Lipofilling breasts before and after photos

Discover before-and-after photos of breast augmentation with your own fat? In this procedure, volume is increased by injecting body's own fat into the breasts. This is also known as natural breast augmentation or breast lipofilling. We are happy to show you lipofilling before and after breast photos of our patients.

In breast augmentation with your own fat, the excess fat on your abdomen or thighs is reused to enlarge your breasts. Because no prostheses are used in this technique and only your own fat cells are used, this method is also called natural breast augmentation.

before Cup A to Cup B with own fat Before
after Cup A to Cup B with own fat After
Before Cup B to Cup C with breast lipofilling Before
After Cup B to Cup C with breast lipofilling After
One-size breast augmentation with breast lipofilling Before
One-size breast augmentation with breast lipofilling After
Before breast enlargement with own fat Before
After breast enlargement with own fat After
Natural breast enlargement.
Before natural breast enlargement Before
After natural breast enlargement After
Lipofilling of both breasts.
Before lipofilling of the breasts Before
After lipofilling of the breasts After
Natural breast augmentation with fat transfer.

Breast augmentation with your own fat before and after

Would you like a cup size more, but preferably naturally without implants? Then breast augmentation with your own fat could be a good solution. This procedure is also called natural breast augmentation, lipofilling breasts or fat grafting breasts. Photos of lipofilling breast augmentation results can be found on this page.

Please note that with natural breast augmentation, your breasts can be enlarged a maximum of one cup size and there is no guarantee of volume retention. When you start losing weight, for example, the breasts may become smaller again by burning fat. Also, not all transplanted fat cells catch on. We often see then that this treatment has to be performed again. With breast augmentation with implants, you have more certainty of the intended volume, making this a more frequently chosen procedure.

Best clinic for lipofilling breasts & breast augmentation

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Lipofilling breast augmentation results

It is important to know that lipofilling treatment turns out somewhat differently for everyone.

The surgeon can only gradually build up the volume of the breast with your own fat because not all fat cells take effect immediately. 30% to 50% of the transplanted fat tissue will be broken down again by the body. The added volume gradually decreases in 6 weeks to 3 months after treatment.

Thus, several lipofilling sessions are often needed to achieve the desired result. As a result, the final cost is difficult to calculate in advance. Natural breast augmentation with your own fat is usually much more expensive than breast augmentation with implants.

Transparent consultation at Wellness Kliniek

Wellness Kliniek guarantees transparent all-in prices, with a fixed amount per session for breast augmentation and liposuction per symmetrical zone.

Discover full lipofilling breast prices here.

Intervention with quick recovery

Natural breast augmentation with lipofilling is a relatively minor procedure. Recovery is usually quite quick and the risk of complications is low.

The operation takes about 90 minutes. During this, you will be given a light sleep anaesthetic. After the breast augmentation procedure, you may experience some swelling, but this quickly subsides.

Within four to seven days you will normally be fully recovered. The final result is visible after about three months. The treatment can be repeated afterwards, if you wish.

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