Nose correction

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Nose correction

Nose correction

Bone, cartilage, and nostrils... we can correct them all from the inside of the nose. We can embellish the shape of the nasal tip and the angle between the nose and the upper lip. It is also possible to flatten nasal bumps or lumps and make the nose straighter, shorter, narrower, or wider.

Price: 1530

Nose Correction Basics

  • Surgery: 2 hours
  • General anaesthesia
  • Incision: internal
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 2 weeks
  • Tampons and surgical splints

Correcting a crooked, thin, or wide nose

The nose is a prominent part of the face. It is basically the central feature, so it really stands out. Feeling unhappy with the shape or size of your nose can make you very insecure sometimes. You feel awkward, because you think the first thing people look at is your nose.

Recognise this? At Wellness Kliniek, we offer various nose surgery options to turn any nose into a nose that is a perfect fit with your wishes and your face. Take a look at some nasal tip and nasal bridge correction surgery before and after pictures to get an idea of this procedure.

Nasal tip correction surgery

Some people are unhappy with the shape of their nasal tip, because they have a crooked nose that is pointed downward, a bulbous nasal tip, or an asymmetrical nose. That is when we can reshape the nasal tip.

Nasal bridge correction

The nasal bridge is the part of the nose above the nasal tip. If yours has a bump, in the centre or more at the top, nasal bridge correction surgery could be just the thing for you. It will give you a nose that runs down from your forehead to the nasal tip in a straight line.

Nostril reduction

Wide nostrils make your nose look big from the front. This can be corrected through nostril reduction surgery. We have created a special page about nostril correction surgery. With this kind of surgery, the scars will be on the inside of the nose.

Total nose surgery

In some cases, the best option is to reshape several parts of the nose in one single rhinoplasty procedure. Nasal tip, nasal bridge, and/or nostrils, our total nose surgery will make even the most asymmetrical, wide, and hooked noses look great again.

Nasal implant or lipofilling

In some cases, the shape needs to be corrected to such a degree that a nasal implant maybe the best option. Nasal lipofilling is also an option we can offer. This means that the body’s own fat is injected to fill up small nasal deformities. You can also see it as natural fillers. It is a choice you won’t have to make on your own, as our doctors will, if applicable, help you with advice on the best nose surgery options for you.

Pros and cons of nose surgery

Even a subtle reshaping of the nose can do wonders for your self-confidence about your looks. A minor correction can make all the difference for your face. You will get better proportions, so that you feel happy about your looks again. Besides better facial balance, another major benefit of nose surgery is that it does not leave any visible scars (or only scars that are barely visible). And nose surgery involves hardly any risks.

Do bear in mind, however, that the final result will not show right away, it may take several months. You must strictly follow the doctor’s aftercare instructions to prevent bleeding and infections. That means that you cannot go back to your normal day-to-day activities for the first weeks. You are advised not to smoke or drink over the first period after the surgery to ensure a speedy recovery.

When you are having surgery done, you want the peace of mind of knowing that you are choosing a safe clinic. At Wellness Kliniek, we boast many years of nose surgery experience. Our experience ensures that we always select the most efficient surgical technique to reshape your nose. That’s why people from all over the globe have come to our clinic in Genk (Belgium).

Whatever your wishes, we will go for a nose that suits you and your face. Read below to find out more about all the options and the treatment, or book a no-obligation consultation with one of our surgeons right away.

Who is nasal tip or nasal bridge correction surgery intended for?

The shape of the nose is very personal and has a great bearing on the look of the face as a whole. This surgery is intended to make the nose blend in perfectly with the other facial features. If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose, this kind of nose surgery may be ideal for you. In principle, anyone can have this done, regardless of the current shape of the nose.

Nose surgery: how does the procedure work?

The incision is normally made inside the nostrils. This allows the surgeon to reshape the bone and cartilage. In some patients, the only option is to do open nose surgery. However, we always try to avoid this as much as possible, because it may leave scars. Basically, we always work in a way that is as scar-free as possible.

The surgery takes around 2 hours. After the surgery, the nose is protected using surgical splints and nasal tampons. The surgery may be shorter or longer than 2 hours, depending on the specifics of the surgery. This will, of course, be discussed with you beforehand. You will be put under general anaesthesia and can go home on the same day. If you live far away from our clinic, you can book an overnight stay.

What to expect?

Besides a safe procedure, aftercare is also very important to us. After the procedure, you will receive a document with aftercare instructions that are specific to your surgery. You must follow these instructions to the letter for optimal recovery. General instructions are to not bend over forwards or do any heavy lifting, because that can cause bleeding.

After the surgery, your face will be swollen and bruised around the eyes. The swelling and bruising can take several weeks to clear up. This is something to bear in mind if you are planning to work or engage in social activities. Generally, it will be two weeks before you can go back to work. This is the period during which most of the recovery takes place.

The swelling will have completely cleared up after several months. Only then will you see the final result of your nasal tip or nasal bridge correction surgery. So, don’t worry if the result is not quite what you wanted after the first few weeks, because it will still change.

How much does nose surgery cost?

The price of nose surgery depends on the procedure in question. We charge different prices for nasal tip correction surgery and nasal bridge correction surgery. The nose can also be reshaped using an implant. Given our commitment to transparent pricing, we have put all the prices for the various types of nose surgery together on one page. Curious? Check our nose surgery prices here.

Nose surgery prices

No-obligation nose surgery consultation at Wellness Kliniek

Are you considering having your nose done? Hesitate no longer and contact us now, so that we can go over what we can do for you in great detail. The choice for a certain nose surgery option is not one you will have to make all by yourself, our specialist doctors can help you with advice. They know what would suit your face and what reshaping is needed for that. Have a certain ‘beautiful nose’ in mind for yourself? Feel free to bring pictures to the consultation to show us what you are looking for.

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