Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Before and After

Fat transfer breast augmentation procedures last a lifetime. Women choose this type of surgery instead of implants because it does not involve the use of any foreign materials. Surgeons use existing, excess fat cells inside the body to create fuller breasts. The results are striking. Our fat transfer breast augmentation before and after pictures speak for themselves. Women travel from all over the country to speak to our specialist surgeons and achieve the natural boob job of their dreams.

Before breast enlargement with own fat Before
After breast enlargement with own fat After
Natural breast enlargement.
Before natural breast enlargement Before
After natural breast enlargement After
Lipofilling of both breasts.
Before lipofilling of the breasts Before
After lipofilling of the breasts After
Natural breast augmentation with fat transfer.
Before Before
After After

What Is Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer?

Breast fat transfer procedures are the number one choice for women who want a natural look. This type of breast enhancement procedure does not involve the use of foreign materials like silicone or saline with breast augmentation. Instead, surgeons take existing fat cells from the patients’ body.

This part of the procedure is called fat grafting. Fat cells are typically taken from the buttocks, thighs, and stomach. Fat transfer breast augmentation procedures have stricter candidate guidelines than other breast enhancement surgeries. Fat transfer patients need to have enough excess fat to achieve their desired outcome. 

Once our team have removed the fat cells, they use specialist equipment to separate blood from other bodily fluids. This ensures that we only inject healthy fat cells into breasts. 

Our surgeons create small incisions and inject the fat cells into both breasts. This part of the procedure is called lipofilling. Our surgeons understand how important it is to create a symmetrical result. They can even correct natural asymmetries during the procedure by injecting more cells into one breast. 

For a full breakdown of the procedure, visit our fat transfer breast augmentation page. 

Does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Work?

Breast augmentation using own fat procedures have become increasingly popular in recent years. More and more women want to achieve an enhanced look without using foreign materials like silicone and saline. 

There is a period of anywhere from several weeks to months after surgery where the fat cells have not established a connection to the blood supply. Some of the cells will even be absorbed into the body. Around 70 to 80% of the cells will connect to new blood vessels and survive. After this period, the remaining fat cells will last forever. 

It is important to note that weight fluctuations can affect the volume of your post-operative breasts. If you lose weight after surgery the size of your breasts will decrease. Similarly, if you gain weight your breasts will become bigger. We only recommend breast fat transfer surgery for women who have already had children. Pregnancy can cause natural weight fluctuations that will change the appearance of post-operative breasts.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

Our surgeons perform thousands of fat transfer breast augmentation procedures every year. We take a case-by-case approach to enhancement surgery to ensure that our patients achieve the look of their dreams. Browse through our fat transfer breast augmentation before and after photos to see how your breasts could look.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Recovery

Your fat transfer breast augmentation recovery period will be unique to you. We work with hundreds of women every year and we know that everyone’s recovery period is slightly different. Regardless of what you read online, it is important to follow your surgeon’s post-operative guidelines as closely as possible. 

Here are a few guidelines for your recovery period.

  • You will have to wear compression clothes for a few months.
  • We do not recommend lifting anything in the first few days after surgery.
  • You can undertake a moderate level of activity after a week or so.
  • You will have bruises and swelling for 1 to 3 weeks.
  • We recommend sleeping on your back for the first 6 weeks after surgery.
  • You can return to yoga and weight training after 6 weeks.

How Much Does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Cost?

Our fat transfer breast augmentation costs are comprehensive. Women all over the world choose Wellness Kliniek because the anaesthesia, medical fee, surgery, and aftercare costs are included in the price. Some women will have to purchase more than one liposuction session to achieve their desired outcome. 

We also offer a range of recovery supplements that will make your stay more comfortable. You can book an overnight stay in a private room for a small amount. Our private rooms can provide you with a serene environment to recuperate in.