Nipple correction before and after photos

Would you like to discover nipple correction before and after photos? When considering correction of your nipples, you naturally want to know what to expect. Results are different for every patient, which is why we'd like to show you some photos of nipple correction results.

Too large nipples before nipple correction surgery Before
After nipple correction surgery After
Nipple correction surgery to correct overly large nipples
Inverted nipples before nipple surgery Before
After nipple surgery After
Nipple Correction Surgery
Nipples before corrective surgery Before
After nipple correction surgery After
Plastic surgery of the nipples
Retracted nipple Before
Photos after correction of retracted nipples After
Retracted nipple

Photos nipple correction before and after

At Wellness Kliniek, we think it's important that you have a good idea of what we can do for you. That is why you will find before and after photos of nipple correction on this page. It may involve a reduction or enlargement of the nipples, as well as correction of the areola and/or correction of retracted nipples.

Retracted nipples can sometimes be easily corrected with a piercing. Here, you have a normally shaped nipple that pulls inwards. The piercing helps turn the nipple outwards. Correction with a surgical steel piercing is a quick and efficient procedure. The milk ducts remain intact, allowing you to continue breastfeeding later.

If your nipple is not properly constructed and therefore pulls inwards, plastic surgery of the nipple can offer a solution. The surgeon will make an incision in the nipple to loosen the milk ducts.

An oversized or irregularly shaped areola can also be corrected with aesthetic nipple correction. An oversized areola is often associated with sagging or oversized breasts. You can then consider a breast lift or breast reduction.

We are happy to show you the results of different forms of nipple correction on this page.

Best clinic for nipple correction results

When you want to have a nipple correction performed, it makes sense that you would like to be treated at a good clinic and by experienced surgeons. At Wellness Kliniek, you are in good hands. In fact, Wellness Kliniek received the (independent) WhatClinic award for best patient experience. We also guarantee ISO 9001 quality assurance, as Europe's first plastic surgery clinic. Every year, the surgeons at Wellness Kliniek help thousands of women with aesthetic breast surgery.

Nipple correction photos women

A nipple correction can provide relief for both women and men. Wellness Kliniek specialises in breast surgery and nipple correction. Here you will find photos of nipple corrections on women. If, as a man, you are curious about the results that can be achieved, take a look at the nipple correction for men before and after photos. For male breast reduction results, go to our gynaecomastia surgery before and after photos.

Safe operation

Nipple correction can be performed under local or sleep anaesthesia. The treatment takes 10 to 30 minutes. You can go home the same day.

Transparent all-inclusive prices at Wellness Kliniek

At Wellness Kliniek, you can count on all-inclusive prices. Aftercare at Wellness Kliniek is also included in the price.

Find all current nipple correction prices here.

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Everyone may have their own reasons for opting for a nipple tuck. Here you can think of:

  • Nipples that protrude or bulge
  • Nipples that are retracted
  • Nipples that are misshapen
  • A large areola 
  • Non-symmetrical nipples/areola
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