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The process of a breast reduction

Large breasts can be uncomfortable and lead to back and neck problems. You may have difficulty exercising and feel that people are staring at you for this reason. But breast reduction in men is also common. Do your breasts have a negative effect on your life? Then a breast reduction could be the right solution.

blog 18/03/2021

Breast reduction: the operation

Breasts that are too large can make you feel very insecure and cause many other physical complaints. A breast reduction requires an individual approach. Together with the attending physician, we will determine what size you want after the operation and what technique we can use.

Breast reduction for women

During a breast reduction in an adult woman, we remove part of the skin and the breast tissue. We raise the nipples and usually reduce their size slightly. Different techniques are possible, which we always discuss with you.

Breast reduction for girls

Girls who already have large breasts at a young age can be helped by liposculpture. With this technique, we reduce the size of the breast in order to curb breast growth without scarring. If we can perform this procedure in time, a breast reduction will not be necessary in later life.

Breast reduction for men

Breast formation in men can have different causes. It can be congenital, or you can have an excess of fatty tissue. Many men are ashamed of it and opt for a breast reduction. During an informal consultation, we will examine whether liposculpture or breast reduction is the best solution for you.

What can you expect?

After a breast reduction, you can go home the same day. Depending on which technique is used, you will have no or minimal scarring. A breast reduction requires an incision of only 2 cm around the areola and the scars will be barely visible after a few months.

Together, we will always consider the best and fastest way to achieve the desired results and speed up the healing process. After just one week, you will be able to resume almost all your daily activities.

Are you considering a breast reduction?

Men and women who underwent breast reduction at the Wellness Kliniek regained their self-confidence. Are you ready to take the first step? During the first consultation, you'll get to know the doctor who will treat you later on. The first consultation is also entirely without obligation. You are under no obligation whatsoever to choose a treatment.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities of a breast reduction with a plastic surgeon or receive personal advice? A consultation with one of our doctors costs € 50 if you pay on the spot. If you book a consultation online, you only pay € 25. Make your appointment here.