This means that the prosthesis feels soft and natural.
  • Minimum risk of leakage
    The firm, highly cohesive non-liquid gel protects against leakage. The patented shell of the Monobloc Silicone SoftOne® offers additional protection. The breast implant's shell is formed from just one piece. The seal (the patch)  is autogenously melted together with the rest of the shell. "Monobloc means 1 block". In other brands of implants the seal is often glued. A glued seal can come unstuck, increasing the risk of leakage.
  • Strong and reliable
    The elastomer shell is exceptionally strong and thin so that the breast implant is barely noticeable. The patented process for manufacturing the Monobloc® prostheses ensures an extremely high elasticity of 950%, making this breast implant incredibly strong and reliable.
  • Small scar 
    Because of the extremely high elasticity - 950% - the breast prosthesis can be inserted using an injection system specially designed by the Wellness Kliniek, the MIBIS method. This makes it possible to insert the implants through the areola via a very small incision, so that any evidence of the procedure is hardly visible a few weeks afterwards. An incision under the breast is also possible of course.

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