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MACS lift: Prices, before & after photos for MACS Lift surgery.

MACS lift is an abbreviation for 'Minimal Access Cranial Suspension-lift': which means a "Minilift with vertical suspension of the sagging tissue, through a small incision'. The MACS lift was a revolutionary new procedure. This technique added a number of advantages of a full SMAS facelift to the traditional Minilift.

The MACS lift is therefore an improved Minilift: ideal for men and women with advanced signs of aging.

The advantages of the MACS lift are:

  • Short procedure: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis
  • Local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation
  • Corrects muscle and connective tissue using vertical lifting
  • Permanent thread for Cranial Suspension
  • Natural-looking effect
  • Long-lasting results 
  • Fast recovery: 7 to 14 days
  • Small scar: in the fold in front of the ear
  • Safe, with very few complications
Facelift: results before and after a MACS Lift - before Facelift: results before and after a MACS Lift - after

Facelift: results before and after a MACS Lift


MACS lift : 'Minimal Access Cranial Suspension-Lift'


  • Minimal Access = Short scar. 
  • Cranial Suspension = Lifting towards the crown and affixing with several strong, permanent sutures.


Producing a stunning and natural result.

The secret of the MACS Lift

This method achieves a long-lasting lift. This is also the secret of the invisible scars: all the tension is subcutaneous: there is barely any traction on the skin itself. Your sagging neck, lower chin and cheeks are corrected subcutaneously and only a very small amount of skin is removed.

The tension on the skin and the subcutaneous tissues is applied in a vertical and not a horizontal direction. This prevents the face from looking as though it has been 'pulled taut' and the rejuvenating corrective procedure produces a completely natural look.

MACS Lift: the treatment

Stunning, natural lifts

MACS facelift plastic chirurgie

1. The incision is made in the crease in front of the ear. The incision follows the natural crease in the skin so that after a few months the scar is barely noticeable.

2. Through this incision the surgeon detaches the skin from the cheeks up to the corner of the jaw near the neck.

3. The underlying muscles are tightened and lifted vertically.

4. Excess fat under the chin can be sucked away if necessary via a small hole the size of a pin-prick.

5. When all the subcutaneous skin structures have been corrected the skin is tightened so that it looks natural.

6. Excess skin is removed and the small incision in front of the ear is stitched up.  

Comprehensive approach

The MACS facelift is often combined with another rejuvenating treatment: eyelid correction, liposculpture of the lower chin, filling the wrinkles around the corners of the mouth. Botox or an eyebrow lift can help to correct wrinkles on the forehead. A dental treatment or lipofilling could be an option to compensate for the loss of bone in the lower jaw.

The surgeon will provide you with advice about the options during your consultation. 

Anaesthetic & Recovery

You indicate your choice of anaesthetic during your consultation with the surgeon. A MACS Lift can be performed under local anaesthetic but if you prefer you can also have intravenous sedation. After the procedure you sleep for a while at the Wellness Kliniek. You can already return home the same evening. You can resume your normal daily activities between one and two weeks later.

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Our surgeons are specialists in facelift surgery. This is why we offer a whole range of surgical facelift procedures and techniques.

During a no-obligation consultation the surgeon will discuss all aspects of the treatment: which method is best, the expected results, possible risks and aftercare.

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If you are considering facelift surgery it is important that you select a good clinic and surgeon. After all, your face is your calling card!

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MACS Lift: stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift. The MACS facelift is a popular surgical procedure for both women and men between the ages of 50 and 60 with advanced aging symptoms. The macs lift is a facelift that can be carried out at the Wellness Kliniek in Belgium as a day treatment under local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation. The effect of the MACS lift is long lasting and the recovery is short: 7 to 14 days recovery period. This type of facelift has a natural effect and a small scar in the fold in front of the ear. The tension caused by the lifting is subcutaneous, avoiding a facelift that is too tight. Check the prices for MACS facelifts on our prices page for facelifts. All our costs - for MACS lifting - include costs for anaesthesia & aftercare. Curious about the results of a MACS lift? View some before and after pictures of MACS lifts (or other types of facelift) on our before and after pages.