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    Breast augmentation with implants now for 2750 euro VAT inclusive. Includes intravenous sedation. This price offer applies to implants ranging from 200 cc to 500 cc. This special offer is valid until: 12/07/2020

General anaesthetic or intravenous sedation?


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A breast augmentation can be performed under intravenous sedation! 

At the Wellness Kliniek we work with modern pain management techniques. This means that you experience a minimum of inconvenience right after your procedure as well as during the next few days. You can opt for intravenous sedation or a general anaesthetic in consultation with the anaesthetist or surgeon.

Expert support

You are supported by the anaesthetist, your surgeon and our team of nurses until the moment you leave the Kliniek.

Breast augmentation with intravenous sedation

At the Wellness Kliniek your comfort is paramount

Due to progress made in sedation techniques, invasive cosmetic procedures can now be performed without the patient being subjected to the side-effects of a general anaesthetic. With more effective pain relief, a light form of anaesthesia is sufficient. Unlike traditional anaesthesia, a tube will not be inserted via your throat to mechanically control your breathing.

During the operation you breathe and swallow independently while asleep and yet you don’t feel pain.

Intravenous sedation makes surgery safer. A few hours after the procedure you feel fine and have been spared from the side effects and complications of general anaesthesia.

General anaesthetic

A general anaesthetic is a form of anaesthetic that involves the patient being fully sedated, your muscles are relaxed and you lose consciousness.

You breathe through a breathing tube inserted in your windpipe.

A breast enhancement can be performed under a general anaesthetic. This is sometimes the doctor's recommendation. You may be opposed to a general anaesthetic because of the unpleasant sensation afterwards. Therefore it is good to know that our anaesthetists use special anaesthetics that prevent post-operative nausea. You can also leave the Wellness Kliniek the same day after a general anaesthetic.

The importance of being nil by mouth

If you have eaten, there is a chance that gastric fluid will enter the lungs when you are anaesthetised. Therefore, you should always be nil by mouth before having intravenous sedation or a general anaesthetic. You must not eat or drink anything eight hours before surgery.

Questions about breast augmentation?

What are the possibilities? What is the procedure like? What are the possible complications? How do I prepare? You'll find the answers to these and other questions in our handy guide.

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