Protruding ear surgery

Prominent ears - Bat ears

Protruding or sticky-out ears are usually congenital. They often give rise to a lack of self-confidence. However, it is a common phenomenon and therefore not abnormal. Want to have your protruding ears corrected? Ear surgery offers a solution. The procedure means your ears are placed closer to your head.

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Bat Ear Surgery Basics

  • Surgery: 1-2 hours
  • Local anesthetic or intravenous sedation
  • Small incision behind the ear
  • No overnight stay required
  • Recovery: 2 weeks
  • Elastic bandage

Protruding ear surgery for adults

During a no-obligation consultation, we will tell you in detail what we can do for you, as well as what you can expect in terms of after-care and recovery. Please note that we only perform this procedure on adults (18+).

Curious to see our previous results? Feel free to view the protruding ears before and after pictures. Incidentally, it is also possible that one ear ‘protrudes’ slightly more than the other. This is of course taken into account when correcting the protruding ear.

What are sticky-out ears or protruding ears?

Officially, ears are deemed to be protruding or sticking out when the auricle is at least 2 centimetres from the skull. This is often visible immediately after birth: about 0.5% of babies are born with protruding ears. Protruding ears are not something you can avoid, as it often is hereditary. It is a kind of deformation in the cartilaginous skeleton, but it’s not harmful. Although it is not something you can avoid, protruding ears (fortunately!) have no influence on your hearing function.

Can ears become less protruding over time?

The auricle continues to grow until the age of about 6, while the head continues to grow for years afterwards. Babies born with protruding ears do not necessarily have protruding ears later in life (splinting is sometimes recommended at a very young age). The ears themselves continue to grow throughout life, which means that someone can also develop relatively large ears at a later stage in life. In principle, protruding ears do not become less, but can become less or more noticeable due to changes in the head (proportions).

How to hide protruding ears?

If you prefer not to have protruding ear surgery performed, you can hide your ears by covering with your hair. In addition, you can buy protruding ear stickers that allow you to stick your ears to your head, as it were. However, if you want to get rid of protruding ears permanently, you will need protruding ear surgery. This way, it is solved once and for all!

Your ears are an important part of your body, so when you opt for ear surgery, you naturally want this to be done safely. Wellness Kliniek offers exactly that. Our experienced surgeons know what it takes to correct your ears to better suit your face. This way, you opt for more balance.

Who is protruding ear surgery intended for?

Think your ears are too visible and don’t match the rest of your face? In that case, protruding ear surgery is suitable for you. Having an ear correction done is never too late. The procedure means that the ears are corrected and permanently adjusted to form an attractive, natural shape and position. The result and effect on your appearance will surprise you!

Here at Wellness Kliniek, we only perform ear surgery on adults. Ear surgery on a child? We don’t do that at Wellness Kliniek. You must have reached the minimum age of 18. If you are almost 18, you are of course welcome to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Protruding ear surgery: the procedure

Every anatomical problem requires a specific solution, because everyone looks different. That is why at Wellness Kliniek, we opt for customisation, which means we always look at what is needed for you to bring your face into perfect balance.

In the case of protruding or sticky-out ears, we normally make a small incision just behind the ear. This way, the surgeon can correct the position and shape of the ear. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and takes approximately 1 to 2 hours. We apply an elastic bandage that you normally have to wear for a week.

What to expect?

As explained, after the procedure to correct your protruding ears, you will receive an elastic bandage around them. The first week, you have to wear this day and night and you can’t touch or wash your ears. The bandage must remain dry and closed.

You need to come back to us a week later for a check-up. At that point, the surgeon will remove your bandage and stitches. After this, you can take a shower and wash your hair again, as you would normally. After that, you still need to wear the bandage, but only during the night, for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Most patients return to school or work after a week. However, it is best not to do any strenuous physical activity for several weeks. You can exercise again as before after about two weeks (but this varies, depending on the procedure and person). We will of course advise you on this.

After an ear correction, the scar remains visible as a red line for several weeks to months. Around 18 months after your procedure, the red line fades and turns paler. Fortunately, since this scar is behind your ear, it is barely visible!

The final result of the correction only becomes clear 4 to 6 weeks after the procedure. This result is of course permanent!

How much does protruding ear surgery cost?

Transparency is of paramount importance at Wellness Kliniek. We therefore choose to apply all-in prices. The protruding ear surgery costs can be found in our clear price table. Booking an overnight stay in one of our private rooms is optional, but not necessary for an ear correction and you can go home on the same day.

Protruding ear surgery costs

A no-obligation protruding ear surgery consultation at Wellness Kliniek

Have you been considering protruding ear surgery for a while? Then this is the time to book a no-obligation consultation! Stop hiding your ears. Gather information and decide for yourself whether protruding ear surgery is right for you. This is how you get rid of those sticky-out ears!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can young children have an ear correction?
Yes. Unfortunately, young children who suffer from prominent ears, also known as bat ears, can be subject to bullying. Luckily, we perform this surgery from the age of 6 years.
Will the scars remain visible?
With ear correction surgery the scar remains visible as a red line for a few weeks to months, but because it is usually behind the ear it is barely noticeable. 18 months after your operation the red line has faded to white and there is hardly any evidence of the procedure.