Liposuction tummy photos before and after

Visit our photo gallery with many liposuction tummy before and after photos, so you can get a good idea of what is possible. We also tell you a bit more about the procedure tummy liposuction. Read experiences and see liposuction tummy results before and after.

Before Liposuction of the tummy Before
After mini tummy tuck combined with breast reduction After
Mini tummy tuck combined with breast reduction
Before Liposuction under the navel Before
After liposuction under the navel After
Liposuction under the navel
Before a Liposuction of the tummy Before
After a liposuction of the tummy After
Liposuction of the tummy procedure

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Liposuction tummy before and after photos

Perhaps you dream of a flatter tummy and slimmer waist and have already tried to do all kinds of things about it. Fortunately, a lot is possible with abdominal liposuction. On this page, we present you with liposuction tummy before and after photos.

Liposuction tummy experiences

From getting a flat stomach, to getting rid of love handles, removing fat in the waist, flanks, just above the pubis, or even back liposuction, it's all possible. Wellness Kliniek is proud of the many, enthusiastic abdominal liposuction experiences.

We have won the WhatClinic Award for positive patient experiences several years in a row. Abdominal liposuction is very effective! Millions of people worldwide have experienced liposuction. Read the abdominal liposuction abdomen experiences of patients at Wellness Kliniek!

When to choose abdominal liposuction?

Choose abdominal liposuction or abdominal fat removal if you have stubborn belly fat that does not respond to diet and exercise. Abdominal fat removal is ideal for people with a stable weight and good overall health, who aim for a slimmer and better-defined abdominal silhouette.

Abdominal liposuction helps improve your body contours. Liposuction above the navel, below the belly button, just above the pubis a waist are the most requested liposuction areas in women. Men are more likely to opt for liposuction around the hips (love handles), flanks and the breast region.

Liposuction abdomen men

Liposuction of love handles, just above the pubis, liposuction men's breasts and liposuction back are commonly requested liposuction regions. A fat belly in men may indicate visceral fat accumulation, meaning the fat is located between the intestines and other internal organs. This type of fat is different from subcutaneous fat (subcutaneous fat) and cannot be remedied with abdominal liposuction. The doctors at Wellness Kliniek provide personalised advice.

View the liposuction abdominal man photos before and after to get an idea of the possibilities of abdominal fat removal in men. Then make an appointment with one of the qualified lipo doctors at Wellness Kliniek and discuss your wishes for optimising your body profile.

How does abdominal liposuction work?

Abdominal liposuction starts with a consultation with the doctor to discuss your wishes. Before the procedure, you will be given local or general anaesthesia so you won't feel any pain. The doctor will make some small puncture holes in the skin of your abdomen to insert a cannula to suck away the fat and give your abdomen a nice natural contour.

After treatment, you will follow instructions from the liposuction doctor for aftercare, such as resting and wearing a compression abdominal belt, tights or gaine. Liposuction abdominal scars heal quickly! Results become visible after a few weeks, with a slimmer and better-defined abdomen as the end result.

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Abdominal liposuction prices

You'd rather not encounter any surprises when opting for abdominal liposuction, obviously not even in terms of cost. At Wellness Kliniek, we offer a total price for liposuction including the cost of anaesthesia and the operating theatre. Also included are the doctor's fee, aftercare with follow-up consultations, and medication during the procedure such as painkillers and antibiotics. Furthermore, the price includes the 21% VAT and even the compression garments and bandages for your recovery process are at Wellness Kliniek!

In addition, the clinic offers 24/7 medical support during your recovery. Prices are online and transparent. View liposuction all-in rates per symmetrical area. Do you also want liposuction performed on other parts of the body? Then the price per zone becomes comparatively more advantageous. View abdominal liposuction prices here.

Which regions are eligible for Liposuction abdomen?

With liposuction tummy, different liposuction regions can be treated to achieve a slimmer and better-defined silhouette. Check out the different liposuction tummy before and after photos in the photo gallery. The most commonly treated abdominal regions at Wellness Kliniek are:

  • Liposuction upper abdomen: The area above the navel.
  • Liposuction lower abdomen: The area below the navel.
  • Liposuction waist: The sides of the abdomen, often referred to as the love handles.
  • Liposuction hips: The sides of the hips (love handles), which connect to the waist.
  • Liposuction lumbar region: The back and side areas connecting the waist and hips.
  • Liposuction pubis: The area just above the pubic area.

These zones (regions) can be treated individually or in combination to achieve a balanced and harmonious result. Also see the liposuction back before and after photos and read more information about treating the back.

Combining abdominal liposuction with liposculpture

Optionally, at Wellness Kliniek it is also possible to opt for lipofilling. This means that in addition to removing abdominal fat (liposuction), we purify the fat and inject it back into other parts of the body to give them more shape (liposculpture).

This makes it possible, for example, to give the buttocks more volume (Brazilian butt lift), enlarge the breasts by a cup size (breast augmentation using own fat), emphasise the cheekbones or enlarge the lips (lipofilling face).

During the consultation at Wellness Kliniek, you can discuss these options in detail and decide whether this suits you. For everyone's wishes, we will tailor the procedure personally, so you can go for your dream body!

Abdominal fat removal photos

As you can see from the tummy liposuction before and after photos on this page, quite a difference can be made to the shape and size of the abdomen. It is important to realise that the results can be different for everyone. This is because it depends in part on your current shape and amount of fat storage. Have you had unsuccessful abdominal liposuction performed elsewhere? Then you can also come to us for a second opinion / new procedure.

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Liposuction tummy before and after? Book a consultation at Wellness Kliniek!

Do the tummy liposuction before and after photos appeal to you? Abdominal liposuction offers many options, such as abdominal fat removal and waist fat removal. Before you make the final choice for the procedure, you will talk to the specialists at Wellness Kliniek. Always expect honest and transparent advice on the tummy liposuction results that can be achieved. Book your no-obligation consultation and find out what the liposuction specialists can do for you.

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