Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Curious about breast reduction before and after photos? We are happy to show you breast reduction results on this page. In a no-obligation consultation, we can further explain what the options are for your body, also listening to your wishes.

Breast before a reduction procedure Before
Image after a breast reduction After
Before and after breast reduction without implants Before
Before and after breast reduction without implants After
Before breast reduction without implants Before
After breast reduction without implants After
Before breast reduction surgery Before
After breast reduction surgery After
Breast reduction surgery reducing oversized breasts
Before breast reduction surgery Before
After breast reduction surgery After
Oversized breast are reduced with breast reduction surgery
Largely oversized breast before surgery Before
After breast reduction After
A successful breast reduction surgery

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Breast reduction result

See breast reduction before and after results here. Do you have breasts that are too large and heavy? Then a breast reduction can provide a beautiful aesthetic result.

During a breast reduction, we remove skin and breast tissue and place the nipple slightly higher on the breast. This way, the breasts retain their natural shape, but with one or more sizes less. If necessary, we also slightly reduce the areola by means of a nipple correction. This gives you a natural result and keeps your breasts nicely in proportion.

Best clinic breast reduction

Wellness Kliniek has years of experience in breast surgery. Not for nothing did we receive the WhatClinic award for best European clinic based on patient experiences. Moreover, we are the first clinic in Europe to be able to offer ISO 9001 quality assurance. Therefore, we are proud to say that procedures at Wellness Kliniek are performed safely and with the best possible results.

Breast reduction before and after: what about scars?

The incisions are closed with self-dissolving sutures. This is fine. The threads fall out on their own when the seam has grown closed. The scars will become less visible over time; after 18 months they will have faded considerably. In the fold and around the areola, the scar will not be noticeable. You may continue to see the vertical line faintly. The breast reduction before and after photos show what you can expect.

Of course, Wellness Kliniek does everything possible to promote recovery as much as possible and to remove the scars as neatly as possible, with minimal visibility. Discover the results via the breast reduction photos on this page.

Breast reduction prices

Wellness Kliniek aims to make breast surgery, and therefore a breast reduction, affordable and accessible to everyone. At Wellness Kliniek, all prices are all-inclusive: the admission, the surgery and also the cost of care after your breast reduction.

You can find all current breast reduction costs here.

Breast reduction for men as well

Not only women, but also men can come to us for breast reduction surgery. Gynaecomastia surgery is in the top 5 plastic surgery for men.

Curious about the possible results? Then find gynaecomastia before and after photos here.

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Book a no-obligation breast reduction consultation

At Wellness Kliniek, you can go for a no-obligation consultation. Together with the surgeon, you will discuss your wishes and look at the options for the most beautiful result.
You can also book a Next Day Surgery service, so that consultation and surgery can be scheduled on consecutive days. This extra service is free and is very popular with our clients who come from far away and want to save time and travel expenses.

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