A Guide to Planning your aesthetic result

4 Steps to help you plan the aesthetic result you want from your breast augmentation. Several questions need to be answered before you proceed with breast augmentation surgery.  These pertain to the following issues:

  1. volume,
  2. cleavage
  3. profile/projection
  4. shape

1. Volume

Moderate, medium or high?

When the time comes to choose the correct breast implant for you, during the consultation with your surgeon, breast sizing is vital in order to achieve the desired aesthetic result. Your surgeon will measure your actual breast size correctly, as this is the starting point in deciding upon the right volume of implant or cup size that will suit you best and give you the optimum result. Others factors, such as your body frame and skin elasticity will also be taken into account by the surgeon when choosing the right implant volume.

   Moderate volume

   Medium volume

   High volume

2. Cleavage

Modest, noticeable, pronounced

A discussion with your plastic surgeon about the type of cleavage you desire is also an important factor and consideration in achieving the look you want with your breast enlargement. 

   Modest Cleavage

    Noticeable Cleavage

     Pronounced Cleavage

3. Profile/Projection

Low, high, extra high

This refers to what sort of “upper breast fullness” you desire and how you want your breasts to look in certain types of clothing or swimwear for example. Your surgeon will be able to guide you in this and may also discuss breast symmetry and any nipple considerations that need to be taken into account as well.

      Low Profile

     High Profile

     Extra High Profile

4. Shape

Shape of the implant

With round implants the plastic surgeon can create natural, beautifully proportioned breasts. The wide availability of diverse sizes, diameters and degrees of projection offer a great deal of flexibility for providing you with the breast implant that is absolutely perfect for you. There are also anatomical implants, the so-called teardrop-shaped prostheses. These are often used in reconstructive breast enlargements such as after breast cancer. For an aesthetic breast enlargement our plastic surgeons generally prefer round implants.

Read more about the disadvantages of teardrop-shaped implants.

Your plastic surgeon naturally helps you make the right choice, to achieve the most beautiful aesthetic results, in accordance with your wishes.

  • First, your surgeon measures your breast size and profile. He/she also examines the symmetry of your breasts and the position of the nipples. This is the starting point for each decision. 
  • The surgeon also takes other factors into account such as your build, the width of your ribcage and your skin's elasticity when selecting the ideal implant.

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Questions about breast augmentation?

What are the possibilities? What is the procedure like? What are the possible complications? How do I prepare? You'll find the answers to these and other questions in our handy guide.

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