Before and after photos of a liposuction of the buttocks. Results may vary from patient to patient.

Before liposuction of the buttocks Before
After liposuction of the buttocks After
Liposuction of the buttocks
Before buttock liposuction Before
After buttock liposuction After
Buttock Liposuction Procedure
Before liposuction of the buttocks Before
After liposuction of the buttocks After
Liposuction of the Buttocks

Liposuction of the buttocks before and after

If your buttocks are not to your liking, it can make you very insecure. Maybe you suffer from fat accumulation or cellulite? Are you just not happy with the general shape? Or would you like to tighten them a bit and shine with confidence again in your lingerie or swimwear?

In all these cases, liposuction of the buttocks can offer a solution. This page contains some before and after pictures of liposuction of the buttocks. This will give you a better idea of the results that can be achieved with liposuction in this zone of your body.

When to opt for liposuction of the buttocks?

Sometimes, your buttocks can sag a bit and not have the shape you would like them to have. Orange peel skin is also a common reason for choosing liposuction of the buttocks. This way, your body becomes better balanced and the skin becomes nice and tight again. Liposuction of the buttocks is common among both men and women. It’s a popular procedure.

Are you unable to achieve the desired results through exercising or adjusting your diet? Well, you’re not the only one! Factors such as genetics, medication and age can play a role in the way your buttocks are shaped or become deformed over the years. As you can see in the buttocks liposuction pictures on this page, a considerable difference can be achieved.

Extensive liposuction buttocks consultation at Wellness Kliniek

Before choosing liposuction of the buttocks, you want to take the necessary time. You obviously want to be well informed and know what you can expect. In addition, the results will be different for everyone, depending on, among other things, your current fat storage and the shape of your buttocks.

The before and after pictures of liposuction of the buttocks are therefore only an indication, but luckily our specialists can provide you with excellent advice about what to expect. Find out now by booking a no-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek!

Safe procedure based on a special technique

At Wellness Kliniek, we consider safety of paramount importance. We use a modern liposuction technique called the Soft Wet Technique (SWT). This procedure involves injecting a certain amount of special liquid into the buttocks first. This causes fatty tissue to swell and dissolve, making it easier to remove. The technique is virtually painless and extremely effective.

Transparent prices for liposuction of the buttocks

Here at Wellness Kliniek, you know what to expect in advance. We use all-in rates per symmetrical zone of liposuction. Optionally, in consultation with the doctor, you can opt to have other zones treated as well. Since we are already performing a liposuction, the price per zone will be cheaper. Click here to view our transparent prices for liposuction of the buttocks.

Combining liposuction of the buttocks with liposculpture

The fat that is removed from the buttocks can optionally be reused to shape other parts of your body (liposculpture). In that case, we purify the fat and can, for example, inject it into your breasts, for a natural breast augmentation, or in your lips, for a natural lip augmentation.

This entire process is also known as lipofilling. Are you curious about the possibilities for your body? Feel free to contact us without obligation and get the body you dream of. A body that you can flaunt with confidence!

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