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Liposculpture for the stomach
Liposculpture tummy

 Liposculpture fort the stomach:

  • Do you have problems with localised fat deposits around the stomach, belly or waist?
  • Is the skin around your stomach fairly elastic?

If so liposculpture is the answer to achieving a flat stomach.

Liposculpture for a flat stomach

2 modern methods of liposculpture

Liposculpture is the solution for distressing excess fat around the stomach. Modern liposculpture is often a combination of 2 techniques which sucks away excess fat in the most efficient and safest possible way. Each technique has its own advantages. Our doctors are specialists in liposculpture and will determine the best method or the best combination for the ultimate result.

Tumescent Liposculpture: 

also called SWT (Soft-Wet-Technique) or TSI (Tumescent Soft Jet Infiltration) method. This modern liposuction technique is a relatively painless treatment. The surgeon can carefully remove the excess fat in a highly controlled manner. A large quantity of liquid is injected (soft jet infiltration). This liquid makes the fatty tissue swell up and dissolve so it can be easily and selectively removed. The special liquid also ensures that there is hardly any bleeding.

Vibro Liposculpture:

Power Assisted Liposcultpure. The liposculpture needles vibrate softly and quickly. The fat cells are broken down by the movement of the cannulae. They are immediately sucked out and drained. This method is also used to treat difficult areas such as the back, sides of the body and male breasts. The PAL liposuction method results in less stiffness and minimal bruising.  

Advantages of modern liposuction

 By using a combination of both techniques we can achieve an optimal result which has a permanent effect.

Advantages of the combined Soft Jet Tumescent Liposculpture and PAL Vibro Liposculpture methods:

  • less bruising
  • less swelling and sensory disturbance
  • fewer risks
  • less pain
  • fat removal with high precision
  • no damage to the blood vessels
  • no scarring
  • fast recovery
  • smoother skin
  • permanent results

Liposculpture: The Wellness Kliniek in Belgium: EN 15224 Quality Guarantee. 

The Consultation:

During the consultation the doctor will discuss all aspects of the treatment with you: which method is best for you, the expected results, possible risks and aftercare. The doctor will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. He can also give you an estimate of the amount of fat that can be removed.

Liposculpture improves your figure but it is not an alternative to dieting. If you are too overweight then you will not be a suitable candidate for liposuction treatment. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) can not be higher than 30. If you weigh up to 15% more than your normal weight then you are a suitable candidate.

Risks and Complications: 

Thanks to modern liposculpture techniques complications are rare. General complications which can occur after any operation are post-operative bleeding, infections, sensory disturbance, a wound which doesn't heal properly or an allergic reaction. Specific complications associated with liposculpture are: assymetry, thrombosis, irregular skin surface, skin discolouration after bruising and water retention. Most complications can be easily corrected with further treatment. 


Liposculpture can be performed under a local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation. A general anaesthetic is not necessary. The biggest advantage of a local anaesthetic and intravenous sedation is that you feel fit and well again a few hours after the operation and you are spared the often unpleasant side-effects of a general anaesthetic. A few hours after your treatment you can return home or to your hotel.


Before the doctor starts the procedure he will carefully mark the area to be treated. The places where the incisions will be made will also be carefully marked.

With a fine cannula the special liquid substance is injected. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect small incisions are made in the skin and fine needles (cannulae) are inserted. The doctor makes a careful criss-cross movement with the cannulae which are attached to a suction pump. The fat cells easily become loose and can be removed. The fat is drained into a container via a tube. After the treatment the amount of fat which has been removed is carefully measured.

Liposculpture of the stomach lasts between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the amount and the size of the areas (belly, lower stomach, waist) from which the fat is removed.

After the treatment the small incisions are covered with a plaster. You are dressed in the special elastic bandage which you were previously measured for. Then you are taken to the recovery room with heart monitor surveillance. An hour later you can usually return to your room.

Aftercare and Recovery:  

After the procedure you are given special aftercare instructions. It is very important that someone comes to meet you because you are not permitted to drive yourself after having a cosmetic operation.

People experience pain in very different ways. Most patients have few problems after liposculpture. The special anaesthetic lasts about a day, then the tissue and muscles may feel somewhat stiff or tight.

  • When you are at home you can take some paracetamol if necessary.

You should take into account that a reddish serum will leak from the wounds for the first few days.

  • At home you may need to use a mattress cover the first night.

You will be individually advised to wear the compression garments for between 2-4 weeks. The compression bandages provide support: which will feel comfortable. The girdle ensures that your skin becomes nice and tight. Therefore it is best to wear the girdle day and night: 23/24. The girdle dries quickly so you can wash and dry it in an hour.

  • You can remove the girdle while taking a shower.

The size of the girdle is extremely important. If it is too tight it can increase the risk of thrombosis. If it is not tight enough it will not provide enough support. Most patients need just one girdle. Sometimes the volume loss during the weeks following your liposculpture can be so great that you may need a second, tighter compression bandage to achieve the best result.

  • Following the procedure you will be prescribed a 3 day course of antibiotics.
  • Give yourself 3 days to rest after the operation.

Despite the fact that some people don't take any time off work after having liposculpture, we do advise you to take a few days to rest. It is important though to move around as normal.

A few days later you can move around just as you did before. After 4-8 days you can resume your normal activities . After 10 days you can start to play sports, swim and bicycle again. 4 weeks later you are fully recovered and can also carry out heavy physical work.

Small inconveniences, such as local sensory disorders or small subcutaneous lesions may occur. They usually disappear within four months. Post-operative massage and lymph drainage are sometimes prescribed.

Results for Liposculpture

After puberty your body doesn't produce any more fat cells. So fat cells which are removed during the procedure will not be replaced.

The results of your liposculpture treatment are therefore permanent. 

Though you must take care not to gain weight. The remaining fat cells in the treated area will get bigger if you put on weight just like other fat cells elsewhere in your body.

Liposculpture for the Stomach
Your appointment for a consultation and treatment

Our doctors are top specialists in liposculpture and treat hundreds of patients each year. As well as liposcupture of the stomach other parts of the body can also be treated. For example you can have treatment on your lower stomach and belly combined with your buttocks.

Read more about liposculpture treatments at the Wellness Kliniek.

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We try to keep our waiting lists as short as possible. We can usually see you within 2 to 4 weeks for liposculpture of the stomach.

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