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Breast enhancement surgery at Wellness Kliniek Belgium: Your number one choice !

Breast enlargement - breast augmentation with implants is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in Europe.

Breast implant types and sizes

The choice of implant partly determines the operating technique that is used. Furthermore the operating technique is aligned to your preference and your build. Plastic surgeons at the Wellness Kliniek only use the highest quality implants. The quality, volume and shape of the implant partly determine the final result.

At the intake consultation you will decide on the type of implant, volume and shape that will offer you the most beautiful result in association with the plastic surgeon.

1. High-cohesive silicone breast implants (solid gel)

Modern silicone implants are safe

The new generation of cohesive silicone implants are safe. They have a strong, reliable shell and are filled with a solid silicone mass, which does not spread through the body if the shell ruptures. Implants with a solid silicone filling give the breast a stunning shape and feel soft and flexible. There are different models, which you examine in consultation with the doctor: round or teardrop and with a high, medium or low profile.

At the Wellness Kliniek we generally use the following brand: Monobloc SoftOne by Laboratoires Arion.

2. Hydrogel breast implants (water gel)

The hydrogel breast implant consists of a silicon shell filled with carboxymethylcellulose 3,7% and physiological serum 96,3%. The hydrogel prosthesis allows the breast to be x-rayed just like the salt-water prosthesis. If the prosthesis should leak, the body will naturally secrete the harmless fluid. With hydrogel implants there is a higher risk of leakage because the prosthesis is likely to absorb some body moisture. If you choose hydrogel prostheses, the Monobloc Hydrogel implant is the most suitable.

Tiny scar

In the past, silicone implants were inserted via a large incision (5 to 7 cm!).  Thanks to an innovative operating technique, silicone breast implants can now also be inserted via a small incision of ca. 3 cm.  

The major advantage of a small incision is that a few months after your breast enlargement the scar is barely noticeable!

3. Salt water breast implants (saline)

It is possible to insert inflatable implants through a small incision (1-2 cm) that are then filled with a special saline solution (physiological serum). This serum is completely harmless and is passed out of the body in case of any leakage. The implants can be inserted in front of or behind the breast muscle.

Breast enlargement with salt water filled implants:

  • 1. A fine surgical instrument is inserted in the navel through a small incision
  • 2. The prosthesis is rolled up.
  • 3. The implant is introduced via the navel and filled.
  • 4. The incision is stitched leaving the scar hidden in the navel.

Salt water filled implants are not as supple as hydrogel or silicone implants and don't feel as soft. 

What do our patients say?

Questions about breast augmentation?

What are the possibilities? What is the procedure like? What are the possible complications? How do I prepare? You'll find the answers to these and other questions in our handy guide.

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