Liposuction legs photos before and after

Liposuction Legs

Are you curious about liposuction legs photos before and after? Then you've come to the right place on this page! We also tell you more about the procedure liposuction legs.

Before liposuction legs, inner thigh Before
After liposuction legs, improvement of inner thigh contour After
Liposuction saddlebags - before Before
Photo results liposuction saddlebags After

Liposuction legs before and after

Your legs cover a large part of your body. If, for example, you find your thighs, thighs, knees or calves too fat, liposuction can be a good solution. A lot is possible, as you can see from the liposuction legs before and after photos at Wellness Kliniek.

Legs liposuction experiences

At Wellness Kliniek, we have won the WhatClinic Award several times for excellent patient experiences and we are very proud of that. We offer ISO 9001 quality assurance and always pursue the highest quality care. You are in safe hands with us for liposuction legs. Choose reliable upper leg liposuction at Wellness Kliniek.

View liposuction experiences legs

Liposuction legs experiences show real results and images of satisfied patients enjoying slimmer, more beautiful legs after liposuction. Read the many reviews on liposuction legs experiences from Wellness Kliniek to discover how this procedure was experienced by the many men and women who shared their experiences.

When to opt for liposuction legs?

Sometimes you toil in the gym for months and find that you just can't get rid of those localised fat deposits at the thighs. Liposuction legs is then an effective treatment! This is also evident in the liposuction upper legs before and after photos.

Options and photos of legs liposuction:

  • Upper thigh liposuction (front or back of legs)
  • Inner thigh liposuction
  • Liposuction saddlebags (outer thighs)
  • Liposuction knees
  • Liposuction ankles

Liposuction inner thighs before and after

Men and women choose liposuction of the inner thighs to remove localised fat, resulting in slimmer thighs and a better-shaped silhouette. Liposuction inner thighs also helps reduce friction and discomfort between the thighs, improving mobility and comfort. Viewing liposuction inner thigh before and after photos will show you the possibilities and limitations.
Do you have sagging skin at the level of the inner thighs? Then you may want to consider a thigh lift for your inner thighs.

How does liposuction legs work?

Safety comes first at Wellness Kliniek. The doctors opt for the modern Soft-wet-technique (SWT), in which special fluid is injected into the legs. The fatty tissue swells and dissolves, after which it can be easily removed. Advantages of this technique for upper leg liposuction, is that it is extremely safe, quick and painless.

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Liposuction legs costs

The cost of liposuction legs can be found in our clear price table. The leg liposuction price at Wellness Kliniek is all-in, with VAT, precaution, the operation, anaesthesia, aftercare and even the elastic bandage! Would you like to have multiple zones treated? Then the price for liposuction drops per zone.

The liposuction price per additional zone becomes cheaper, because additional treatment saves time, and you only need anaesthesia once. Check the current liposuction legs cost and book a no-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek.

Calf liposuction

Calf liposuction or fat removal for overweight calves is possible in healthy people with a stable weight and specific, localised fat accumulation in the calves. However, calf liposuction is not suitable for people with fluid accumulation (lymph oedema) or people with general obesity. Liposuction calves before and after photos can be viewed in the photo gallery.

Upper thigh liposuction combined with liposculpture

Quite a bit of fat can come out of the thighs. And the doctors at Wellness Kliniek can reuse this to add more shape to other parts of the body. Examples include natural breast augmentation, natural lip augmentation and the Brazilian Butt Lift. The fat is first purified and then safely returned to the body. Discuss your wishes during the no-obligation consultation.

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Liposuction legs? Comprehensive consultation at Wellness Kliniek!

Do the liposuction leg experiences appeal to you and have you viewed the liposuction leg photos before and after? Would you like to get rid of those stubborn fat deposits on your (upper) legs? Choose leg liposuction at Wellness Kliniek! During a no-obligation consultation with the doctor, you will receive comprehensive, personalised advice, so you know what to expect.

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