Breast Lift Before and After Photos

Breast Lift Before and After Photos: Breast Lift

Breast lift (or mastopexy) procedures can improve the overall appearance of your breasts. Our surgeons specialise in correcting sagginess and droopiness. Women contact us when they want a breast lift tailored to their physique. Browse through our boob lift before and after pictures to see how your postoperative breasts could look.

Sagging breasts before surgery Before
After breast uplifting After
More volume and firmness for sagging breasts
Before uplifting Before
After a Mastopexy After
More firm and lifted breasts after a Breast Lift
Hanging breasts before a breast lift Before
Fuller breasts after a breast lift with implants After
A breast lift with implants for a beautiful shape
Before Before
After After
Before Before
After After
Before Before
After After
Before Before
After After
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What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery involves raising the breasts and nipples by removing excess skin.  Excess skin and sagging can happen for a number of reasons. Women who experience pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, or even the natural effects of ageing will notice their breasts sagging. 

The type of incision our surgeons use depends on which procedure best suits you. There are two options for a mini breast lift. If you are experiencing slight sagging, our surgeons will perform a donut lift and make an incision around the areolas. 

Another option for mini breasts lifts is a lollipop lift. Our surgeons will cut around the areolas and vertical lines in the direction of the breast fold. This type of procedure is best suited to women who experience moderate sagging. 

Our surgeons use an anchor-shaped incision for women who have large breasts with more sagging.

What Types of Lifts Are There?

There are lots of different kinds of boob lift surgery. During your consultation, you will meet with one of our specialist surgeons. They will assess your physique and grade of sagging and suggest either a mini breast lift or a full breast lift. 

In cases where the sagginess is above a grade 1, our surgeons will suggest having breast implant surgery after the uplift.  Women who have a high grade of sagging will benefit from boob lift surgery, but opting for implant surgery afterwards is the only way to eliminate sagging.

Breast Lift Before and After Pictures

Our breast lift before and after pictures speak for themselves. Women travel from all over the world to meet our specialist surgeons and have a tailored experience. Our surgeons work on a case-by-case basis to create uplifts that suit your physique and preferences.

We perform mini breast lifts, full boob lifts, and lifts with implant surgery. You can see all of these outcomes on our boob lift before and after case studies page. You can even see how breast lift scars look on different women with different grades of sagginess.

Boob Lift Recovery

With so many different types of uplifts to choose from, no two recovery periods are the same. Lots of women choose our clinic because our prices are comprehensive. The medical fee, anaesthesia, and aftercare costs are part of a set fee. You can rest assured that our expert teams will give you an unparalleled level of aftercare.

We will also give you all the information you need to return to your day-to-day life. Our aftercare team prioritise rest and relaxation. They can advise you on which support garments to wear, how to bathe, and which light to moderate activities you can perform. 

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

Breast lift prices vary from clinic to clinic. At Wellness Kliniek, our surgeons can perform two different types of uplifts: mini and full. Each type of uplift requires different incisions and timeframes. No matter which procedure you choose, you can expect to pay a flat fee. The anaesthesia, medical fee, and aftercare procedures are included in the cost of each procedure.

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