• Buttock augmentation with implants 5700 EUR

    A more rounded buttock with implants.
    The price includes intravenous sedation and VAT.

Butt augmentation with butt implants (gluteal implants)


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Enhance the buttocks with implants for a firmer butt

Buttocks that are too flat or too small can be given a more beautiful shape by inserting buttocks prostheses.

  • Our buttocks implants are strong and feel soft and natural.
  • The prostheses exist in different shapes, volumes and surfaces.

In consultation with the surgeon you choose the buttock implant that suits you best.

Buttock enhancement with implants - before Buttock enhancement with implants - after

Buttock enhancement with implants

 Correcting the shape of the buttocks:

  • buttocks - implants = modify the volume + size
  • lipostructure of lateral indentation = filling with the patient's own fat
  • liposculpture of the hips, waist and back (3 areas) = fat removal

Buttock enhancement

Firming or enhancing the buttocks with implants is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Traditionally demand was higher in South America and in the Caribbean, but as a result of recently improved techniques that produce great results, procedures to enhance the buttocks using implants are now much more popular.

At the Wellness Kliniek buttock enhancement using prostheses is a very popular procedure. 

Buttocks: Choice of prostheses - implants

We can achieve the best results with round or oval implants that are usually inserted between the muscle. You choose the size of the implant:

  • buttock prostheses exist in different sizes and volumes.
  • buttock prostheses are strong, are made of a firm gel and are therefore very safe.

The photo shows a buttock prostheses cut through the centre: each implant is filled with a cohesive silicone gel. This means that the gel will not spread throughout the body if the wall of the implant tears.

  • buttock prostheses feel soft and natural. 

The firmness of the buttock implant lies between that of female breast implants which are softer, and male pectoral implants which are firmer and feel harder.  

Buttock implants: Guarantee

Buttock prostheses are provided with a 10 year guarantee against rupturing.

The risk of rupture with buttock prostheses is very small because they are so robust. The guarantee for the implants excludes external damage (e.g. damage caused by inserting a sharp object such as an injection needle, or after trauma).

The guarantee ensures that in case of spontaneous rupture the manufacturer will provide you with 2 free replacement prostheses. The Wellness Kliniek also guarantees a free replacement procedure during this period for buttock implants inserted by ourselves.

Complications such as rejection of the implant or capsular contracture are not covered by the guarantee. We will perform a free second procedure if problems arise within a year of the operation being performed. The patient then only pays the net price of the replacement buttock prostheses.

Buttock augmentation using implants: New operative technique

 We use the latest sedation and operative techniques.

In the past buttock corrective surgery required a general anaesthetic. The operation was therefore more invasive and led to a higher risk of complications. Recovery also took much longer.

By using the local infiltration technique, combined with intravenous sedation, inserting buttock implants has become considerably safer and a far less invasive procedure:

  • We first anaesthetise (infiltrate) the area to be treated with a special solution.
  • This means you will feel nothing at all.
  • A light intravenous sedation is all that is required to let you sleep so that you feel no pain whatsoever.
  • The solution prevents blood loss which makes the operation less invasive.

The implants are inserted via a small incision resulting in minimal scarring after the procedure.

  • The surgeon makes an incision about 5cm long between the buttocks level with the coccyx.
  • A subcutaneous pocket is created between the buttock muscle.
  • The prostheses are inserted via the buttock fold or the fold between the two buttocks.
  • They are positioned in the upper half of the buttocks, above the sciatic nerve.
  • The incisions are carefully stitched layer by layer with dissolvable thread.
  •  Non-dissolving thread is used to stitch the skin.
  • Antibiotics are routinely prescribed.
  • Drains - small tubes - remain temporarily in place so that any fluid can escape from the wound;
  • After the procedure a light pressure bandage is often applied.
  • The operation lasts between 1 and 2 hours.
  • Then you rest in one of our luxury patient rooms.
  • Some patients may return home the same day.
  • After a larger buttock corrective procedure you will be admitted to the kliniek for 1 night.
  • No general anaesthetic necessary! No unpleasant side-effects! .

Buttock implants surgery: Aftercare and Recovery

 After your procedure you will be given special aftercare instructions. It is important that someone comes to pick you up because you are not allowed to drive yourself after having aesthetic plastic surgery. It is also important that you are accompanied by a responsible adult for the first 24 hours after the operation.

Friction of the buttocks is definitely greater than with breast prostheses. It is important that for the first 6 weeks after the procedure you don't put the implants under too much pressure. It is best to sleep on your side or on your stomach the first few weeks. The prostheses are positioned in the upper half of the buttocks so you can of course sit down. Make sure that you sit on a chair with your back straight. 

The first few days following your operation it is important to rest completely. The stitches in the skin are removed after about 10 days. Then you can resume all your normal activities and light work. Avoid strenuous work, long walks, heavy lifting and exercise until 3 to 6 weeks after the operation.

After buttock enhancement with implants the results will be visible immediately. When the swelling has gone down you will see the definite results. This can take 3 months. The scars will be red for the first few months and over the next 18 months their appearance will improve.

Patients with buttock implants may no longer receive intramuscular injections. This is no problem whatsoever. Alternative areas are the side of the thigh or in the muscle of the upper arm.  

Buttocks firming and liposuction - before Buttocks firming and liposuction - after

Buttocks firming and liposuction

Making the buttocks fuller and rounder

  • firming the buttocks using implants
  • liposculpture of the hips, waist and sacrum region (3 areas)
Buttocks firming and liposuction - before Buttocks firming and liposuction - after

Buttocks firming and liposuction

  •  Same patient, side view

Buttock enhancement
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Do you want to add volume to your buttocks, to lift them, make them firmer or bigger? If so, buttock corrective surgery using implants could be the solution. Each patient has different wishes and requirements. During your consultation with the surgeon he will determine which operative technique and which prostheses will deliver the best results for you. Each buttock corrective procedure must first be thoroughly assessed by the surgeon to achieve the most beautiful, permanent results.

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Buttock augmentation with implants: plastic surgery on the buttocks to make the butt fuller or to strengthen the butt. All information, some before and after pictures and an overview of the costs for butt augmentation. The prices for our surgical operations are "all-in". Buttock augmentation is also becoming more popular in Europe. Take a look at the before and after photographs of plastic surgery of the buttocks and, if necessary, consult our price list. Info & price/cost for firmer buttocks with butt surgery.