Dr. J. Parys

Dr. Jurgen Parys, experienced and knowledgeable breast surgery specialist:

More than 25 years of experience as a breast surgeon. Dr. Parys moved to Germany after his studies as a general physician at KU Leuven in Belgium where he specialized in Gynecological Surgery in Bremen for 6 years and then further specialized in breast reconstruction. His professional focus is on aesthetic breast surgery and breast augmentation with implants. He was trained the plastic surgery hospitals of Alteneichen in Hamburg and in Hildesheim.

Contribution to aesthetic breast surgery in general:

Dr. Parys pioneered the development of the breast cancer screening program in Germany, of which Bremen initiated the pilot project which was subsequently introduced throughout the country.

Dr. Parys obtained German and European EUSOMA accreditation. He is a specialist in all aspects of breast surgery. In this capacity, he is frequently invited as a speaker at various surgical congresses.

Dr. Parys was affiliated with the University Hospital of Antwerp and the Hospital Network Antwerp for several years, after which he focused entirely on the aesthetic aspect of breast surgery and, in particular, breast augmentation with implants and the Minimally Invasive Breast Surgery (MIBIS) techniques.

Dr. Parys is a Belgian doctor and speaks Dutch, French, German, English and Spanish.


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