Buttocks Liposculpture - Liposuction for the buttocks

Liposuction - liposculpture of the buttocks is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures performed throughout the world. Liposculpture is used to reshape the body and to remove localised fat deposits.

The results of modern liposuction - liposculpture are permanent.

 The tendency to store fat on the buttocks and hips can be hereditary. The fat deposits are often resistant to dieting and exercise doesn't seem to get rid of them either.

Liposuction is the ideal solution for removing stubborn, localised fatty bulges. Liposuction - liposculture is used to give your body its beautiful shape once more, creating balance and symmetry. 

 The aim of liposuction is to give the buttocks a natural, rounded curve.

We achieve perfect symmetry by removing fat and sometimes by adding fat.

  • Removing fat = liposuction - liposculpture
  • Adding fat  = lipofilling - lipostructure

Lifting the buttocks with Liposuction - Liposculpture

Lifting the buttocks with Liposuction - LiposculptureTo achieve the best results the doctor removes:

1. fat from the lower back above the buttocks

2. from the back of the thighs

3. from directly below the buttock fold

4. from the hips and the sides of the buttocks

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Liposculpture is a treatment which improves your body contour: After treatment your figure will look great. The result of the procedure is permanent.

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