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    Removing excess fat from the upper arms.
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Liposuction - Liposculpture Arms


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 Liposculpture for the arms:

  • Do you suffer from localised deposits of fat around your upper arms?
  • Does the skin around your upper arms still retain its elasticity?

If so liposculpture could be the solution for you to regain beautifully shaped arms.

Fatty upper arms

Removing excess fat with modern liposuction

Liposculpture is the perfect solution for localised deposits of fat (around the upper arms). Modern liposculpture of the upper arms is often a combination of 2 liposculpture techniques which sucks away excess fat in the most efficient and safest possible way. 

Tumescent Liposculpture:

Also called SWT (Soft-Wet-Technique) or TSI (Tumescent Soft Jet Infiltration) method.  A large quantity of liquid is injected into the area to be treated (soft jet infiltration). This liquid makes the fatty tissue swell up and dissolve so it can be easily and selectively removed. The special liquid also ensures that there is hardly any bleeding.

PAL Vibro Liposculpture:

Power Assisted Liposcultpure. The liposculpture needles vibrate softly and quickly. The fat cells are broken down by the movement of the cannulae. They are immediately sucked out and drained. This method was specially developed to treat difficult areas: such as the upper arms. The PAL liposuction method results in less stiffness, post-operative pain and minimal bruising.

Read more about the advantages of modern liposculpture.

Read more about this treatment: the consultation, procedure, risks and aftercare.

After liposculpture your skin usually becomes firmer.

Are you considering an arm lift and/or liposculpture correction?

  • Liposculpture removes excess fat.
  • With liposculpture treatment your skin usually becomes firmer.
  • After a while skin reduction seems no longer necessary!

After an examination the surgeon can inform you about the expected results.

Standard result for liposuction of the arms - before Standard result for liposuction of the arms - after

Standard result for liposuction of the arms

 Liposculpture of the arms

  • Excess skin removal from the upper arms

Results for liposculpture of the arms

  •  After puberty the body doesn't produce any more fat cells.
  • The fat cells that are removed during the procedure will not be replaced by the body.

The results for liposculpture of the arms are permanent.

You must take care that you do not gain any weight. The remaining fat cells in the upper arms will expand just like any other fat cells in your body.


Liposculpture of the arms can be performed with a local anaesthetic or under intravenous sedation. A general anaesthetic is absolutely unnecessary. The greatest advantage of a local anaesthetic and intravenous sedation is that a few hours after the procedure you are fit and well and are spared the often unpleasant side-effects of a general anaesthetic. A few hours after the treatment you can return home or to your hotel.

Aftercare and recovery following liposcupture of the arms

After the procedure you will be given special aftercare instructions. It is important that someone comes to pick you up because you are not permitted to drive yourself following cosmetic surgery.

 elastic arm bandageThe doctor may advise you to wear an elastic arm bandage for between 2-4 weeks.

The bandage ensures that the skin around the upper arms becomes beautiful and firm.

It is therefore best to wear the compression bandage day and night: 23 out of 24 hours.

Read more about recovery and home aftercare following liposculpture. 

Liposculpture for the Arms
Your appointment for a consultation and treatment

Our doctors are top specialists in liposculpture and treat hundreds of patients a year. As well as liposculpture of the arms, other areas can be treated too. For example, you can have treatment for the buttocks in combination with the arms.

You can book all your appointments, consultations, treatments and operations online. This means you can choose the date that suits you best. 

We try to keep our waiting lists as short as possible. We can usually see you within 2-4 weeks for liposculpture treatment for the arms.

Next-Day-Surgery Service - Unique service for our international patients

For those patients who have to travel a considerable distance to reach us it isn't always practical to have to wait a number of weeks for treatment after having a consultation with the surgeon, as you need to travel back and forth again.

This is why we offer a unique service: Next-Day-Surgery, your consultation and treatment on consecutive days. If you book your Next-Day-Surgery appointment today, the price remains valid for two months. So you can fix a date for a consultation and operation today, and still benefit from the special price for up to two months after the end date of the special offer.

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